I've Never Seen Vicki's Face Move So Much Before!

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Apparently The Ivy is like a mosquito trap for Real Housewives cast members.  Vicki from the OC and Ramona from NYC were all buddy-buddy at The Ivy over the weekend as well!  Why wasn’t Kim photographed with them?  What a real jip. 

Creepy Simon and Creepy Alex are going to have a field day with the first photo as Ramona is trying to kiss Vicki right on the fake lips (upstairs lips) and Vicki mustered up enough facial strength to try and move her face and lips away from Ramona and her crazy eyes.  As a sidenote, I couldn’t find one picture of Ramona’s crazy eyes so she either got them fixed or only camera flashes can cure her.

Even more interesting is that in the second picture I’m pretty sure that’s Rhea Perlman in the background, which is a real nice way to start your day. You’re welcome.