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Totally Unique Gifts For Kids of All Ages & Stages That’s Guaranteed To Wow Them!

Stumped on finding your children the perfect presents this year? Fear not, we've got you covered.

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Best Gifts For Kids 2024

Some of the coolest and most exciting presents for your kiddos are officially here!  From clothes and games to tech gadgets and positive reinforcements – we found it all!

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Whether you’re gifting your favorite little pal something for a special birthday, the upcoming Christmas holiday, or just a special event, it can be nearly impossible to figure out what you should gift them!  If you’re looking for some ideas that aren’t just a list of the latest toys, we’ve come up with a nice mix for your kids that consist of fun ideas that are totally unique, perfect for boys or girls (why label?), will hopefully get them off their electronics (although there are some cool tech options), and get their minds working (yep, even some learning options).

Since everything is always expensive, especially these days, we wanted to help provide some direction on what the average spend is for a gift.  Recent research shows that, on average, most people are spending up to $30 on a gift if you’re heading out to a birthday party (and it’s not your son or daughter).  If you’re the parent, the average spend recently averages around $100.  If we’re talking Christmas basically throw that entire average out the window.

But, look, don’t stress about the amount.  Just find something you think they’ll love.  Let’s be honest, they’re not even going to remember what you got them 6-months 3-months from now.

Overall most of these Christmas presents have age-ranges from 3 years old to about 9 years old.  If you’re looking for ideas for ages 10+, check out our tween to teen gift guide here!  Oh, and if you’re looking for tech gift ideas for your little ones, we got that too!

We’ve rounded up some truly unique gifts for girls and boys they’ll actually love as much as you enjoy gifting them.  Shop some of our favorite gifts for kids (so far) this year.


The 'Not Parent Approved' Game for Kids

Not Parent Approved Game

Everyone is obsessed over this one!  It’s like ‘Cards Against Humanity’ but for children and 100% family friendly.  You’ll have have fun using the different cards to come up with some truly funny answers that will appear a little naughty, but still within normal parent boundaries. At last look it even has more than 12,000 reviews on Amazon.  That’s major.


The ‘Choose Kindness’ T-Shirt

Choose Kindness T-Shirt for Kids

What a great way to send a positive message out into the world these days.  Instead of being a bully, you can simply choose kindness.  This t-shirt also comes in other color options like slate grey, baby blue, pale pink, kelly green, and more.  It’s recommended to buy a size up as these are a bit on the more fitted side.


The Meditation Mouse

You know we love all things mindfulness and meditation around here, so we had to include the popular Meditation Mouse that provides calming sounds and even guided meditations that are simple enough for 2 – 5 year olds to follow along with.  This cute little mouse has a tummy that lights up to help calm and comfort your little one.  Plus, there are three different options to choose from so you can decide if they need some extra relaxation during the day, something to help them wind down and get ready for bed, or nighttime soothing sounds.


The Throw Throw Burrito Game

Throw Throw Burrito Game

From the makers of one of the best selling (and most fun) games on Amazon, Exploding Kittens, comes their next viral hit, Throw Throw Burrito.  The only way we can describe this is that it’s basically a dodgeball card game all while throwing and dodging these squishy burritos.  This one is perfect for 10 year old boys too! Awesome!


The Glow in the Dark Rock Painting Kit

Rock Paint Set

When you’re ready for them to get off their electronics, get calm, and get back to basics you’ll both love these super fun glow in the dark rocks they can paint and decorate.  Don’t worry, this kit even comes with 10 rocks to paint (that are totally water resistant).   It’s a great way for them to use their creativity, imagination, and really just veg out especially when everyday life can get a bit stressful.


The Meta Quest 2 VR Headset

We all want to escape our actual reality and head out into the virtual reality world, even if it’s just for a bit.  This one is the most expensive Christmas gift on our kids list this year.   The Meta Quest 2 comes with everything you need to enter into the VR-scape with the headset and controllers.  There are even more than 250 titles (and counting) to choose from in the VR world of fitness, gaming, social, entertainment, and more.  Overall it’s pretty lightweight, making it easy for you (or your kids) to take with you just about wherever you go.


The Flipslide Game of Speed

Rubix Cube

It’s like the Rubix Cube of 2024!  This time around you gotta quickly flip to find the color and slide to match the lights.  This will help them keep their mind sharp and they’ll have a blast trying to beat the clock.


The Kindle For Kids

Kids Kindle

Perfect for the little reading machines that they are, this is the newest Kindle that’s specifically just for your kiddos! They can read and download all the books they’re looking to read, the battery life lasts weeks, and they even have a 2-year worry-free guarantee.  Plus, it even comes with a really cute cover!


Clocky the Rolling Jumping Alarm Clock

Clocky Alarm Clock

Because you’re totally over trying to wake them up each morning.  Now it’s in Clocky’s hands.  It won’t stop jumping and rolling around their room until they get out of bed and shut it off.  Good luck.


