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Galactic Snackin’ Grogu (The Child) is the New Tickle Me Elmo This Christmas!

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We, of course, have always loved Tickle Me Elmo, but it may be time to toss him down the basement, because this upcoming holiday season it’s all about Galactic Snackin’ Grogu (AKA “The Child” / AKA “Baby Yoda.”  Sure he’s for your kids, but we kind of want him too!

Galactic Snackin’ Grogu Baby Yoda Toy 2024

Are you as obsessed with The Mandalorian as we are?  We all fell in love with the cutest little Baby Yoda we’ve ever seen and, since then, finding just about any toy related to The Child has been nearly impossible.  Well, now you can add “Galactic Snackin’ Grogu” to your list of toys that may be impossible to get during the holidays.  The good news?  We found where you can order yours right now.  Read on!

What’s Galactic Snackin’ Grogu All About Anyway?!

Like we mentioned, this cutie comes from Star Wars The Mandalorian and is all the rage this year.  Some are even saying he’s the most highly anticipated toy of the year (we think it’s a tie between him and the Got2Glow Fairy Finder).  Here are all the details on what Grogu can do, including some fun stats too:

  • Grogu stands just over 9-inches tall.
  • He comes with 4 different interactive accessories
  • He has more than 40 different sounds and movement combinations.
  • You can pretend to feed him, care for him, and love him!

Personally, we love how (due to the magic of animatronics) he can move his cute ears, move his head, move both his arms, and even open and close his eyes.  He’ll even make some fun noises when you “feed him” like yummy or yucky sound effects.  And, he’ll even raise both hands when he wants your kiddos to pick him up.  Finally, they’ll know about the pressure of constant “uppy” all the live-long-day.

If you’re curious if he’s suitable for your child, the recommended age starts at just 4 years old.  It goes all the way up to 99 years old because – well – they know us adults want him too.  And, yes, he’s also suitable for 100 years and up.

When is the Official Release Date:

The official Galactic Snackin’ Grogu toy will hit store shelves and can be found online starting on December 1st.  Just in time for that miserable holiday rush.  But, here’s the good news!  We found out that you can actually pre-order him right now – meaning you’ll lock in the current low price and he’ll make it to your home way before the actual holidays.  You’ll even beat Santa to the punch!  Pre Order yours here at Amazon!

What’s the Price Supposed to Be?

We won’t pretend this isn’t an expensive toy because – well – it is.  The suggested retail price is $79.99.  The good news is that it’s under $100?  We’re trying to find the silver-lining.


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