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The LOL Surprise (New) OOTD Advent Calendar is the Only One Your Kids Actually Want

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If they’re looking for a new surprise each and every day in the month of December (well up until Christmas, at least), they’ll surely be hitting you up for the new #OOTD and the L.O.L Surprise Bling-a-Tree advent calendar.  Wait, was this in the Bible?  Read on!

New 2024 LOL Surprise Advent Calendar Tricksta BB 2024 Christmas

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If it’s one thing we know for sure this year it’s that everything L.O.L is taking over our lives.  What started as a ‘fun to have’ toy from last holiday season, is now officially adding to the list of “obsessions” for this holiday season.  This year there are actually two different advent calendars to choose from.  Enter the newly released #OOTD and the new LOL Surprise Bling a Tree advent calendar of sorts.  Here’s everything we know about this fun little surprise of a calendar.

What Actually Is the New #OOTD All About?

The new LOL #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) will be one of the most popular advent calendars for kids this season!  It comes with more than 25 different surprises so you kiddos can discover a new surprise each and every day throughout the first 25 days of December.  Other things to note include:

  • 25+ surprises to open up each day.
  • 1 limited edition doll; Tricksta BB.
  • A variety of surprise outfits, shoes, fashions, accessories, and more.

What’s the Price?

This one will run you $29.99, which isn’t too bad considering all the fun surprises you’ll get.

When is the Release Date?

This one is being officially released on August 24th.  The good news is that, yes, you can pre order it today.  Check the pre-order here!

The New 2024 LOL Surprise OOTD Advent Calendar – Buy It Here

LOL Surprise OOTD Advent Calendar 2024 Into 2024 Christmas

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What Actually Is the Bling-a-Tree All About?

New LOL Surprise Bling a Tree Advent Calendar 2024 - Where to Buy, Pre Order & Release Date

Last year their LOL OOTD advent calendar sold out way before Christmas.  Based on that success they’ve now come out with the brand new Bling-a-Tree.  This one is a surprise case of sorts that’s filled with all kinds of fun surprises for your kiddos.  They’ll open up one little surprise case (typically) starting on Dec 1st and then they’ll open up one new surprise case per day up until Dec 25th.  In total there are 25 really cool surprises they’ll love and they can even use this calendar as their official Christmas holiday photo shoot for their favorite dolls!

We love it because it’s a great way to keep the kiddos in line especially during the hectic Christmas month when they’re bouncing off the walls anyway.  It’ll go something like this, “You don’t want to stop fighting with your sister?  Well you’re not opening up the surprise door tomorrow!”  Feel free to toss in threats from The Elf on the Shelf too.  #Parenting

So what’s inside?  Well that’s part of the surprise!  But we can tell you what you can expect:

  • +25 surprises behind each door.
  • An LOL Surprise Christmas tree you can decorate yourself (and remove and save for next year)
  • Super fun codes to crack, puzzles to solve, and more!
  • 24 cute paper ornaments to help decorate the season!
  • Blinged out bonus surprises!

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What’s the Price of This Calendar-of-Magic?

The suggested retail price is $27.99.  That’s not too bad considering you’ll get 25 different surprises!

When is the Release Date and Can I Pre Order It?

Right now this new LOL Advent Calendar is slated to be released on September 1, 2024.  You can actually pre-order it right now here on Amazon!

The LOL Surprise Bling-a-Tree Advent Calendar for 2024 – Buy It Here

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