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18 Helpful Toy Sales Happening this Amazon Prime Day!

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Some toys can be expensive, overpriced in fact.  We could all catch a break today and save a little cash, so I’ve researched a ton of toys that are actually on sale today and this Amazon Prime Day 2024!

Toys on Sale Amazon Prime Day 2024!

Would you be shocked to know that in he United States, we spend a little over $25 billion (yes, billion) per year on toys!  I think I’m solely responsible for at least $1 million of that, but the point is that this industry certainly isn’t slowing down, even with the increase of tech gadgets flying off the shelves.  The good news is that there are actually a bunch of really great deals on a wide variety of different toys for all sorts of kids, regardless of their age or interest level.

If you think you always need to keep up with latest toy trends there’s a little hope for all of us yet!  According to a recent study, toy makers are seeing an enormous interest in classic toys that kids can play with that have little to do with technology at all, which is a nice change of pace.  Even better, I’m seeming a ton of these classic options on sale during this President’s Day Weekend sale event!

One of the biggest online retailers for toys is – you guessed it – Amazon.  Followed by Walmart, and Target.  Recently Toys R Us has made a bit of a comeback by entering more than 400 different Macy’s stores.  I always recommend to shop from trusted retailers so you know you’re not getting ripped off!

Here’s a quick breakdown of some helpful toy sales and deals today:

Trusted Retailer Deals This Month

 Get up to 40% Off Online at Amazon Preview on Amazon

 Take an Extra 30% Off Top Sellers at Walmart Preview on Walmart

• Up to 40% Off + Free Shipping at Macy’s – Preview on

• Get up to 50% Off Toys at the Disney Store – Preview on Disney

 Up to 40% Off + Free Delivery at QVC Preview on QVC

Whether you’re looking for something new, something classic, a family game, or just something unique – I’m seeing an average savings ranging anywhere from an additional 20% – 40% off the original pricing.  It’s the perfect time to stock up and save or plan ahead for their upcoming birthday or the next holiday. It’s never to early to find a great deal!

Amazing Deals Today!!