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You’ve seem them in your Insta feed and maybe even in some of your favorite department stores (assuming you still go shopping).  Either way, Chubbies is where it’s at when it comes to some comfortable and stretchy shorts, loungewear, shirts and so much more.  We’re highlighting some of our favorites of the season, their latest sale, and even that 20% promo code you may have heard about.

Chubbies Coupons & Promo Codes May 2024


…and Chubbies is everyone.

Don’t let their name fool you.  Chubbies isn’t just for chubby guys.  They’re the fun clothing company geared towards guys of all sorts of body types.  If you got a 6-pack (good for you), their shorts will look great on you.  But guess what?  Even if you have love handles and a bit of a guy, their stuff is also going to look fantastic on your body type too.  It’s all about inclusivity!

If you had to sum up the vibe of their brand, one review says it the best,

If you don’t have these shorts you probably also don’t like beer. We won’t be close friends. We will be the guys who see each other at a party once in a while and say sup but that’s the extent of it.” ~ Jason J

A lot of us are more than familiar with their shorts (from casual everyday shorts to loungewear joggers and swim trunks).  In fact, they’ve been covered by some of our favorite reviewers like GQ Magazine (should you wear shorts out at night?), celebrity stylists at NBC (the best swim trunks of the season), and you can’t ever look away from TikTok (more than 318 Million video views as of today!).  So, yeah – don’t just take our word for our love of Chubbies Shorts, everyone else is in agreement too!

Outside of their funky, fun, and comfy shorts they also have a bunch of other essentials like:

  • Shirts (from t-shirts to button-downs, flannels and more)
  • Loungewear (from sweatshirts to sweatpants, sweatshorts and more)
  • Outerwear (from hoodies to zip-ups, jackets and more)
  • Seasonal (from Christmas everything to Pride gear, 4th of July and more)

If you’re familiar with the Birddogs brand, we really think you should give Chubbies a shot.  They’re similar, for sure, but when it comes to selection, patterns, colors, and trends we think Chubbies has a chubby leg up on the competition.


OK, OK.  We know.  You love a deal, a bargain, a discount, and free stuff.  We’ve made it our mission to give you the real answers around popular topics like “Does Chubbies offer coupon codes” and “Does their stuff ever go on sale.”  Have you ever spent time digging around to find a discount code only to find that none of them work….and why does it always seem to open up a thousand browser tabs?!  Annoying!

So, we want to make sure you know what’s up with their coupon policy and their sales and deals overall.  So here’s some good news.  We researched this for a bit and found that the best promo codes will come directly from Chubbies.  At this time, they’re offering an extra 20% off your online purchase just be signing up for emails from them.  Easy.  It takes two seconds and they’ll email you over your own code you can use on that next purchase.

They even have a generous Military Discount Program, where those who qualify can get up to an extra 20% off all the time.  Check out all those details on their site here.

At this time we’re not seeing a Student Discount Program or anything related to Healthcare Workers or teachers.  We’ll keep you posted if this changes.

When it comes to some helpful sales and deals, just about any day of the week they’re offering up to 40% off in their sales section.  Check that out here.

Sometimes they’ll run some one-off deals to incentivize you to shop more, by offering things like “Get $10 off when you guy 2 or more pairs of shorts.”  Sometimes that’s also applicable to shirts too.

We’ve created some of our own deals, sales and even a promo code or two from Chubbies that are taking place in May 2024.


(Update) May 2024: New Chubbies Arrivals, Latest Deals & 20% Coupon

If you're of a certain body-type (like me) you have a total appreciation for all things Chubbies.  They have some of the coolest, comfortable, and body flattering shorts (and more) for guys of just about any size.  Take a look at their newest arrivals for the season, some pretty amazing sales (an extra 20% off), and the deal with their 20% promo code you can use online only direct on their site.

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Chubbies Shorts is Giving an Extra 20% Coupon Right Now

Who doesn't love a coupon, especially to help incentivize us to buy a little more than we usually would.  Chubbies is currently offering a 20% discount code you can use when you checkout on your next online purchase.  Sign up for their fun emails and they'll shoot you over the code that's just for you.

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Yes, Chubbies is Having a Sale Right Now & You Can Get 40% Off!

You don't have to wait for Black Friday or even Cyber Monday to experience an amazing Chubbies sales event.  Right now you can get up to an extra 40% off a wide variety of shorts, swim trunks, colorful shirts, comfy and cozy loungewear (like joggers), and even some cool accessories (from masks to beer coozies).  The best part?  You don't need a coupon to get that 40% off.

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New Arrivals Alert: The Coolest Trends (Just In) For as Low as $29.50!

Just because there are new arrivals this season, doesn't mean it has to break your wallet.  Some of their latest clothing and accessories are starting at only $29.50 (yep, that's under $30!).  We're spying some amazing deals around t-shirts, hats, and more.  And don't forget to check their comfy hoodies and even their latest pants - perfect for this season.

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$10 Off

Here’s How To Get an Extra $10 Off Your Shorts, STAT

Every little bit counts, especially when you're stocking up for the new season.  Right now you can get a quick and dirty $10 off when you simply pick up 2 pairs of shorts.  You can choose from popular casual shorts, swim trunks, sports shorts, loungewear and more.  Either pocket that $10 or put it towards something else (or even towards a gift towards someone else).  The possibilities are endless.

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Take Up to 40% Off Swim Trunks Direct From

Sometimes shopping direct, totally pays off.  You don't need any promo codes for this deal!  Select swim trunks are currently up to an extra 40% off the original price.  If you sign up for their emails and are a new customer they'll give you an extra 20% off too.  Buy two pairs and get an extra $10 off.  All great options.  Side note, the pink flamingo trunks are my personal favorite (and I own them!).

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Up to 30% Off Their Famous “Chubbsie Onesie”

Yes, you know what this is and it's exactly what it sounds like.  Whether you're picking these out to joke around with your friends or just looking for something super comfy to rock around the house, you can't go wrong with one of their colorful onesies.  Right now select picks are up to an extra 30% off.  Let the fun begin!

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Christmas Themed Clothing (and Accessories) For Just $20

It's always a great time to get into the Christmas spirit and right now you can check out some of their most popular Christmas gear starting at just $20 and going up from there.  Take a look at their famous Christmas socks, Santa shorts, the official Santa robe, elf shorts, and so much more.  And don't forget if you're new to them and subscribe to their emails they'll give you an extra 20% off your order.  These also make really fun gifts too!

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