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11 Totally Unique Anniversary Gifts When You’ve Run Out of Ideas

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Uh oh! You totally blanked on your anniversary this year and, well, are probably in a total panic.  Relax.  We’ve rounded up some of the best gift ideas for your anniversary, whether you’re celebrating your wedding or just dating anniversary.

Anniversary Gifts 2024 - Dating & Wedding Anniversary Ideas

They’ve really been there for you through thick and thin and even those early dating years you’ve probably blacked out. After the Nordstrom Anniversary Eventthis is the second most important anniversary event of their lives!  When it’s time to figure out what to get them in order to celebrate this momentous date (you do remember the date don’t you?) you can always go the tried-and-true option (hello: flowers!) or think outside of the box so they won’t eye-roll you when opening your present.  So much pressure!

There’s a ton of pressure already put on you, but to make things worse did you know there are specific anniversary gifts you’re supposed to get by year?!  Well we threw that old-timey rulebook out the window since, you know, it’s not the 50’s anymore and came up with the ultimate anniversary gift guide for 2024.  Love is in the air (fingers crossed).

The Official Personalized Anniversary Journal – Buy It Here

Best Anniversary Gift 2024: Personalized Anniversary Journal

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This is such a nice way to walk down memory lane.  You can both fill it out together starting with the 1st anniversary all the way up to your 60th!  What were some of those memorable moments, beautiful pictures, major life events, or even the little things that really made your life together all that much better.

The Intersection of Love Photo Print – Buy It Here

Best Anniversary Gift 2024: Intersection of Love Photo Print

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We love this one!  You can have your names personalized onto this really cute print.  Even better, you can choose to get it framed while you purchase it too.

The Cozy Option:
The Super Cozy Classic White Bathrobe by Snowe – Buy It Here

Comfy White Robe Gift 2024

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Yes, this is the bathrobe is seems like everyone on the InterWebs has been freaking out over all year.  And now we understand why.  First off, it’s super comfy.  Like, for real, really comfortable.  It’s made of 100%  long-staple cotton, is really plush, and has a super comfy shawl collar. Check out the color options here.

For Those Still in Love:  The ‘Love’ Soy Candle by Homesick – Buy It Here

Best Anniversary Gift 2024: Love Candle by Homesick

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This hand-poured soy candle smells amazing.  It has intoxicating notes of red roses and love!  Who knew love could smell so good?

The Nadri Modern Ear Crawler Earrings – Buy It Here

Best Anniversary Gift 2024: Nadri Ear Crawlers

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You can’t go wrong with earrings and, well, these are some of the best selling of the year that won’t break the bank, but still look really cool and modern.  She’ll love them!

The Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger Box – Buy It Here

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We are obsessed with this one and apparently so is everyone else this year!  When you download the app and send a loving text message to the recipient the heart will start to spin on the box so they’ll know you’ve thought of them and sent them a special message.  Once they open the box they’ll see the message displayed inside.  So cool! Learn more here.

Slate Blue ‘Snowe’ Duvet Sheet Set – Buy It Here

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It’s one of the most buzzed about brands online this year.  Their comforters, sheets, and duvets are some of the most comfortable ever!  This one comes with a comfy duvet cover (that actually get even cozier the more it’s used over time!), 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 4 pillow cases, and 2 cozy pillow shams.  We love this in blue (it’s perfect for everyone), but also comes in other colors like crisp white, grey, stone, and even a pretty new blush option.  See more colors here!

The Online Masterclass Subscription – Buy It Here

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Now they can take an online ‘Master Class’ with an actual expert!  Even better, you can quickly and easily gift them this!  They’ll get to choose from over 45 different classes (and experts) based on their interests.  Check out a cooking course from Gordon Ramsay, James Patterson teaches writing, Steve Martin teaches comedy, and so much more.  Learn more here!

The Updated Ancestry DNA ‘At Home’ Kit – Buy It Here

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Not only can you learn more about where you’re from, but now you can also learn about where your ancestors moved to, what their journey was, and how you fit in to that today! There’s now even an app that goes along with it.  Plus, they’re having some great deals on different kits right now!

The Most Beautiful Flowers (Ever) by Bouqs – Buy It Here

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You can’t go wrong with flowers, right?  You especially can’t go wrong with flowers that are flown in from a farm at the base of a volcano in South America.  We’ve sent flowers from Bouqs (so far) over 20 times in the past 2-years and they always arrive beautiful and totally unique.  Check their current sale promos here.

The InstaShiatsu Foot Massager – Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts For Him 2024: InstaShiatsu Foot Massager 2024

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Because who doesn’t love a foot massage once in a while?  How about every single day!  This one was named as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things of the year and we can attest (we purchased this ourselves) that it’s our daily guilty pleasure.

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