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Will Peek-a-Roo Be the New Hatchimal This Season? We Think So!

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It was only a matter of time before something new was named the it toy to have this year.  Introducing Peek-a-Roo!  From the makers of your beloved Hatchimal, your kids are going to become totally obsessed.

Peek-a-Roo 2024 Review

Get ready for what’s being considered the toy of the year!  That’s right, we’re talking about “Peek A Roo” (also known as “Panda Roo”) and you’re going to love just about everything about this little cutie!

What’s Peek-A-Roo All About Anyway?!

From the folks at SpinMaster (you know, the ones that brought you Hatchimals) comes Peek-A-Roo, the mom that’s a mix of both a panda and a kangaroo.  Similar to the technology that’s used in Hatchimals, this snuggly cutie is highly anticipated thanks to her magical interactive pouch.  That’s right, she has a little mystery baby inside her pouch and your kiddos have to help her get the baby out to play.  But, which baby will you discover?  Right now there are three different possibilities:

  • Bluebell
  • Violet
  • Rosie

Who doesn’t love a surprise baby reveal?  Even better, Momma-Roo has more than 150 different sounds and amazing actions you and your kids will love.

In order to help get the Baby-Roo to come out and play you’ll have to show some love and attention to Momma-Roo by bouncing her, tickling her, petting her and more.  The way you play with Momma will impact the mood of the baby – so be nice!  There are currently 10 different moods you may experience.

Once baby makes it out of the pouch you can actually play more than 10 games and songs with mom and baby together.  Super cute!  Who doesn’t love games like “peek-a-boo” and “catch-me?”  We personally love when Momma-Roo cuddles Baby-Roo and helps rock her to sleep.  Super cute!

In typical SpinMaster fashion, Panda Roo is the first of its kind and we can’t wait to see what additional animal mash-ups they come out with next.

When is the Official Release Date:

Peek-A-Roo is slated to be released into the wild (in-store and online) on August 1, ’21 – just in time for the upcoming insane holiday shopping season.  If you want to get your hands on this now you can actually pre-order yours on Amazon (today) and lock in the current pricing.  Get your pre order right here!

What’s the Price Supposed to Be?

A bit on the pricy side, but similar to what Hatchimals used to go for, Panda-Roo has a suggested retail price of $59.99.  We strongly recommend not to pay more than that, so only shop it at trusted retailers like Amazon or Walmart.  Below are a couple different options to choose from!

Peek-a-Roo “Panda Roo” in Purple

Panda Roo Peek a Roo Toy in Purple


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Amazon-Exclusive “Rainbow” Panda-Roo

Panda Roo Rainbow Panda Kangeroo

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