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So Which Episode Does Amber Go to Jail?

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IBBB has been blowing up with comments and personal emails asking me if Amber is going to go to jail for beating the bag out of Gary on national television.  I, of course, typically respond with my standard statement of “I only wish I knew them personally.”  Well, apparently you’re not allowed to beat up your husband on television all while your baby stands there two feet away from you (more than likely trying to plot her escape) because according to the Landford Times (I have no clue) Amber is being investigated for assault.  Really?  Why?  What proof do they have?  Oh.

Highlights from the article include the fact that they actually discuss how the argument broke out over Gary’s mom buying Leah crib sheets, as well as local 911 receiving two “anonymous tips” and requests for police to look into a possible domestic violence dispute.  Awesome.  You totally know it’s the sh*t-bum who probably lives downstairs from Amber and is forced to listen to her “sexy-dancing” at all hours of the night and disturbing the peace.

So when do you think Gar is going get full custody of Leah and Amber will head to the slammer?  My guess is before the holiday season.  How great would it be if MTV camera crews followed Amber to the slammer and her cellmate was Butch!?!  Please Jesus, please?

Ok, so we’ve all had a lot of fun teeing off on Roseanne and Dan all season long, but what do people really think about the fight between Amber and Gary?  And how come we’re allowed to see Amber punch Gary, but we couldn’t see some d-bag punch Snooki?  And what’s up with Amber and her “medication” that she needs to take?  Are we thinking she’s bipolar?  I’d love to say “who cares” to all of these questions but I know the fine folks of the “mommy blogs” love to discuss this in detail so invite you all to have your discussion here.

P.S  Gary’s last name is Shirley.  I mean, brilliant.