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Bigger Than Beyonce? Debz OG is Rapping (or Stroking Out) in Her New Video (VIDEO!?)

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DebzOG Music Video Rap 2017 - Teen Mom Debra Danielson Rapping Lyrics Farrah

Allow me to reintroduce myself my name is Humpty, I’m IBBB and she is now apparently Debz OG and, well, if you ever wondered exactly the final sign of the “End of Days” was you’re correct if you thought it was Trump becoming President, but you’re even more correct if you guessed it was Farrah’s mom, Debra Danielson, from Teen Mom OG creating her own rap song and video.  I got so many Facebook messages last night I assume someone was dead or I was dead and that’s how you find out, but it really was about this gem of a song.

Debra/Debz is basically just sing-talking lyrics, which is really the best and only way to sing.  Oh, and did I mention that I’m pretty sure she’s filming this video in either a Sam Goody or a Newbury Comics? Because she is.  And she’s dressed like…well…if you ever wondered what the child of the lead singer from 4 Non Blondes and The Cat in the Hat looked like, well, here you have it.  Anyway, I’m not sure if they’re recording this video live or if they just said “F it” and just let the draft become the final cut or if she is honestly just having a stroke and we’re watching a Web MD documentary but, either way, it’s viral gold.

At one point Debz is rhyming her name (Debra) with the word “camera” so she is, of course, pronouncing her name as “Deb-er-ah” and then talk-singing “Cam-er-ah” and move over Lemonade because this is one of the most artistic videos I’ve seen since Paula Abdul tap-danced with MC Skat Kat.  I mean, at one point she just takes some lace fabric from her top-hat and tries to ‘sexily’ place it over her eyes and the video director just keeps moving his hands like “more, more, keep going!”  If she wanted to try and swallow that I’d want her to keep going too.  I jest.

I personally loved when Debra sing-talked that we’re “gonna have a party” and her eyes got real big and they showed her excitement in slow motion over and over again and, you know what, we are gonna have a party.  The theme is going to be “When your daughter gets knocked up at 16 and then later does porn you end up with your own rap one day!”  Please dress accordingly.  I also loved whenever Debz didn’t know what else to do so she just threw her hands up in the air and the slowly stumbled in a circle like she just didn’t care.  I assume some form of liquid courage was used during this.  Oh, and by that I mean I had to drink before viewing.  It just…it just made it better.

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Here are some of my favorite lyrics from the song (sing along if you know it!):

  • This is my new beginning/if you don’t like it sorry/no stopping be from winning/we’re about to have a party
  • Oh hell, we’ve been kicked out of much better places than this (I think that was just a soundbite from an earlier episode)
  • It’s Debz OG/bet you think you know me/you ain’t seen nothing yet/let me reintroduce myself
  • I’ve had my ups-and-downs/but now I’m bigger, better/everybody throw your hands up high/if you got your sh*t together
  • Ladies if you’re sexy and you know it/go and let it shoooow!
  • I’m more than a mom/the dj play this song