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Everlane Promo & Coupon Codes May 2024

Everlane has, literally, everything we could possibly want, dream of, and need when it comes to fashion for women and men.  They’re not really known for having a traditional sale, but have you ever heard of their ‘Choose What You Pay’ promo? Um, keep reading.


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I’m covering a lot in this article, so if you’re more of a scanner than a reader, feel free to click on any of the links below to jump to the area that’s more important to you!

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It seems like Everlane had been one of the best kept secrets in the fashion world for a while.  You don’t see them everywhere so when you score a great buy from them you feel like you’re wearing something that no one else really has.  

Even better, they just plain old offer really exceptional quality clothing (and accessories) for guys and gals and they offer everything at extremely fair prices.  Not to mention they have a truly  cult-following over at TikTok,  with more almost 10 million video views from people who are just as obsessed as I am.  They may not be totally happy with their coupon situation, but they still love the brand!


Take an extra 10% when you subscribe with your email address. Everlane will send you a code you can use for an extra 10% online. Reveal more here!

For me it seems like they really blew up and hit the big time when   Meghan Markle was spotted  sporting their ‘Day Market Tote’ (it was the one in cognac, by the way).  Suddenly it seemed like all was right with the world and we could all one day become a real-life princess and dress like one.  Or so I’ve been told.

One of my personal favorite items is their, now famous, cashmere sweater.  It’s overly comfy and overly affordable – typically priced at just $100, which really is great for cashmere.  Here’s the  one for women  and here’s the  one for men  (priced slightly higher).  They come in a ton of different color options too.  And depending on the time of year you’ll see them in slightly different pattern options like color-blocking, two-tone, striped wrist, and more.


While they may not have a ton (or even more than one, really) coupons, there’s a reason for that.  It’s all about transparency with how they’re sourcing their merch, who they’re getting it from, how they’re paying them fair wages, and more.  I see this come into play the most especially with their “Choose What You Pay” sale.  I shouldn’t even call it a sale.  They say “It’s not a sale…it’s better!”  And I couldn’t agree more.

This one is such an interesting concept that it really blows our mind.  Your thought is to always just choose the lowest price but, at times, maybe you don’t want to.  Here’s how it works.  In a certain ‘sale’ section of their site (here for instance) you’ll get to see a bunch of really cool items in which they’ll actually let you choose from up to 3 difference price options.

Now, say I’m looking at their olive green ‘E2’ bomber jacket.  They’ll let you know the original price ($125) and then give you the option to pay either:  $100, $88, or $75.  Doing so will either save you 20%, 30%, or 40% respectively.

The ‘catch’ is that when you go to choose the price you’re willing to pay they’ll also let you know where the money you spend/save is going. 

For instance, paying the $100 (and saving you 20%) means that 20% will go to Everlane, which will help them cover shipping, development, and general overhead.  Plus it allows them to work on creating new products for us.

If you choose to pay the $88 (saving you 30%) it means that 10% will go to them. Again, it’ll help cover shipping costs, development, and overhead to pay their team.  Finally, choosing to pay just $75 means that you save 40% and, sadly, nothing goes to them or their team.  It kind of makes you feel bad, doesn’t it?  Like maybe I don’t need t choose the lowest price?  Now do you get why they really hold onto their discount codes?


Since their “Choose What You Pay” sale is pretty spectacular, Everlane usually doesn’t give out coupons or even promo codes. It’s a bummer, but I totally get it. However, there are still ways to save and they actually do have a really helpful coupon for their customers, especially if you’re new to their site.

The two most recent coupon codes I’ve seen (and were able to use myself) include a way to get a 10% discount code just by signing up for their emails. Some restrictions will apply, but once you sign up the 10% is yours. 

Most recently they had a pretty generous offer on their denim selection where, again, by signing up with your email address they’d give you a 20% promo code to use on any of their denim options for both women and men.

And here’s the thing, it truly is worth it to sign up for their emails. They don’t bombard you with marketing messages, but they do let you know when new arrivals hit their shelves, when popular items were out of stock come back in-stock, and even any additional sale events they may have (and even when they’re going to give out a coupon to incentivize you one way or another).



