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The Most Insane Deals on Luxury Rolex Watches this Memorial Day!

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Pro Tip:  If you can save anything on your Rolex watch, jump on it!  These are some of the best sales and deals we’ve seen this Memorial Day 2024!

Sale on Rolex Watches Memorial Day 2024! - Mens & Womens Rolex Deals New Years 2024

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It goes without saying Rolex has some of the most recognizable (and expensive) watches of all time.  Many of us save up and wait until we retire to treat ourselves to one, have to win the lottery to afford it, or wait for someone to gift it to us (fingers crossed) at our wedding.  They never really seem to go on sale, so if you’re in the market for one and see it on sale you really should just take the leap and do it.  The good news is that we’ve seen some really nice Rolex watch deals happening during the Memorial Day sale event!

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Believe it or not we’re finding some decent sale prices on Amazon right now and, yes, they’re real and sold directly by Rolex via Amazon.  If you can afford it we doubt you really care about the 2-day free shipping but, score!

There’s also another way you can save a real decent amount that a lot of people don’t know about.  Yep, you can go the pre-owned route.  Now we don’t recommend to do that on eBay or Craigslit (obviously), but super-credible retailers like Bloomingdale’s hand-select pre-owned watches in great condition and then are able to sell them at really awesome prices.  We’re talking upwards of 30% – 50% off the original price depending on the style, year, and extra bells and whistles this Memorial Day 2024!

Check out some of the best Rolex watches on sale (and at amazing prices) right now.

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