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Hangrees are Pop Culture Parody Slime Poop Jokes in Toy Form!

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Whaaat?  We’re not quite sure what our headline really means, but we couldn’t be more psyched about the launch of the new Hangrees toys which, to us, are like the offspring of Weird Al and Garbage Pail Kids come to life!

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If it’s one thing we love it’s anything and everything pop culture.  Combine that will layup poop jokes and a slime toy and, well, you’ve got yourself a winner.  These collectible toys are the latest (and greatest) from our most favorite toy company in the world, MGA!

So What Actually are Hangrees?

A picture is worth a thousand words, but we’ll do our best to try and describe to you exactly what Hangrees toys are all about.  Hangrees are the latest collectible toys that are geared towards boys but, let’s be honest, we all know plenty of girls who will find these super funny as well.

They’re being considered pop culture parody figures that come with slime that you can make by actually feeding your hungry Hangree and waiting for them to poop out some amazing mystery slime.  Yes, for real.  How it works is that you’ll feed them their favorite “food” and “snacks,” then you’ll shake them up and down (over and over again) and then they’ll actually poop out their slime.  The slime will come out in a wide variety of different textures and colors.  What a time to be alive!

In series 1 there are currently 9 different ones you can collect.  Are you ready for some of their parody names? We are!  Some of them are:

  • Harry Plopper – the parody of Harry Potter
  • Mutant Turds – the parody of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Chew-Kaka – the parody of Chewbacca
  • WWPee – the parody of the WWE
  • Cacacraft – the parody of Minecraft
  • Fartnite – the parody of Fortnite

Each one will also come with accessories like funny snacks, foods, drinks and more.  Of course they’ll have funny poop-like names like Caca Crunch cereal, uni-corn dogs, Kit-splat and more!

What Will These Cost You?

Good news!  These are somewhat on the cheap side (in a good way).  The suggested retail price is just $9.99.  They’ll even make good stocking stuffers this year!

When is the Release Date?

Hold on to your poop because these will be officially released on August 2, 2024.  However, as always, you can actually start to pre-order them starting today!  Pre order yours here!

The Hangrees Harry Plopper Slime Toy – Buy It Here

Hangrees Toy 2024: Harry Plopper Slime

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The Fartnite Toy – Buy It Here

Hangrees Toy 2024: Fartnite Slime

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The Chew Kaka – Buy It Here

Hangrees Toy 2024: Chew Kaka Slime

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The Mutant Turds – Buy It Here

Hangrees Toy 2024: Mutant Turds 2024

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The 5 Nights of Farts – Buy It Here

Hangrees 5 Nights of Farts 2024

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The Cacacraft – Buy It Here

Hangrees Toy 2024: Cacacraft Slime

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