Click through to see the latest deals and promo sales taking place at Everlane this month. Check to see the latest free-shipping offer, the famous ‘choose what you pay’ sale offer and, of course, the new arrivals we’re all drooling over right now! Reveal more here!


Take an extra 10% when you subscribe with your email address. Everlane will send you a code you can use for an extra 10% online. Reveal more here!


I’m not going to lie, getting free shipping is something I’m always after online! I hunt for it like there’s no tomorrow and I give a giant eye-roll when I can’t find it. Lucky for me (and you!), we can now all grab free shipping on our first order when you sign up with your email address. Really, that’s it. Super easy. Outside of the free shipping (that we’re grateful for) signing up with your email also get some cool exclusive perks. Totally worth it! Reveal more here!


So there really is such thing as a miracle. And right now you can choose what you pay on these select fashion items for women and men. There will be anywhere from two to three price options and you can choose which you want to pay. They’ll let you know what your money will help go to and savings, we’ve seen, can be anywhere from 5% to 20% off. Super interesting. Reveal more here!


We’re loving the savings especially when it’s up to 20% off! Choose from a variety of super chic and must-see fashion for women this month. We’re spying things like cashmere sweaters (yes, for real), chic tees, super trendy dresses, cardigans, crew sweaters, and more. Hurry while these deals are still happening! Reveal more here!


These are officially the best-sellers from Everlane this month. And select top-selling must-haves are starting at only $58! Plus, check out how you can get free shipping too! Reveal more here!


It’s time to stock up for the season because the ‘new arrivals’ for women are officially here! I can’t hardly wait! I’m seeing select new arrival items starting as low as $15 and going up from there. Peep the latest tops, dresses, sweaters, bags, shoes, and more. I’m so ready for this. Reveal more here!


Right now select news shoes and sneakers are priced under $100! Choose from a bunch of different styles and colors too. Plus, click through to see how you can get free-shipping on your next order! Reveal more here!


They didn’t forget about the dudes either this month! Right now guys can save up to 40% off select fashion items on sale. I’m seeing things like select t-shirts, shorts, light sweaters, fall-into-winter jackets, button down shirts, and a while lot more! Reveal more here!

…and yes she did get it from Everlane! The Day Market Tote (in cognac) is the bag we’re all obsessed with. It’s 100% Italian leather and comes in a bunch of additional colors like blush, navy, black, red, and rose. Reveal more here!

I think I covered just about everything, but here are some additional info you may find helpful either while shopping Everlane or just planning ahead.

Does Everlane Ever Do Promo Discount Codes

The only place you’ll get a promo code for Everlane is from them themselves.  As I mentioned above, sign up for their emails and they’ll give you a 10% discount code you can use on your order.  Get it here.

Is There a Student Discount

Sadly, no.  Currently Everlane doesn’t have a student discount code at this time.  The same, unfortunately, goes for military, healthcare, and first responder discounts.  If and when that changes, I’ll update this page with all the details.

Does Everlane Have a Black Friday Sale

Yes, in past years Everlane did have a sale for Black Friday right into Cyber Monday.  During that timeframe you could get up to 40% off some of their most sought after apparel.  This doesn’t mean they’ll have it every year, but as we get closer I’ll keep you updated here.

Everlane's Best Online Sale

It really depends what you’re looking for.  I filled you in on the Choose What You Pay “sale” above, but a total fan favorite sale is their 48-hour flash sale.  This was extensively covered and I learned you could take an extra 25% off site-wide.  Honestly, a site-wide sale is my personal favorite because that’s when you can usually get the best deal on new arrivals too.

A Little Something Extra

If you liked the deals and best sellers from Everlane we pulled together, check out some additional retailers that have some pretty decent coupon codes right now like  AnthropologieEast DaneShopbopJ.Crew, and even  Nordstrom.   They have a similar vibe as Everlane and most have some really great deals for both men and women – and some even have some great home decor sales.  Speaking of which, some great promotions are going on at home-related retailers like  WayfairSnowe HomeAllModernJoss & Main, and the kitchen folks at  Our Place.