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So, is Solo Stove’s New Pi Pizza Oven Really Worth It?

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This year it’s like everyone is making pizza at home in their backyard and now Solo Stove has tossed their hat into the pizza ring with the launch of their brand new Pi Pizza Oven.  But is it really worth it?  I’m going over everything you need to know and will give my opinion whether it’s worth the price.  The verdict may surprise you!

Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven Review 2024

Ready for another episode of, “Is It Worth It…Let Me Work It” where we look at one particular product that’s getting some buzz, we buy it, try it, and let you know if we think it’s actually worth it.  Not everything is going to be worth it!

If you’ve been following our reviews for a while, you know we’re big fans of Solo Stove around here.  Their smokeless fire pits have been named as one of the best overall fire pits by the experts at CNET and even Oprah gave her stamp of approval, which is everything.

But now Solo Stove has just released one of their most anticipated new items of the season, the Pi Pizza Oven.  With “the Pi” you don’t need a traditional chimney like with some other outdoor brands.  Their pizza oven uses either wood or gas – you get to choose (you can even choose both!).

The wood option gives your pizza a more rustic and authentic taste, but the gas option is there for those who may not want to go the wood route.  There’s an extra $175 charge for the gas burner.

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Overall, with Pi you can make up to a 12-inch (classic size) homemade pizza that really does cook perfectly and evenly and it does it – on average – in just under 2 minutes.  Of course, you can go slightly longer if you really prefer your pizzas well-done.  You can also fit up to 3 small personal sized pizzas in the oven at once.

In regards to the selling points of the Solo Stove pizza oven, here are some high-level points to note:

  • Pizza will cook in just under 2-minutes.
  • The stainless steel exterior makes it long-lasting.
  • The temperature gets up to 850-degrees.
  • Its height is just around 15-inches tall.
  • Its weight is only around 30-pounds.
  • Right now the price is marked down to $469.99 (reduced from $624.99).

I know that right off the bat, most people are immediately going to compare it to the other popular pizza oven brand Ooni.  The most similar oven (at this time) from Ooni is their 12-inch Multi-Fuel option.  Here’s a quick comparison chart I put together based on the information of both products at the time of the review.

 WEIGHT 30 lbs 26 lbs
 MAX TEMP 850 degrees 950 degrees
 TIME TO COOK 120 seconds 60 seconds
 WARRANTY Lifetime 3-year
 PRICE $469.99 $399.99

For me, it’s really hard to decide which is better as Ooni has been around for a lot longer, makes pizza faster, is slightly lighter in weight, and currently has a better price. Solo Stove certainly wins when it comes to the lifetime warranty however.

Here are some overall pros and cons of Pi.


• Super durable thanks to the stainless steel exterior.

• Option to choose either wood or gas, providing you more cooking options.

• Creates a perfect crust and overall pizza in less than 120 seconds.

• Free shipping, free returns, and a lifetime warranty.

Let’s not forget about the cons:


• It’s still a bit on the pricey side, even compared with some other brands.

• Currently it only comes in one size (for 12-inch pizzas vs. 16-inch options).  

Ok, so this is it.  When all is said and done, is Solo Stove’s Pi Pizza Oven really worth it?

Being worth it and worth the money really is two different things.  From a perspective of “is it worth it” I actually think it is.  Like I mentioned above there are some cons, with the biggest one (for me) is the price – especially when comparing to the Ooni.

If you’re ok with the price, I say go for it.  It’s been reviewed by other top brands as well like CNN and Gear Patrol, so that’s always a great sign. And, here’s the thing.  Overall Solo Stove is such a top notch brand that really has changed the fire pit industry for the better and I know this is only the beginning for them when it comes to pizza ovens.

If you’re intrigued, you may want to give this a go.  If so, here’s where you can get it.

The Pi Pizza Oven

Pi Piza Oven Price

$470 |

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