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Olivia Mojica Sex Tape is the New Black

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Trends in Hollywood come in waves, or “trends” if you will. First people get married, later they become alcoholics, next they enter rehab, sometimes they become raging racists, and somewhere in between they “accidentally” have a homemade sex tape released. This is the case with Olivia Mojica from American Idol: Season Two. You may be wondering who Olivia is. Yeah, me too, but thanks to the “Google” I got to learn about her all over again. I mean, if she has a filthy, raunchy, sex tape being released I think it’s really important to know who she is as a person so that we can all really connect to this film and her performance. Feel free to check out her smut filled video here. According to TMZ reps from Vivid (porn studio) are trying to get in touch with Olivia to have her help promote this video and share in the revenue. What do they mean they’re trying to get in touch with her? Why don’t they just call her using the number that she left them when she sent them this video? Strange.
So what else about Skanky McDroopy Britches? Here’s some interview questions that she answered while on Idol:
Q. What other talents do you have?
A. Piano, golf, acting, modeling, fashion design, shopping.
My Thoughts: Really? Are you sure there aren’t any other talents you have? Don’t hold back.
Q. If you don’t make it on AMERICAN IDOL, what will you do?
A. Go to college. Study music performance and music technology.
My Thoughts: Uh, sure. If all else fails though you can totally do homemade porn.
Q. Most embarrassing moment?
A. When I stick my foot in my mouth.
My Thoughts: No comment
Q. If you couldn’t sing, which talent would you most like to have?
A. To be able to dance or figure skate or be a really awesome artist, and I wish I could cook better.
My Thoughts: I’m sure you could update your answer now.
Q. What has been your proudest moment in life so far?
A. Being here and getting this far in the competition.
My Thoughts: Really? What about your video? Be proud of that. You know you’re parents are!