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This Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak is, Legit, Real!

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Get ready for your kiddos to go crazy with this actual Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak from Warner Bros.  With a little help from the magical app, watch your kids disappear.  Hooray!

Where to Buy Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak 2024 - Pre Order, Release Date, Price

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One of the most anticipated toys of the year is the latest in Harry Potter swag.  But this time around it’s not so much of a toy as it is a real-life experience.  Introducing the Invisibility Cloak.  Here’s everything we know.

What Exactly is the Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak?!

This is the Invisibility Cloak inspired by all the Harry Potter movies and books you’ve seen and read hundreds of times!  Once your kiddos (or you!) wrap the cloak around you and use the free app you’ll watch them totally disappear.  Trust us, it’s addictive.

The 55-inch cloak (4 1/2 feet tall) comes wrapped in silver Christmas-like paper and includes the exclusive (and free) Wow! Stuff app that you’ll need to recreate all your favorite scenes from many of the films.  The deluxe version (the one we’re talking about here) also comes with an adjustable tripod so they can set up their phones and film their scenes just about anywhere (including outdoors!).

How Does the Wow! Stuff App Work?

You’ll need your own smartphone or tablet that has camera functionality.  Sadly, the phone doesn’t come with this Invisibility Cloak.  You’ll also receive an official (and unique) code that will give you exclusive access tot he Wow! Stuff app and just the real disappearing process.  Once you’re logged into the app just simply follow the screen prompts and you’ll be able to start reenacting some of the most iconic scenes from your fave Harry Potter movies.  Put your own spin on them too!

What’s This Going to Set You Back?

Ok so the price isn’t as bad as you’d think.  We were actually pleasantly surprised.  The current suggested retail price is $79.99.  Considering the magical wand at Universal Studios will set you back at least $100, this wasn’t too bad.

When is the Release Date?

Get ready because this must-have cloak is officially being released to all the Muggles out there on August 1, 2019.

Can You Pre Order It?

The good news continues!  Yes, you can actually pre-order the Invisibility Cloak starting today on Amazon!

The Official Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak – Buy It Here

Wow! Stuff App Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak Toy 2024 - Warner Brothers 2024

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