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Child-Approved Deals on Durable Tablets For Your Kids this Memorial Day!

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If you’re tired of your children snatching your iPad to play their endless games, perhaps it’s time to get them their very own kid-friendly tablet?  Now’s the perfect time to find a pretty amazing deal on a variety of fun, yet durable, tablets for kids this Memorial Day 2024!

Kids Tablet Deals on Memorial Day 2024! - Sale on Tablets For Kids 2024

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If you’ve been shopping around for tablet recently, you probably noticed they now have options that are specific to your kiddos.  The prices are actually a bit lower, for sure, especially when compared to the standard Apple iPad and especially during the Memorial Day sale event!

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Some of the top brands for kids tablets is typically Fire (by Amazon) and even Leap-Frog (for the real young ones).  But, believe it or not, you can find an age-appropriate option from brands like Samsung and even Apple (like the iPad Mini).  Usually with tablets for kids they come in fun colors like pink, blue, orange, or green.  Outside of color options, they’re usually insanely durable, meaning you can basically smash them and either (a) they won’t break or (b) if they do, depending on the brand, they’ll just replace or fix for free!  The kid-proof case that Amazon has usually helps with that, like, a ton.

Most of the kids tablet options have plenty of safe-guards in them to help keep them safe when playing their games online or watching endless Youtube videos and still have a variety of cool tech options.  Even better?  Most won’t allow them to actually purchase any apps with your approval first.  And if you’ve ever had your kid rack up over $100 on apps, you feel the pain.

We’ve found some really great deals on some of the top brand’s tablets for kids happening right now.  We’re seeing some savings of an extra $20 – $40 off the original prices, on average.  Be sure to notice the ones that have the “replace for free” option, as that’ll really come in handy.  We’ll even toss in some options for the older kids, too, just in case.

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