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12 Unique Groomsmen Gifts That Don’t Totally Suck

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Yep, they’re your bros, bro! We’re talking about your groomsmen.  They’re total ride-of-die guys (or maybe even gals) and deserve a small token of your appreciation for being there with you on your wedding day.  Here’s what you can gift them.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts 2024 - Best Cheap Groomsmen Gift Ideas

There’s a decent chance your groomsmen just may have posted your bail during your bachelor party.  At the very least, they know exactly where all the bodies are buried.  Either way, one thing is for sure.  These are some of the most important people in your life.  They helped talk you off the ledge when you were about to propose.  They got you drunk, literally, millions of times after your engagement.  Likely, they’ll be slipping you some booze on your actual wedding day.  The point is, they’re super important people and you got to show your love in the form of a gift.  Now don’t go getting all mushy over this.  Give them something as kick-ass as they are.  Don’t be totally lame.  Instead, check out some of the best (and most unique) groomsmen gifts (so far) this year.

The Best Groomsmen Gift of 2024:  The Customized Baseball Stadium Blueprint Framed – Buy It Here

Unique Groomsmen Gifts 2024: Baseball Stadium Blueprint

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You’ve been to endless games with them, so what better way to memorialize that than with a custom stadium blueprint!  Choose from any of your favorite teams/stadiums in the United States or, you know, choose their favorite team.  See all team options here!

The Set of 2 Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers – Buy It Here

Unique Groomsmen Gifts 2024: Golf Ball Whiskey Chiller

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You never want to water down your favorite whiskey drink.  And they know that too!  These set of 2 golf ball whiskey chillers also come in a really cool hand-crafted wooden box because, as you know, presentation is key!  Learn more here!

The Set of 5 Personalized Dress Socks in Black or Grey – Buy It Here

Unique Groomsmen Gifts 2024: Customized Socks

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Let’s face it, they could use an upgrade in the socks department right?  These dress socks are totally customizable so you can put their initials, their name, their birthday, or whatever you want.  Like pulling a prank?  Perhaps put your name on their socks.  These come as a set-of-5 and you can choose from either black or grey.  Learn more here!

The Customized Urban Map Drinking Glass – Buy It Here

Unique Groomsmen Gifts 2024: City Map Glass

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Choose which major city you want and they’ll etch the streets/map into this rocks glass. Maybe you choose it where you both met or maybe you choose the city you’re from and the city they’re from.  This is such a cool idea for all your groomsmen.  Learn more here!

The Official NHL Game-Used Hockey Puck Bottle Opener – Buy It Here

Unique Groomsmen Gifts 2024: NHL Hockey Puck Bottle Opener

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Yes, these were actual hockey pucks that were used in actual NHL games and then turned into really cool bottle openers.  This just may be one of the most unique ideas we’ve seen in a while.  Choose any of your favorite teams.  See all team options here!

The Personalized Whiskey Barrel – Buy It Here

Unique Groomsmen Gifts 2024: Personalized Whiskey Barrel

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Who doesn’t love whiskey!? Now you can personalize their very own whiskey barrel.  They’ll proudly display it on their home bar, living room or, you know, right there on their kitchen counter.  Learn more here!

The Anatomy of Sports Drink Coasters ( Set of 4 ) – Buy It Here

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Finally a real reason for them to actually use their drink coasters.  They can learn even more about their favorite game.  Choose from football, hockey, basketball, baseball, golf, and more.  See all options here!

The Corkcicle ‘Chillsner’ Beer Chiller – Buy It Here

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It’s the only way dad will be able to drink his beers moving forward!  This gift set comes with 2 Chillsners and will keep his beer nice and cold the whole way through!

The Birchbox Monthly Subscription Box – Buy It Here

Christmas Gift for Him 2018 - Birchbox Man Subscription Into 2024

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Your groomsmen would probably never actually buy this for themselves, but he’ll totally dig trying out some cool new grooming, skincare, and other little gadgets delivered to his door each and every month.  You can choose more options, how often to have it delivered, and more.  Learn more here!

The Online Masterclass Gift Subscription – Buy It Here

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This idea is so cool.  Now he can take an online ‘Master Class’ with an actual expert!  Even better, you can quickly and easily gift them this!  He’ll get to choose from over 45 different classes (and experts) based on his interest level.  Check out a cooking course from Gordon Ramsay, James Patterson teaches writing, Steve Martin teaches comedy, and so much more.  Learn more here!

The Arccoss Caddie Smart Sensors – Buy It Here
Top Cool Tech Gifts 2018: Arccos Caddie Smart Golf Sensors
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This is like your very own personal caddie! They’ll let you know the actual distance to any point on the course and thanks to artificial intelligence they’ll be able to provide personalized club recommendations and helpful strategies, tips, and tricks.

Tissot Le Locle Silver Bracelet Watch, 39mm – Buy It Here

Best Men's Watches 2017: Tissot le Locle Bracelet Watch For Men 2018

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Because if you have to really do it up, this is the watch to give!

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