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MTV’s Teen Mom, Butch Baltierra, Arrested and Sent to Jail. No Comment From April.

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Butch Teen Mom Hair 2016

We are heartbroken to hear reports that your favorite Teen Mom sidekick, Butch, was recently arrested and reportedly spent time back in the slammer for driving with a suspended license.  According to recent reports, Butch plead guilty back in September to driving with a suspended license, but we haven’t received confirmation if Butch was driving to April’s house to sweep her off her feet in a “Ross and Rachel: I got off the plane” reunion that we’ve all been dreaming about.

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The father of Tyler, from Teen Mom OG, and the stepfather of Tyler’s wife, Catelynn, (it’s a long story) served a few years in prison while Teen Mom was still filming, but was released in August of 2015 and had seemingly been clean, sober, and out of jail for the majority of the year.  It’s also important to note he cut off his jail-rat-tail at that time and came out a brand new man.

No word yet if this footage will be part of the upcoming season of Teen Mom, but if all my hopes and dreams come true, it will be.  Tyler and Catelynn apparently are starting to talk to friends on social media about where Butch currently is and are also explaining to fans that Butch’s girlfriend is actually using his social media accounts to fill fans in as well.

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