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These Hard-to-Find “Baby Yoda” Toys are Selling Out Everywhere!

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As if you yourself couldn’t be any more obsessed over “The Child” (aka Baby Yoda) now your kids are just as obsessed and are looking for the latest Baby Yoda toys…but they’re so hard to come by.  Here’s where you can buy and pre order some now!

Baby Yoda Toys 2024 - Pre Order & Where to Buy The Child Toy In Stock

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The Mandalorian became one of the hottest shows thanks to the release of Disney+ and while the show itself was a Star Wars fans dream come true, the total unsung hero of the entire series was the newest character to the franchise “The Child.”  As soon as The Child entered the screen everyone online immediately started to referring to him as “Baby Yoda” and then, well, endless memes were created and he officially unofficially became known to all of us as Baby Yoda!

The biggest struggle so far is actually finding these collectibles and toys actually available and in-stock.  The good news is that, yes, there are some that actually are available.  The rest, well, you can pre-order them now.  Many are slated to be delivered in May, so you might as well grab yours now because we have a hunch even these will be tough to come by all the way into the summer.  And forget about next Christmas toy list!  Yikes!

Check out some of the best Baby Yoda toys (including some pre-order options) for 2024 and beyond!

The Official Disney Baby Yoda Plush Stuffed Animal – Buy It Here / Check on eBay

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He really is the cutest!  This is the official Disney-approved (and sold) Baby Yoda stuffed animal!  He’s soft, cuddly and has a squeezable fill with fuzzy trims. He’s almost 1-foot tall too!  Learn more here!

The Bounty Collection “The Child” 2-Pack – Buy It Here

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This comes as a must-have 2-pack of collectible toys.  It includes one with the ball and the “don’t leave me” collectible.  Looks like you can go from happy to sad in about two seconds.  Learn more here!

The Official Funko Pop Mandalorian Collectible – Buy It Here

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Funko Pop is always known to have some of the best and coolest collectible vinyl figures of the year.  This is already one of the most highly anticipated ones of 2024.  You can order it now and expect delivery to be as early as May 10th.  Plus, it’s even on sale right now!  Learn more here!

The Froggy Snack Toy 2-Pack – Buy It Here

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Here’s another 2-pack that everyone is obsessing over.  It comes with two different collectibles; The Froggy Snack and The Force Moment.  Pre order and reserve yours now!  Learn more here!

The Soft Body Plush Toy – Buy It Here

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This plush has a soft body, and a sturdy base filled with beans so you can either cuddle with him, play with him, or proudly display him as a collectible.  He even sports his famous robe.  Learn more here!

The Soup & Blanket 2-Pack – Buy It Here

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It’s our final 2-pack of the list!  This one comes as this cutie sipping soup and all wrapped up in a blanket.  These are officially two of our favorite things.  Learn more here!

The Child Posable Action Figure – Buy It Here

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He’s a 6.5-inch tall action figure that you can pose, play with, or just simply add to your collection.  Learn more here!

The Baby Yoda Plush with Pin – Buy It Here

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He’s our favorite unique pick of the season!  He’s 7-inches tall and even comes with a collectors enamel pin.  Learn more here!

The Itty Bittys Hallmark Plush – Buy It Here

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Ok so he’s not really The Child but he is a little baby Yoda from Itty Bittys.  We think he’s cute and maybe your kiddos will like him to as they wait for their official one to show up in the mail! Learn more here!