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The New LOL Surprise 4-in-1 Glamper is a Total Must Have This Year

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Load up all your favorite LOL dolls because they’re officially going camping in this brand new LOL Surprise 4-in-1 Glamper (that’s a camper, right?). That’s right it’s the brand new version and it’s electric blue!  Here’s what we know so far!

New 4 in 1 LOL Surprise Glamper Electric Blue 2024 - 2024

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First there was their official doll house that was a huge hit last holiday season, but this year it’s all about the new Glamper.  Since your LOL dolls aren’t like regular dolls (they’re cool dolls) they’re not going to go “camping.”  They’re going to have to go “Glamping.”  It’s like they’re the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and, well, we’re here for it.

What Comes With the New 4 in 1 Glamper?

As more information rolls out about the new 2 feet tall by 3 feet wide glamper we’re becoming more and more obsessed and we know that it’ll be one of the absolute hottest toys of the year and, most likely, super tough to get your hands on this upcoming Christmas.  This newbie is electric blue (awesome) and morphs into a car, house, fashion runway and even a light-up pool.  Inside you’ll find:

  • +55 different amazing surprises to unbox, use, and play with!
  • 10 different super fun play areas where all your dolls can play with each other.
  • Bunk beds, 2-story water slide, makeover area, BBQ area, DJ booth and more!
  • It even has working lights and even amazing sounds!

When you take the camper apart there are a ton of different things to do.  Like we mentioned there are 10 different super cool play areas and some of those include:

  • An actual light-up pool for your dolls to swim around in (even at night!).
  • A really fun water slide.
  • 2 super cute and usable bunk beds that even include the ladder.
  • A kitchen table that pulls down from the wall, along with three stools for your dolls to sit on.
  • A really yummy BBQ grill that even has some shish-kabobs for your dolls to cook up!
  • The DJ booth so your DJ doll can spin some tunes.

Plus the front of the glamper comes apart and can be used as a cute little car that they can buzz around town in.  It sounds like they’re embarking on a trip of a lifetime!

What’s the Price Going to Set You Back?

In terms of LOL, this is a bit more on the expensive side from what you’re probably used to, but it does do so many things and has over 55 different surprises inside.  The suggested retail price is $99.99.

When is the Release Date?

From what we hear, the camper is officially being released on August 22nd, which gives you plenty of time to get it (fingers crossed) before the holiday season officially kicks off.

Can You Pre-Order It?

Good news!  You can officially pre-order the new LOL Surprise Glamper starting today on Amazon.  Pre order yours right here!

The New LOL Surprise 4 in 1 Glamper – Buy It Here

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