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Food subscriptions can be expensive as all get-out!  One of our favorites we’ve used is HelloFresh.  While a bit on the pricier side (even though totally worth it) here are some great ways to save on your next order or subscription thanks their promo offers and deals!

HelloFresh Promo Code July 2024 - Coupon + Sale

Sale Today: Up to $80 Off

If you’re ready to test out the somewhat intimidating world of food subscription boxes, there’s no reason to be nervous when it comes to Hello Fresh.  We’ve used a bunch of the different services out there and HelloFresh is probably our favorite. In fact, a recent report states that they’ve now surpassed Blue Apron in marketshare!

They offer a lot of different options to totally suit your needs, within reason.  I mean, I’d prefer to only get boxes with avocados in all of them, but that’s just me.  Anyway, you can choose the classic plan that’s perfect for 2-4 people, the veggie plan which is great for all those non meat eaters out there, or the family plan which typically will feed up to 2 adults and 2 children.

But on top of that you can even choose the flex plan which allows you to skip weeks, swap around recipes, or just cancel at any time.  Basically, you can order exactly what you want, when you want, and not get anything you don’t want.  That’s perfect for commitment-phobes like us!

Overall, you can typically find great ways to save at HF.  They’re usually offering some sort of discount throughout the week whether it’s getting money off your first box, a deal for new first-time customers, or deals for students.  We’ve researched the hell out of the the corners of the Internet to find the best sales and deals right now and the truth is, you can only get active promo code offers directly from them on their site.  And while we don’t have exclusive offers here, we have found a couple that they’re promoting themselves we wanted to share!

Shop our picks for some of the best Hello Fresh promo sales, deals, and more in July 2024!

$30 Off

Snag $30 Off One Box This Month

When all else fails, just test out one box and see how it goes. We have commitment issues so this sale is right up our alley. Use the code to take $30 off one box this month. Enjoy it while it's still valid! More Less


Get FREE Shipping on Wine (Yes, Wine!)

It's wine o'clock somewhere! This month you can get free shipping on your wine orders. First off, we didn't know that they even carried wine, but they totally do. And the shipping is free! Choose from their red wine plan, white wine plan, or seasonal options (hello summer and fall!) More Less


Give the Gift of Food! Here’s How to Buy & Save!

As the old saying goes, it's better to give than to receive. We guess. We're kidding, of course. Check out all the great gifting options this month. You can choose from things like the classic plan for 2-4 people, the veggie plan (for those non-meat-eaters in your life), or the family plan which provides enough for 2 adults and 2 kids). More Less

Get 15% Off

Students Can Experience 15% Off Every Order

Hey there students! Hello Fresh has quite the deal for you this month. Once you login and confirm your student status (you gotta actually be a student) you'll be able to get 15% off each subscription box you order. Literally, 15% off everything. What's better than that?! More Less

50% Off

Take 50% Off If You’re a Brand New Customer

Today you can snag 50% off your very first order if you're a brand new customer. Now we're not entirely sure how that works because when other retailers offer something like that we just sign up with a new email address, but if you're not as shady as we are and are actually a new customer you can totally save this month. More Less

55% Off

Enjoy 55% Off Your 1st & 2nd Food Boxes

We'll take more than half off any day of the week and twice on Sunday! While the offer is still valid you can save 55% off your first and second food boxes at Hello Fresh. Check out the discount code first and then head over and save your way to freedom! More Less

$20 Off

Hurry! Grab 2 HelloFresh Boxes for $20 Off Each or $40 Off One!

Ok so that was some real tough math for us. But here's the deal. This month you can either take $40 off one of your subscription boxes OR you get get $20 off your first and then take $20 off your second one. How does that saying go? Six in 1, half-dozen in the other? Either way, whichever you choose will be deducted at checkout. Click to learn more! More Less

New 🏷

HelloFresh July 2024 Promo Code Offer + Deals

This is the place to get all the latest savings and deals taking place right now at Hello Fresh. From discounts on multiple orders, to up to 50% off subscription boxes for first time subscribers, check out all the ways to save. Plus, of course, there are always the most up-to-date promo code offers and coupons to help you take some additional cash off your total.

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