The “You Matter” Book

You Matter Book

One of the most important messages a child can learn (and any adult, really) is that you matter.  This book is that friendly reminder they need and one that you’ll be proud to teach them and remind them.  Perfect for anyone, really, but geared towards kids of preschool age up to about 4 years old.


The Grow-n-Glow Terrarium Kit


A great way for them to learn a bit about science and have fun all at the same time.  This kit comes with everything they need to grow their very own terrarium and, even cooler, it will even glow in the dark.  This kit includes everything they’ll need and all you have to do is add the water.


The ‘Finish This Book’ Mystery

Finish This Book

They’ll love finishing this book themselves by solving a mystery and becoming totally involved.  Not only will they have to put on their detective hat, but they’ll use their creativity too.  There are no wrong answers with this creative mystery book, only fun ones!


The “You Are Loved” or “You Are Enough” Tee

You are Loved / You are Enough T-Shirt

Simply stated, but a totally needed reminder that, no matter what, they really are loved and enough. This super comfy tee comes in a variety of colors and styles for boys and girls like navy blue, light yellow, light blue, black, light pink, heather grey, and more!


The Tangle NightBall Light-Up Basketball

The Tangle Nightball Basketball is a unique and innovative basketball that lights up when in use. The ball itself is made of durable rubber and has a textured surface for improved grip. It also comes in a bright, eye-catching color that makes it easy to see in low light conditions.

One of the best features is its built-in LED lighting system. This not only makes the ball easy to see at night, but also makes it easier to track its movements. The ball will stay lit for up to 50 hours (with batteries) making it perfect for long games or practices.


The Large Colorful Jenga-Like Blocks

Color Jenga

The kiddos will have a blast trying to carefully take out each of these colorful blocks without toppling the entire thing over! It includes 48-pieces, the dice, and tons of fun.


The Unicorn Cereal Bowl

Unicorn Cereal Bowl

What a great way to get them to actually want to eat their cereal in the morning (or after school).  But don’t just stop there! This unicorn bowl can be used for things like cereal, ice cream, soup, and more.  Plus, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe.


The Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite

Yes, just about every kid is obsessed with the latest Nintendo Switch Lite.  And, you know what?  This is a top pick for the teenage boy on your list who’s obsessed with all things video-games.  They can play all their favorite Nintendo Switch games on it, but this one is handheld so they can play just about anywhere and everywhere. Perfect for car trips, in their room, or anywhere really.  Plus, Super Mario Brothers is officially back and, well, we can’t wait to play too.


‘My Very Own’ Personalized Fairy Tale

Personalized Childrens Story Book

This is such a cute way to personalize their very own fairy tale!  You can add their name to the story and turn them into a real fairy princess by entering into this magical world.  Of course this can be for boys too, but if they’re into pirates more than princesses, they have that option too.


The Bedside Essential Pocket

Bed Pocket Organizer

Because how many more times are they going to lose their phone, tablet, earbuds, books and the like in their bed overnight?!  This is a great way for them to keep things organized and, hopefully, out of their bed!


The Giant (2-Feet Tall) Connect Four-Like Game

Giant Connect Four

Now this isn’t the official Connect Four game we used to play when we were little, but similar concept.  And, even better, it’s huge!  This one is actually 2-feet tall by 2-feet wide.  Plus, it comes with a handy carrying case so you can bring it with you on the go whether you’re heading to a friends house, the beach, camping or wherever.  It’s perfect for indoors too.


The Flashing Cube Electronic Memory & Brain Game

Does your kiddo have what it takes to be a champion at the Winning Fingers Flashing Cube Electronic Memory & Brain Game? At least they’ll have a blast trying!  This fast-paced game is perfect for kids of all ages (and even us adults too) who love a challenge. The object of the game is to remember where the flashing lights are and then replicate the pattern. The faster you can do it, the better your score will be. So put your memory and reflexes to the test and see if you can become the next champion!


The Unicorn Snot ‘Stress Relief’ Putty

Unicorn Snot Stress Relief

They already love stress putty and all things unicorns so why not combine the best of both worlds and give them this funny Unicorn Snot!?  This gift can easily slide right into their Christmas stocking too!


Magna-Tiles Building Tiles


If you want the kiddos to be able to learn a bit while they’re playing, this is the STEM option for them!  This award winning building set comes with 32 colorful tiles that will help them work their creative and problem-solving muscles and build something really cool.


The Manifestation Journal For Kids

Kids Manifestation Journal Gift

It’s never to early to help guide your children into manifesting their own goals and dreams.  This easy-to-fill-out daily journal will ask question each day for your child to fill out like:  What’s My Intention Today?  What Would I Like to Manifest?  What Am I Grateful For Today?  And more.  This gift idea if probably best suited for kids that are a bit older.