Mario Vasquez Takes Advantage of Himself?

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In the “I Can’t Believe I’m About to Report on This” News, ex American Idol contestant Mario Vasquez is being accused that he tried to “pleasure himself” in front of a male employee in the bathroom on the set of American Idol in February of 2005. What a jerk (pun intended)!

The lawsuit, which allegedly hasn’t been served yet, is basically dealing with a sexual harassment issue. When I first heard that someone from American Idol was involved in some type of sex scandal I just assumed it would have been Frenchie Davis and Randy Jackson. I figured “dogs” were involved and that Paula took pictures, etc.

Anyway, if you remember correctly shortly after February 2005, Mario unexpectedly dropped out of American Idol for “personal reasons.” To read the rest of what this person is alleging, click here but just don’t do it while eating breakfast. I warned you.