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38 Super Fun Pet Gifts For the Dog & Cat Lovers in Your Life

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All the unique gift ideas for your favorite pets (hello dogs and cats!) and pet lovers in your life (hello people!).  It’s officially that time of year and we’ve got you covered.  Read on!

Pet Gifts for Dog & Cat Lovers 2024 - Funny Gifts for Pet Owners & Dogs 2024

How much more fun is it to buy gifts for your dog or cat than actual people?!  You know they’ll love whatever you get them and they’ll, most likely, never return them.  Unless you have one of those smart dogs that knows how to work a credit card and your Amazon Prime account. Finding the most popular things for your pooch or kitty can be tough, but we’re all up for the challenge!

Outside of your actual fluffy best friends, we’ve also rounded up some of the coolest and most unique gifts to get the pet people (hello cat and dog lovers!) in your life. Of course, we also picked out some amazing dog toys too! From cute fortune cookie cat nip to portable dog water bowls, funny dog-inspired t-shirts, and everything in between we’re putting together the ultimate pet gift list (so far) in 2024.

The Best Choice

The Dog Blueprints Print – Buy It Here

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You can totally customize this really cool print.  Choose your breed, whether they’re male or female, and add their name!  You’ll receive this really amazing blueprint of your pup with their background, traits, and more.  Plus, it comes framed too.  Learn more here!

The Genius Choice

The Slow Treater – Buy It Here

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It’s such an innovative way to get your favorite pal to stand in the shower while you try to bathe them.  Simply add something they like to the silicone holder (like peanut butter) and stick it to the shower wall (it’ll stick on just about any surface).  They’ll focus on the treat while you focus on cleaning them.  Learn more here!

The Funny Choice

The DJ Cat Scratch Pad – Buy It Here

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Your cats Instagram is about to get a whole lot cooler and way more likes.  Can you imagine the boomerangs?  Learn more here!

The Yummy Choice

The “Fast Food” Dog Toys – Buy It Here

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It comes with pretty much all of our favorite fast foods so they’ll be sure to love them as well. It comes with toys like fried chicken, cheeseburger, milkshake, hot dog and, of course, fries.  Learn more here!

The Tech Choice

The Furbo “Treat Tossing” Pet Camera – Buy It Here

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It’s one of the best-sellers this year, was featured on Ellen, and is a total must-have for anyone who feels the guilt of having to be away from their dogs during the day.  This Wi-Fi 2-way audio camera allows you to see and hear your pup, but also allows you to toss them a treat that you’ve added with a simple swipe from your app.  Learn more here!

The Meaningful Choice

The Cat Blueprints Wall Art – Buy It Here

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We did forget about your cute kitty!  This amazing framed blueprint will show all the amazing traits of your breed of cat (that you can choose).  Learn more here!

The Helpful Choice

The Aquapaw Dog Bathing Glove – Buy It Here

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You can’t go wrong with this innovative and genius bathing glove that simply attaches to your garden hose or shower (both adapters are included).  So amazing.  Learn more here!

The History Choice

The Embark Doggy DNA Testing Kit – Buy It Here

Gift Ideas For Husband 2024: Embark Dog DNA Kit 2024

Buy Now

It’s like 23 and Me, but for your prized pup! All you have to do is easily swab their cheek and send it in and they’ll let you know things like breed discovery, their family tree all the way back to great-grandparents, testing for over 160 diseases and more!  They test for over 250 different dog breeds (including wolf, coyote, and more).  We find this totally amazing! Learn more here!

For the Total Dog Lover Gift

The ‘Weekends, Coffee, and Dogs’ T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Funny Dog Shirt for Dog Lovers gifts 2018 - 2024

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Because there’s nothing really better in the life than the weekend, some coffee and, of course, your dogs.  This comfy tee comes in a bunch of different colors for men and women like heather grey, black, slate, heather blue, and more.  It has a cool, comfy, and worn in look and feel. Learn more here!

The Cool Cat Choice

The Moccasin Shaped Cat Bed – Buy It Here

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Because he’s pretty fly for cat and totally sleeps in style.  This could fit a small dog too if, you know, they can handle these sweet kicks.  Learn more here!

