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Your backyard is about to get a whole lot more fun thanks to the genius that is Solo Stove. From camping stoves to fire pits and everything in between, there’s currently something for everyone at just about every budget level even without a prized promo code (which I’ll cover their policy below). Let’s light it up!


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You know what we’ve been doing all the time these days?  Being outside.  Yep.  Outside.  Summer?  Outside.  Fall?  Outside.  Winter?  You guessed it; outside.  We’re living in our favorite comfy clothes and we’re living outside.  It’s basically the safest place we can be so in order for us to find some kind of joy in our existence, we’ve decided to kick up our outdoor swagger a notch or two.  That’s where Solo Stove really has come in handy.

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Most people know Solo Stove for their killer fire pits.  Full disclosure, we haven’t picked up one of them yet as we’re still currently in love with our existing pit, but we do give our stamp of approval to their grill.  If you think you know grills, think again.

While we’re certainly not a professional grill master, we’re not the worst at it either.  We always went the Weber grill route and, sure, while their grills are great, Solo Stove’s grill surpassed our expectations by leaps and bounds.  Whenever we have people over to grill we usually spend way too much time actually at the grill and less time chatting with our friends.  With their new grill you’ll actually spend less time cooking and more time chatting (and maybe even sneaking in an extra beer or two).

So how does all this magic actually happen?  Introducing their Signature 360º Airflow!  Here’s the tech specs on how that actually works:

“It creates a convective heating environment that you don’t have to mess with. Just add charcoal, light it, and it naturally lets the air flow through to create the perfect cooking conditions.”

The grill that we have is their bundle option which came with:

  • The Solo Stove Grill itself
  • The short stand
  • The tall stand
  • Grill Pack
  • Grill Tools
  • Grill Shelter
  • The carry case
  • 4 count of starters

And it’t not just us that are obsessed with them.  They’re currently still blowing up TikTok.  As a matter of fact, their hashtag has brought in more than 193 million video views.  193 million!  The people have clearly spoken and, well, they love it! Outside of the influencers that love them, they’re also highly rated and favored by expert reviews like the editors at Wire Cutter, CNET, and T3 – who have all named them one of the best fire pit brands of the year (again this year)

If you’re ready to up your grilling game, you got to give Solo Stove a try.  Friendly tip:  Order it ASAP because ours was backordered for a quite a while, so don’t wait until the last second once the weather gets nice.



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Take an extra $100 off select top selling fire pits perfect for your backyard, any time of year. And check out their Bonfire, Yukon, and Ranger options. There’s something for almost any need you have! Reveal more here!

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Probably the best deal we’ve seen to date, right now you can take up to 35% off select fire pit bundles. Check out options like the Ranger + Stand, the Bonfire + Stand, the Yukon + Stand, the Bonfire Backyard Bundle and more. Reveal more here!

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It’s Solo Stove’s new outdoor pizza oven, the Pi.  Right now with select bundles you can take at least an extra $190 off. Reveal more here!


We totally get that everything is expensive today, especially when it comes to their fire pits (depending on which one you get).  The refreshing news is that now Solo Stove does actually have promo code offers they’re – well – promoting from time to time  And that time?  It’s now!

Look, if you think you’re going to find a discount code for, like, 50% off you’re going to come up short.  And any coupons that actually work will come from Solo Stove themselves.  They’re very similar to some other  promo codes we’ve found  via YETI and  our friends at  Don’t worry, they do have some.  We actually were able to use one to take some off the original price.

If you’re a current customer or even a new one, they do have a couple of ways to save a bit like:

You may not think that saving $20 is really an 
offer, but it’s super easy to do.  Subscribe to their emails and you’ll get your own promo code to use.  It comes in handy when you’re picking up some accessories or even apparel (hello 4th of July tee!).

When it comes to major sales events, so far,  we’ve recently seen  that one of their top sales of the year is   between Black Friday and right into Cyber Monday  where you can take up to 45% off select best sellers site-wide.  We’ll update things as we get closer to the next sales event


So many brands are giving out discounts now for everyday heroes and it can be tough to keep track of who is doing what.  Solo Stove, as you know, is one of our favorite brands that we’ve covered extensively here (most recently their new pizza oven), so we put together a quick and dirty list of which discounts (if any) are available for folks like  studentsfirst responders,  the militarynurses,  and more.  Let’s just get to it, shall we?

StudentYes or No?

Students can be pretty poor (no shade), so let’s see if Solo Stove offers a discount for students?  Click the next tab to get the official answer!

YES!   And here’s who’s eligible:

• Students who are currently enrolled in school

Solo Stove works directly with StudentBean to offer eligible students a one-time student discount for $20 off.  Hey, every little bit helps.   Check your eligibility here!  Or check in  direct with Solo Stove here!

InfluencersYes or No?

Are you an influencer looking for the ultimate hookup?  Click the next tab to get the official answer!

NO!   Doh!  Sadly, Solo Stove isn’t offering influencers a discount code at this time.  And thank you for your service though!  But you can always sign up for their emails to get an extra $10 off select items.  Check it here.

TeachersYes or No?

Are you a teacher looking for a little extra something-something? Click the next tab to get the official answer!

YES!   And here’s who’s eligible:

• Teachers who are currently teaching and can verify their teaching status.

MilitaryYes or No?

Thanks for your service – to those in the military.  Click the next tab to get the official answer!

YES!   And here’s who’s eligible:

• Active in the Military

• Veterans

First Responders/HealthcareYes or No?

A special shoutout to our healthcare workers and vital first responders.  Looking to see if you have a discount code too?  Click the next tab to get the official answer!

Yes!   Solo Stove is offering an extra 20% discount for first responders (police, fire, emts, etc) and healthcare professionals (nurses, etc).

GovernmentYes or No?

Looking to see if there is a current Government discount?  Click the next tab to get the official answer!

NO!   At this time they’re not offering government officials discount code access.  We’ll keep you updated if this changes in the future.



…it’s all about their growing partnership with VerifyPass.  You can also reach out direct to them for additional info if you feel like you should have access (well, your group at least).  Check that out here.

As you may or may not know, when it comes to promo codes Solo Stove typically doesn’t have them (outside of their $10 email signup).  So, when it comes to getting your student discount (or military, healthcare, first responder, teacher, etc) your best bet is to either visit them direct here (all applicable discounts are linked at the bottom of their site) or click on the above link for VerifyPass where you have to – you guessed it – verify your group status.

Once VerifyPass approves your active status, they’ll send you a totally unique discount code for you to use when you checkout.  The discount code is only for you and cannot be shared with anyone else.  You’ll also get just 1 code to use in a 24-hour period.

Now, if you’re a student – you can actually go direct with Student Beans to verify your current student status and get an extra $20 off your purchase.  Some restrictions to apply, so get verified right here!