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The 11 Best Men’s Monthly Subscription Boxes They’ll Love to Get

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Because he’s pretty impossible to shop for so why not try a ‘set it and forget it’ men’s monthly subscription box?  There are a ton of options now for just about any type of guy and at just about any budget level.

Best Monthly Subscription Boxes For Men 2024

I consider myself a gifting expert but, like so many of you out there, after a while it seems like coming up with a new idea that they’ll actually want can be pretty near impossible.  Enter, the subscription box.

Everyone seems to be jumping on the monthly subscription gift bandwagon these days and it seems like new companies are popping up each and every day.  The tough part is that if you don’t know enough about them, you never know if you’re choosing one that could be going out of business any day now.  In fact, almost 15% of all subscription box companies have already stopped production.  Don’t worry, I stay on top of the ones I’ve listed below and have removed anything over the years that are now RIP status.

Typically, some of the most gifted options for guys is centered around style boxes – this means clothing and accessories for the most part.  While I definitely love those, depending on who you’re gifting they may not be into it.  So I wanted to make sure I broke up the categories so that there are options for the fashion obsessed men on your list, as well as grooming lovers, wine lovers, foodies, grill-masters and so much more.

I’ve researched and tested the best of the best and narrowed it down to some of my favorite monthly subscription boxes for men that are perfect to gift any time of year – from Christmas to their birthday or just because!  Please note, prices listed below are typically what it would cost each month.  However, some boxes have weekly, bi-monthly, etc scheduling.


1. Birchbox Man Monthly Grooming Box

Birchbox Man Monthly Subscription Box

$15 | Birchbox

 What You Get Each Month:  

Score big each month by getting to use smaller sized skincare, grooming, and fashion-type products. Each box will contain 5 grooming samples and 1 stylish accessory or possibly even a gadget.  Guys can then update their user profile and simply say what they’re digging or not digging and the monthly boxes will get better and better (read: more accurate based on what they actually like).  We’ve been gifting ourselves with Birchbox for the past couple of years (yeah we’re that cool) and each month the stuff we get just keeps getting better and better.

Savings + Discounts:  Birchbox has a variety of helpful promo codes that come directly from them.  The most common one is 15% off with email sign-up.


2. Scentbird Monthly Cologne Subscription

Scentbird Cologne Subscription Box

$15 | Scentbird

 What You Get Each Month:  

Each month you’ll receive a sample of designer colognes (both popular and brand new).  There are over 200 different colognes you can choose from to you pretty much test drive each cologne before you decide you may want to eventually buy it outright.

Your first subscription box will come with a reusable spray case too!  These are great because they provide you enough sample cologne each month to basically last you to use 2 times per day, each day, for one month so you don’t have to worry about running out right away.

Savings + Discounts:  You can typically get an extra 25% off your first Scentbird subscription box.  Check the top of their homepage for their latest deals-of-the-day.


3. The Trunk Club

Trunk Club Men's Subscription Box

$25 | TrunkClub

 What You Get Each Month:  

All you really have to do is take a quick fun survey like quiz to let Trunk Club know the type of items you typically like, what your fashion preferences are, and more.  After that you’re assigned a stylist who’s basically going to shop for you and then just send you think they think you’re going to love based off your preferences.

Each month you get to decide to keep the items you want and just ship back the ones you don’t want. Oh, and shipping is free and returns are free!  Thanks Nordstrom!


4. The Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

$18 | Dollar Shave Club

 What You Get Each Month:  

You get to be in control over the amount of razors and grooming products you receive each month.  It’s a great way to test out different brands and see what you like best and what works best with your beard.  This is, however, more than just razors and the like.

Choose from a variety of really cool and innovative grooming items for guys too.  The best part is that you can set the schedule on how often you receive this, if you want to just pause it for a bit, or cancel it all together.  Plus, joining the club is free!  I personally love this one and it’s always the perfect gift for your dad just about any time of the year.

Savings + Discounts:  Get 10% off your first order with newsletter signup.


5. The Gentleman’s Box

The Gentleman's Box

$35 |

 What You Get Each Month:  

Now guys can choose more of an overall lifestyle subscription box, whether they want it monthly or annually.  They’ll be sent between 4 and 6 different grooming, lifestyle, and/or fashion accessories each month (like ties or sunglasses or a fashion magazine or a watch or beard oil, etc).


6. The Menlo Club

$60 | Menlo House

 What You Get Each Month:  

Take a super short (and kind of fun) short quiz to get started so Five Four Club can figure out exactly what to send you each month.  You’ll receive up to 3 curated items each month (based on season, so, score!). Shipping is free, size exchanges are free, and you can cancel your subscription easily any time!

Savings + Discounts:  Take their fun quiz and you’ll get an extra $20 off your order.


7. Stitch Fix For Men

Stitch Fix Men's Monthly Fashion Subscription

$20 | Stitch Fix

 What You Get Each Month:  

Each month you’ll receive five clothing related items based on your personal profile.  For $20 you’ll get your own personal stylist that’ll help you, guide you, and send you the type of clothes you actually want.

As you provide more feedback, your clothing selections will get better each time.  Just send back what you don’t want and keep what you do want.  Pretty easy, right?

Savings + Discounts:  Sign up for their official newsletter and you’ll get a $10 off to use on your order.


8. Loot Crate For Gamers + Nerds

Loot Crate Subscription

$25 | Loot Crate

 What You Get Each Month:  

Each month you’ll receive and expertly curated box of pop-culture related products like t-shirts, fun action figures and little toys, accessories and more.  This is really perfect for the guy who still likes to have fun and is a still a kid at heart.

Savings + Discounts:  They currently have a generous 15% off student discount offer.


9. MeUndies Underwear + Socks Monthly Subscription

MeUndies Sub

$16 | MeUndies

 What You Get Each Month:  

Who couldn’t use a constant upgrade to their underwear collection?  Each month you’ll receive a new pair of the coolest underwear we’ve seen in a while.  Quickly fill out the profile to determine the cut of underwear you like (boxers, boxer briefs, classic) and if you’re looking for a more plain pattern, something adventurous, or something bold.

Next thing you know…BOOM…new underwear is being sent right to your door.  We have to admit it’s kind of fun opening the box to see what pattern you’re sporting this month.

Savings + Discounts:  They’re currently offering an extra 15% off with email signup, free shipping and free returns.


10. Carnivore Club Meat Box

Carnivore Meat Subscription

$25 | Carnivore Club

 What You Get Each Month:  

Carnivore Club is the world’s first curated cured meat of the month club featuring artisans from around the world.  Each month you’ll receive a faux wood box filled with 4-6 handcrafted cured meats from some of the top artisans.  Perfect for guys who love to grill and ready to try new things!

Savings + Discounts:  Unfortunately, there aren’t additional discounts at this time.


11. Hello Fresh Meal Subscription

$60 | Hello Fresh

 What You Get Each Month:  

Choose from what type of food you like to each and how often you want your food box delivered (3 days, 4 days, or 5 days).  All the ingredients show up in this perfectly packed box and stay at the perfect temperature until you’re home to store things in your refrigerator.

It also comes with a super easy to read and follow recipe sheet where you basically just open all the ingredients and start cooking! Pricing is going to depend on how many meals per week/month you’re choosing.  The more you order the more expensive it will be.

Savings + Discounts:  Hello Fresh has a few promo codes and offers you can use like getting 16 free meals with email sign-up, 50% off your first order if you’re on their heroes list, and a 15% off student discount.