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Perhaps our new favorite brand for some of the chicest and highest quality outdoor furniture and accessories, Yardbird is our new go-to when it comes to sprucing up our outdoor living space.  Keep reading!

Yardbird Promo Code May 2024

We couldn’t love Yardbird any more if we tried!  As you know by now – especially in our Trendy AF series – we recently purchased our first home (whoop whoop!) and, well, we went from a 490 square foot apartment to a 10 room house.  Sure it sounds good, but we basically had zero furniture so we have to furnish the entire thing.  Fun?  Not really.  The fun part for us is our backyard, deck, and patio.  Since we WFH on the regular we want to make sure our outdoor space is zen, comfy, and not like everyone else’s.  That’s where Yardbird comes in.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, Yardbird makes some of the most amazing outdoor furniture from intercepted ocean plastic and sustainability is the name of their game.  We have mad respect for companies that are focusing on this and, besides just loving their furniture, we also really like supporting companies that focus on the environment as part of their overall mission and business plan.

If you’ve been in the market for some outdoor furniture – be it dining sets, conversation couch/set-ups, bistro sets – you name it, you know how finding good pieces can be crazy expensive.  If you look at some popular brands like Pottery Barn and even most recently William Sonoma you can see complete sets going for as high as $7,000 – $8,000.  Even options from more affordable retailers like Walmart, Target or even Home Depot will typically run you anywhere from $900 – $2,000 depending on the style you get.  And with those, quite honestly, they don’t always last the longest.  At least they never did for us in previous years.

With Yardbird, sure you’re going to find some expensive choices, but you can find some of their most popular picks priced anywhere between $1,700 – $3,300 on average.  But, the good news is that it includes the whole set (chairs included).  I mean, we had recently seen a table (just the table) on a competitors site priced at $2,995.  Then each chair ran you $450.  Too much math for us.


Some of the sets we’re most obsessed with you should check out include things like:

They even have some really cool outdoor throw pillows that come in really trendy colors and patterns and, in comparison, most are super affordable.  For us, we think it’s the best way to had some bright pops of color to your outdoor space.  Either way, at the end of our review we’ve listed out some of our most favorite sections so you can quickly get to them and decide for yourself.


Our only gripe, but we totally get it, is that they really don’t have deals and sales like a lot of other brands do.  Their official take on this is:

We do not offer any sales or discounts, as we are opposed to the industry practice of setting false retail prices to then offer false discounts, even though they are emotionally powerful.

We focus on keeping our prices as low as possible all year by working closely with our manufacturers and selling direct-to-consumer without a middleman. We pass any possible savings into the regular pricing of the furniture.”

And you know what?  We totally respect that.  Half the time other brands have sales we’re convinced they may just raise the original price to make it look like you’re getting a great deal.  Hey, at least we appreciate the transparency coming directly from Yardbird – and like we said – if you’re in the market for outdoor furniture you know how crazy expensive some places can be!


So we researched this one a bit too and while they do accept promo codes and discount coupons at checkout they do not give out promo code offers of any kind to any site whatsoever.  And, to be clear, we don’t have any exclusive offers here either.  We looked at a bunch of sites that claim to have them but, honestly, none of them worked.  I mean, we didn’t really think that they’d offer 50% off (haha!).  So, don’t waste your time looking for random codes online.

At the end of the day, we think your best bet is to just shop them directly on their site and even sign up for their newsletter.  This way, you’ll also be in the loop on any new arrivals or promotions they may be offering.  We did see that they did have a free shipping offer with minimum spend but, as always, just go directly to their site to see what’s up.  Check them out here!

Shop our picks for some of the best items from Yardbird (so far) in May 2024!

New 🏷

Yardbird May 2024 Promo Arrivals + Best Sellers!

If you’re tired of the same old outdoor furniture you see everywhere else (so were we!), you gotta check out the latest from Yardbird – our new obsession.  Check out their outdoor sofa sets, sectionals, fire pits, dining sets and so much more.  Please note they do not have promo code offers or coupons at this time, but you can get free shipping with minimum purchase. 

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$2680 + Up

Shop Their Outdoor Sofa Sets Now at $2680 and Up!

They have some of the coolest sofa sets perfect for just about every type of outdoor space you may have and now you can get yours starting at only $2,680.  And learn about their generous free shipping promo offer with minimum spend.

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$35 + Up

Shop Colorful Outdoor Throw Pillows Now at $35 and Up!

We’re loving their colorful, yet classy, outdoor throw pillows that can really add such pops of color to your outdoor space!  And now you can choose from a variety of really amazing options priced at only $35 and going up from there.  

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$1765 + Up

Shop Complete Outdoor Dining Sets Now at $1765 and Up!

Now you can get some really chic dining sets perfect for your outdoor space, now starting at $1,765 and up.  Choose from a variety of really amazing styles, shapes, and sizes – anywhere from a 5 piece set all the way up to a 9 piece.  You can even buy individual dining chairs too!

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Now at $1400

Shop Chic Fire Pit Tables Now at $1400

You can never go wrong with a fire pit, but personally we like ones that match our set if possible.  Check out some of their chic fire tables now priced at only $1,400.  It’ll be a total game-changer for your outdoor space that you can pretty much use all year round.

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