26 More Sleeps Until The Hills Season 4 Starts!

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It’s like The Hills is on just for me. Just 26 more sleeps until the new season of The Hills starts, which makes it air on August 18th, which means it’s the night before my birthday, which means that my Hills Tuesday Recap will take place on my birthday….which means I’ll be even more of a tool bag. Hooray!
MTV has released this new trailer about the new season. I’m a little sad they didn’t add the dramatic music they usually played during the new season teasers. I mean, I made that crap my song on my myspace page. So what can we learn from this trailer? Well….
  • Whitney brings her odd facial expressions to the new season, lands herself a boyfriend who clearly must rate a 4 out of 5 on the “retard-o-meter.” Whitney is dropping the name NYC so you know this is her last season on “The Hills” until she gets her new show.
  • Lauren and Audrina both start dating new dudes. Justin Bobby makes an appearance with a bit more hair. Apparently that’s all you need to be on the show.
  • Heidi’s sister makes it onto the show, which is kind of nice because it reminds us all of what Heidi used to look like before all the surgeries. And by that I mean, “not that good.”
  • Brody tells Stephanie that he knows how crazy she is either before or after he goes to jail…which I kind of don’t believe because wouldn’t we have heard of him going to the slammer by now? Maybe he goes to “Hills” prison, which is basically just a corner of the set. It’s like a time-out.
  • Stephanie Pratt (Sandy Sanders) tries to steal LC’s dude. Scripted.
  • Audrina and LOser have a little fight in which Audrina says “I don’t care” to LOser, but you know they edited it that way to make it look like a fight. LOser probably asked her if she wanted to order a pizza and Audrina said “I don’t care.” I’m not buying it…..but I’m watching it.
  • August 18th! Happy Birthday to me!