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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Behind the Scenes of The Reunion is the COPS Crossover We’ve All Been Waiting For

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I was pretty confused about what the Teen Mom 2 season finale was really about.  At first I figured it was going to be a COPS-style episode between Javi and Kail, but after their 2 minute fight was over it basically turned into everyone getting ready to head on out to the taping of the reunion and, in turn, really turned into 55 minutes of Jenelle and Barb which, truth be told, is the dream come to life we’ve all been waiting for since season 2.  For real, having a behind-the-scenes look at what really takes place during the reunion special was more interesting than 90% of the actual season.  Hmmm has MTV finally received the letters and prayer vigils I’ve been sending them since 2009?

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Either way, Jenelle is still pregnant and seems somewhat emotional.  I say that because she is literally crying almost the entire episode because Barb won’t give her back Jace (drink if you heard this one before).  It reminded me of that one reunion special some years back where Amber sat there and cried while around 10 gallons of mascara ran down her face.  I was like “uh-oh!” but I think it was more the hormones whilst being pregnant than on the alleged crazy-train.  Jenelle is also still pissed that MTV is filming with Barb at all.  She literally doesn’t want Barb on the show at all and feels like she just tries to create drama for the cameras.  Um, yeah.  That’s exactly what’s happening as, I mean, she’s on a reality show and I’m pretty sure that’s what’s supposed to happen.  It’s like Barb being at Walmart and not carving up deli ham sliced thin for the customers.  It just doesn’t make any sense.

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I totally think Barb loves being on camera and I don’t blame her one bit.  I can see Jenelle’s side (sort of) but at the same time if Barb wasn’t on this show not only would Jenelle’s storyline be less than interesting, but I don’t think anyone would really watch the show at all.  People tune in just to see and, more importantly, hear Barb.  It’s like playing “Where’s Waldo” but for adults.  It’s like there’s a reason why I don’t recap Chelsea’s scenes.  They’re missing trash and, well, I’m not interested in normal productive living.  Ya know?  Why can’t Barb just sell Jace back to Jenelle, but have some kind of agreement where she’s contractually still going to film with her and, you know, critique her style of parenting all the live-long-day.  Or, like, make a fair trade and give Barb Kaiser.  Or the new baby.  Or the dog.  Or maybe David.  Basically just turn this show into a family-version of Wife Swap.  All the details will work themselves out.

Anyway, the point is that Jenelle is backstage crying (like really crying) because she just wants Jace back (drink) and, at the same time, MTV wants her to head back out on stage to film the opening segment of the show.  Jenelle claims she can’t because she’s too emotional, but she also doesn’t want to be excluded like she feels MTV always does to her.  To sum up, she’s just a mess right now and nothing seems to be working,  I actually feel kind of bad for her.  I also feel bad for the producers because it’s like….uhhhh….your job isn’t easy.  It’s like trying to wrangle 2 legged cats into a whicker basket (read:  tough and comical all at the same time).  Barb, on the other hand, has no clue all this drama is going on because she’s outside filming scenes with Leah (mind blow) and everyone is laughing and having a good old time. Leah is filling in Barb that she got into college and Barb is so proud of her.  Barb tells Leah that now that she’s going to college a man will probably enter her life.  Leah claims she’s fine without one, but Barb is all, “No, but it could be like a Prince Chaaaaahming who had dem 2 yacht and you’ll be like, ‘I’ll do him'” or some such.  Leah looks sorta off towards the camera and starts dying laughing.  Barb starts cracking up and looking all around like “Did I do good?”  and I instantly remember why I still tune into this mess every week, hoping for little gems like this to come around.

Meanwhile, Jenelle is still totally pissed and now she’s even more upset because Barb is out and about filming and Jenelle has been sitting there for 2-hours, so she and David decide to just leave and take Jace with them.  The producers are basically begging her to stay and film that god-forsake opening scene, but Jenelle is crying and screaming and saying she told them she wasn’t doing the show anymore if Barb was on it and it’s their fault she doesn’t have Jace back.  Here’s the thing, I almost believe that a little.  I wonder if the show wasn’t on anymore if Barb would just be like “Here’s yaw kid back, ya lil b*tch!”  Then Jenelle screamed at them, “You have want you want.  You have Barb and Nathan.”  It kind of made sense.  I was like, that is what they want.  And by “they” I mean “me” and by “me” I mean “society as a whole.”  Why can’t someone just tell Jenelle to film scenes with Barb that are fun and with them actually getting a long and laughing and being goons.  It would be more fun to watch, right?  Sure throw in a little drama every once in a while, but don’t cut Barb out all together.

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Jenelle, David, and Jace get into their black car service to leave and the producers are like you can’t take Jace without telling Barb and guards aren’t letting the car leave.  David starts frettin’ and sassin’ and busts open the door to go and confront everyone.  It was less than threatening and no one really flinched.  That one producer lady totally remains calm, but is all, “Yeah no you can’t go guys because then we’re going to have to call the police.”  Alas, they leave anyway and Barb arrives on the scene wondering what’s happening.  Ruh-roh!

They fill in Barb and at first she just starts saying “Oh this is bad you guys.  This is really, like, major.”  Then she’s crying and in desperate need to find her pocketbook. She’s going to head on over to Jenelle’s hotel to get Jace and meet up with the police, but the police aren’t there.  The producer is texting Jenelle to bring Jace down and they’re trying to get Barb to go up to get him, which she won’t.  It’s basically like hostage standoff at this point and now Barb has lost it and is crouched down on the sidewalk, smoking a cigarette, crying and shaking.  It is turing a little bit into COPS and I’m ok with that.  David finally brings Jace down and Barb points at him and says, “Yaw goin to jail!”  He just kinda shrugs and goes back inside like none of this is happening.

In the end, Barb ends up calling the police and wants them to arrest David for kidnapping but they’re all “Yeah no we can’t” so Barb at least wants them to go up and tell David he can’t do any of this and they’re all “Yeah no we can’t.”  But they will email Barb a police report so she can give it to her lawyer for the never ending custody battle.  Meanwhile Jenelle is calling the producer from her hotel balcony and yelling at her, but we can see her between the trees and, well, it’s all awkward.  Oh, and Jace is standing on the sidewalk the whole time looking around.  So that’s horrific.

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Overall I legit found this episode not only entertaining, but super interesting.  I kinda wish more of their episodes were like this.  Like, if they could have a season where all the Teen Moms share a house on vacation or something that would be ideal.  Maybe they can all live at Dr. Drew’s place for a while  Sky is the limit.

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