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Germ-Approved Deals on UV Light Sanitizers this Memorial Day!

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Clearly we’re not alone when it comes to wanting just about everything in our life germ and virus free this year.  Many of us are turning to the latest UV and UV-C light sanitizers and wands to help us gill all the germs we can.  Right now you can score a great deal on so many of these popular sellers this Memorial Day 2024!

UV Light Sanitizer Deals on Memorial Day 2024! - Sale on Phone Sanitizers & Wands

UV Light Sanitizers / Today

The Top 3 Deals

While we were naming a variety of UV sanitizers in our tech gift guide last year, it’s really this year that these became totally mainstream, mainly in part to the horrific Coronavirus.  Many of these brands have claims that are backed-up to prove that they can eliminate 99.98% of most germs and viruses.  If there was ever a time to pick yourself up one of these (or gift someone in your life) now’s the time!  You can get a really nice deal with super low pricing on a variety of models during the Memorial Day sale event!

One of the first UV Light Sanitizers we became obsessed with was PhoneSoap.  Check out their latest model here! You could place your smartphone inside, press the button, the UV-C light would turn on and disinfect your phone in about 10 minutes.  As time went on these got a bit bigger and you could add other things you wanted cleaned like your keys, earbuds/Airpods, license, watch, etc.  TBH, we just felt better knowing our phone was clean (especially after being at the nasty-germ-infested gym).

Today there are a bunch of different UV options that do a variety of things.  You can choose from things like:

✔︎  UV Phone Sanitizers
✔︎  The UV Light Wand
✔︎  Wireless Chargers
✔︎  Portable Sanitizers
✔︎  Self Cleaning Water Bottles

The choice, of course, is totally up to you but there’s one thing you want to double-check.  Make sure you’re getting something that is labeled as “UV-C.”  That’s the only type of light that’s proven to help kill germs.  UV-B and UV-A won’t do the trick, unfortunately.  And while Black Friday and Cyber Monday are typically the best time of year to score a major sale price, there are other times of the year that we’ve seen slashed prices too like July (Prime Day) and even in January when we could all use a little boost to keeping all those winter germs at bay!  Right now we’re seeing some amazing deals thanks to Memorial Day 2024!   So browse though the best sales we’ve found and gift yourself a little peace of mind!

Amazing Deals Today!!

The Best UV Light Sanitizers:  (see more deals here!)

For Phones

UV Wands on Sale

Self-Cleaning Water Bottles

UV Light Sanitizers / Today