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The 10 Perfect Peppa Pig Toys For Your Littlest Fans

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That cute little Peppa Pig is on your television 24/7, so why not bring the fun home for your kiddos with these super fun official Peppa Pig toys!

Best Peppa Pig Toys 2024 - Cheap New Peppa Pig Toy & Games for Kids Christmas 2024

Who doesn’t love Peppa Pig and listening to her brilliant British accent?! Not only do your kiddos love Peppa, but they’re into all of family and friends too like Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Brother George, Grandpa Pig, Auntie Pig, Chloe Pig, and the rest of the animal gang.

We’ve rounded up some of the coolest Peppa Pig toys (and games) geared towards the younger kids, but perfect for so many ages.

The Peppa Pig “Lights & Sound” Family Home Playset – Buy It Here

Best Peppa Pig Toys 2024: Light & Sound Family Doll House 2024

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Such a fun way for the kiddos to play with all their favorite characters right in the official family home!  This one has 7 rooms, 13 different accessories, and some even light up and make noises. See more here!

The Brand New Peppa Pig Interactive Theater – Coming Soon

Best Peppa Pig Toys 2024: Theatre Stage Playset 2024

Buy Now

This one is slated to debut in the fall of 2024 and has already been named to the best toys of the year list!  We’ll update when this one becomes available for pre-order.

The Set of 4 Family Toy Figures – Buy It Here

Best Peppa Pig Toys 2024: Family Figures 2024

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Now you can have all 4 members of the immediate family.  This set includes Peppa, Mummy, Daddy, and little brother George.  See more here.

The Big Bloxx Building Set – Buy It Here

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Your kiddos can now build their very own LEGO-like family house!  This set has 107 pieces and even comes with four family members.  It’s also compatible with LEGO Duplo too!  See more here.

The Official Peppa Pig Holiday Plane – Buy It Here

Best Peppa Pig Toys 2024: Holiday Plane Toy 2024

Buy Now

Wheels up!  It’s time to board your favorite characters on the official holiday airplane.  When you press the window you’ll even hear popular phrases from the TV show and the song “Flyin’ High” that we’ve all come to love.  See more here!

The Tumble & Spin Game – Buy It Here

Best Peppa Pig Toys 2024: Tumble & Spin Game 2024

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The perfect game for the little ones!  You’ll spin Peppa as hard as you can and when she’s done spinning around, you’ll see where she lands, listen to her instructions, and try to collect as many of the cards as you can to win.  See more here!

The Little Rooms Movie Night Playset – Buy It Here

Best Peppa Pig Toys 2024: Movie Night Play Set

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It’s perfect for that playset house you already have.  It’s really the ultimate living room especially for family movie night!  See more here!

The Deluxe House Playset – Buy It Here

Best Peppa Pig Toys 2024: Deluxe Toy House 2024

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This four room house is super fun to play in and even comes with 3 characters and 15 different pieces and accessories in total.  See more here!

The Transforming Campervan – Buy It Here

Best Peppa Pig Toys 2024: Camper

Buy Now

Get ready for the ultimate family road trip this year!  This campervan opens up into a double-decker home that even has sounds you’ll recognize from the TV show.  See more here!

The Deluxe Princess Castle – Buy It Here

Best Peppa Pig Toys 2024: Princess Castle 2024

Buy Now

Because at the end of the day, of course, they’ll want their own Peppa Pig princess castle to play inside!  It even comes with Princess Peppa and Princess Suzy along with a bunch of really cool accessories.  See more here!

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