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Bowflex has made it easier and more affordable than ever to turn your home (or spare room) in the home-gym of your dreams.  Check out all their newest arrivals, best sellers, and deals and promo offers happening today!

Bowflex Promo Code May 2024 - Coupon & Sale

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Our Take:

Anyone else working out from home these days?  Oh, just not us?  Oh, everyone?  We thought so!  We’ve officially turned our spare bedroom into a pretty decent home gym but, truth be told, the room isn’t that big so we don’t have room for all sorts of equipment.  However, we’ve had some really great success with Bowflex (yes, that Bowflex) and we’re pretty sure we’re never going back to an actual gym again.

$200 Off

Take Up to $200 Off at Bowflex (Online Only)

Take up to an extra $200 off your online purchase on select best sellers.  And a bunch of options even have free shipping.  And check out their must-have adjustable dumbbells, benches, bikes, and more.

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In the world of a pandemic, we’ve all really had to adapt, slow down, and even compromise.  We started our home gym with that Nordictrack bike (which we honestly feel is better than the Peloton), but were missing all the free weights we missed from the actual gym.

Again, we don’t have a ton of space so buying all the dumbbells we’d need wasn’t really an option.  Plus, that gets expensive.  Like, really expensive.  So we heard a lot about how Bowflex was the leader in the home workout space and even though we remembered them from the mid-90’s we wanted to give them a shot.  We’re so glad we did!

We ended up (through various miracles and prayers) getting our hands on their adjustable dumbbells (the SelectTech 552).  These come as a set of just two dumbbells and you can quickly, safely, and easily change the weight on them ranging anywhere from 5lbs – 52 lbs.  These literally replaced over 10 different dumbbells that we’d normally use.

All you have to do is turn the dial to the desired weight you want, lift them off the base, and you’re good to go.  For real, it’s been a real game-changer for us.  With the addition of a bench (adjustable) we’re able to do just about every workout we used to at our old high-end gym (that’s now unfortunately closed).  For us, this is enough.  But if you’re more of a gym-nerd than we are (likely) they also have adjustable barbells, complete home gym set-ups, interactive treadmills, bikes, adjustable kettle bells, and so much more.

We’re really happy with our experience overall.  The delivery time did, unfortunately, take a while – but that’s strictly due to the pandemic and the amount of people who are now working out from home (read: everyone).  So if you’re in the market to find fun ways to workout from the comfort and security of your own home, we def recommend giving Bowflex a shot.  Totally worth it!

The Deal With the Deals:

Let’s just call it like it is, workout everything is expensive.  That, we know.  But, depending on what you’re looking for at Bowflex, there’s usually some kind of deal or sale going on (outside of standard sales events like Black Friday).  There are times where you can get free shipping, a free workout mat, up to $200 when you bundle with other products, and more.

They actually list out all their sales and deals taking place each day right on their site.  So def take a look.  Check out their current offers here!

To Gift or Not to Gift:

Sure this may seem like an odd gift to some, but for us we think they make excellent (and unique) gift ideas.  So we put together a short gift guide with some cool ideas for some of the people on your list.

The Deal With Promo Codes:

Always a popular question.  However, no, Bowflex isn’t in the habit of sending our promo code offers or coupon discount to other website (we don’t have any here either).  We’ve researched some of the most popular sites who typically have discount codes, but came up short.  So, basically, don’t waste your time.

However, from time to time Bowflex will have some discounts for their current customers or even future ones.  Subscribe to their emails so stay on top of all their latest deals and, when applicable, they may send you a coupon incentive from time to time.  Check out all their latest offers here!

Check out some of the best of Bowflex, including new arrivals, best sellers, and any promo offer happening (so far) in May 2024!

New 🏷

Bowflex May 2024 Promo Offer + Best Sellers

Home gyms are where it's at these days! And if you're looking for the best-of-the-best you gotta go with Bowflex.  From complete machines to adjustable dumbbells they have everything you need.  Check out their best sellers, new arrivals and some current promo sales and deals they have going on. No promo code or coupon needed!

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$200 Off

Take Up to $200 Off at Bowflex (Online Only)

Take up to an extra $200 off your online purchase on select best sellers.  And a bunch of options even have free shipping.  And check out their must-have adjustable dumbbells, benches, bikes, and more.

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Only $1499

The Complete Home Gym is Now Just $1,499!

It's the home-gym of all home-gyms and now you can get it for just $1,499 - which is pretty amazing.  You can even get an extra $100 off when you add in some additional bundled attachments. 

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Free 🚛

Get Free Shipping + a Free Mat!

As we all know, shipping on heavy equipment can be expensive.  So check out their free shipping offer on some of their top sellers and score a free mat too.  Click and see all their details!

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Only $349

Get Their Famous Adjustable Dumbbells For Only $349

These are the ones that we have (and love) and now you can get them for only $349!  You can even save an extra $25 and get free shipping when you bundle it with the bunch - which really is a must-have!

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