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15 Unique Hanukkah Gift Ideas Perfect for Anyone in Your Family

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It’s one of our favorite times of the year and, well, we gotta buy a lot (a lot) of gifts.  Don’t let Hanukkah stress you out because we’ve got some really great ideas from totally traditional to amazingly unique.  Read on!

Best Hanukkah Gift Ideas 2024 - Kids & Adults Chanukkah Gifts 2024

Sure it’s a super busy time of year, but we’ve got it totally under control this season.  So what are you planning on gifting all those special people in your life?

There are so many Hanukkah options out there that it can be hard to narrow down what to get that special someone.  The good news is that we’ve rounded up some of the hottest ideas of the year for folks of any age and, yes, we didn’t leave out the kids either!  We have some nice traditional and education options, fun and quirky ideas, and more.

Check out some of the best Hanukkah gifts (so far) this year!

The Best Seller

The Homesick Hanukkah Scented Candle – Buy It Here

Best Hanukkah Gift 2024: Hanukkah Candle by Homesick

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It’s one of the most popular candle brands everyone online is obsessed with.  Yes, we’re talking about Homesick.  This Hanukkah-inspired candle is made of soy wax, hand poured, and will burn for up to 80 hours!  Even better?  It’s made in the US.  See more candle options here!

The Meaningful Choice

The Michael Aram ‘Olive Branch’ Triple Compartment  Dish in Silver – Buy It Here

Best Hanukkah Gift 2024: Oliver Branch Silver Dish

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The olive brand represents both peace and victory and will look stunning on their dining room table or any table in their home, really.  We love it in silver, but check it out in gold too!

The Classic Choice

The Set of 2 Wooden Dreidels – Buy It Here

Best Hanukkah Gift 2024: Dreidels for Kids

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It’s one of the most traditional gifts that are perfect for the kids or anyone in the family.  We also love that it’s a pretty cheap option (currently less than $10) too.  This comes as a pack of 2 and as a sleek teak oil finish. Learn more here!

The Trendy Choice

The Corkcicle Stemless Wine Glasses – Buy It Here

Corkcicle Stemless Wine Glasses for Hostess Gift 2024

Buy Now

These are super fun triple-insulated stemless glasses that come in a so many different amazing colors and patterns!  They’re perfect for wine drinking (hooray!) and will keep their drinks cold when they want them to be and even hot when they want them to be.  See more color options here!

The Funny Choice

The Mensch on a Bench Book & Doll – Buy It Here

Best Hanukkah Gift 2024: Mensch on a Bench

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If they’re over the Elf on a Shelf and you’d like them to have a little more culture, while still having a good time they’ll love the Mensch on a Bench that gained so much popularity on Shark Tank.  They can learn about the beautiful Jewish traditions and enjoy the cute plush doll too!  Learn more here!

The Jewelry Choice

The Swarovski Star of David Bracelet – Buy It Here

Best Hanukkah Gift 2024: Star of David Necklace

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It’s a really beautiful bracelet, showcasing the Star of David.  It’s a bit on the more expensive side, but won’t break the bank.  They’ll love it just as much as you do!  Learn more here!

The Traditional Choice

The Latkes Server in Stainless Steel and Blue – Buy It Here


Best Hanukkah Gift 2024: Latkes Server

Buy Now

There’s nothing better than some delicious latkes, am I right?  If they love making their own (is there really any other way?!) they’re going to need their official latkes server.  Now they can be the pro they truly are! Learn more here!

The Last Minute Choice

Local Event Tickets – Buy It Here

Buy Now

You’ll always win when you get them affordable tickets to their favorite upcoming concert, their local sports team, the musical theater coming to town and more!  Choose the gift card option and have it emailed to them so they can choose what they want to attend or even get the actual card so you can wrap it and give it to them!  Learn more here.

The Funny Choice

The ‘Ask Bubbe’ Talking Grandmother Doll – Buy It Here

Best Hanukkah Gift 2024: Ask a Bubbe Doll

Buy Now

We all know that Bubbe gives the absolute best advice, whether you’re asking them for it or not!  You can ask her some questions and she’ll give you some must-needed advice.  It’s a riot.  Learn more here!

The Classy Choice

The Waterford Diamond Lead Crystal Picture Frame – Buy It Here

Best Wedding Gifts 2018: Waterford Picture Frame

Buy Now

This crystal lead picture frame securely and evenly holds a 5-7″ photo and is one that will look beautiful anywhere in their home, as long as their favorite picture is placed inside.  See more ideas from Waterford!

The Traditional Choice

The Jerusalem of Gold Kosher Milk Chocolate Gold Coins – Buy It Here

Best Hanukkah Gift 2024: Chocolate Gold Coins

Buy Now

You can’t go wrong with the tradition of chocolate gold coins!  These are kosher, nut-free, and contains a box of 24 to enjoy and give out.  Learn more here!

The Calming Choice

The Tea Drop Sampler Set of 25 – Buy It Here 


Best Thank You Gift 2024: Tea Drops

Buy Now

Simply drop these tea drops into their cup of hot water and they’ll be totally relaxed in no time.  This set comes with 25 tea drops to sample in a variety of different must-try flavors.  Learn more here!

The Sports Choice

The Anatomy of Sports Drink Coasters ( Set of 4 ) – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Finally a real reason for them to actually use their drink coasters.  They can learn even more about their favorite game.  Choose from football, hockey, basketball, baseball, golf, and more.  See all options here!

The Comfy Choice

The Most Comfy Comforter Ever by Buffy – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Ok so this is the most comfortable comforter, like, ever.  This is the cloud comforter by Buffy that everyone online is buzzing about.  The fabric is silky eucalyptus and is known to totally keep your body temp perfect all night long.  Learn more here!

The Music Choice

The VicTsing Wireless Shower Speaker – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Now you can hit all the notes in the shower (or bathtub) thanks to this waterproof wireless speaker!  See all the color options here!

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