The Last Minute Choice

The Barkbox Monthly Subscription Box – Buy It Here

Buy Now

Hey you love your monthly subscription box so why wouldn’t your fury little friend?!  Via Barkbox they’ll receive at least 2 innovative toys, 2 all natural bags of treats, and a chew!  Each month is a different themed box so one month they’ll be getting New York City inspired things and the next could be a safari or throwback Thursday theme!  Super cute. Learn more here!

For the Dog on the Go

The Dog Bowl Water Bottle – Buy It Here

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Dog Water Bottle Bowl 2024

Buy Now

Because your best pal gets thirsty on those walks just like you do.  This allows them to take a little drink from your water bottle the easy (and classier) way. Learn more here!

The Selfie Choice

The Original Pooch Selfie – Buy It Here
Buy Now

Finally a fun way to get your favorite pup to look at your phone when you’re trying to get a picture of them!  It’s super easy to clip on and works on both front and back facing cameras.  Plus, the ball squeaks to get their attention too!  Get ready to get them Insta famous. Learn more here!

The #Truth Choice

The Funny ‘I Love My Boyfriend Dog’ Coffee Mug in Black – Buy It Here
Buy Now

It’s funny because it’s true.  Make a statement each and every time you have your coffee or tea.  Learn more here!

The Spa Choice

Harry Barker’s Doggy Spa Gift Set – Buy It Here

Buy Now

This one comes with a super comfy and cozy 100% cotton terry cloth robe, a delicate bamboo brush, and amazing shea butter shampoo/conditioner.  Plus it all comes in a  steel gift bucket where you can choose either blue or pink (or both)!  See color choices here!

The Brilliant Choice

The iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher – Buy It Here
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This is the perfect gift for both your dog and the dog lover alike!  It comes with three mini balls and this must-have contraption can launch each ball anywhere from 10 to 30 feet.  There’s also the ‘iFetch Too’ which is a bit more expensive, but it throws regular size tennis balls.  You can check that one out here.

The Cute Choice

The JJMax Dog Socks (for People!) – Buy It Here
Buy Now

These are the cutest dog socks for people, ever!  These are our favorite because they’re ear-cuffed puppies and comes as a gift set.  Don’t worry, there are also other options too like ones for cat lovers, and even ankle socks and more.  Check out all the other options here!

The Entertaining Choice

The Cat’s Laser Chasing Scratch Post in Black – Buy It Here
Buy Now

Outside of your kitty loving to scratch on this durable post, they’ll also love all the lasers that shoot out in unpredictable patterns and speeds.  It runs on batteries and you’ll have just as much fun watching them run all around as they have actually doing it! Learn more here!

The Yummy Choice

Claudia’s Canine Cuisine Assorted Gourmet Dog Cookies – Buy It Here 
Buy Now

If there was ever a time to splurge on your dog gift, now’s the time!  These cookies are made from 100% human-grade ingredients and come with over 20 treats.  Plus, they also have them for the girls too.  See more options here.

The Organized Choice

The Set of 2 ‘Mud Pie’ Dog Toy Baskets – Buy It Here
Buy Now

Now you can keep all your dog toys in perfect order (sort of!) and they’ll look great in your home too.  The chic bags are made of burlap and one has a cute little dog print all over it and the other simply and tastefully says “Dog Toys.”  You’ll love it! Learn more here!

For the Inspirational Dog Lover

‘Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are’ Tee – Buy It Here

2018 Gift For Dog Lover: Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are T-Shirt 2024

Buy Now

Because we should all be exactly the person our dog thinks we are, which is perfect!  This tee comes in a bunch of other colors too. Learn more here!

The Curious Choice

The Official ‘Pet Peek’ Fence Window for Dogs & Cats – Buy It Here
Buy Now

Now they can know exactly what’s going on from the other side of the fence! It’s totally durable, 9 1/2 inches in diameter, easy to clean and, more importantly, easy to install. Learn more here!

The Drinkers Choice

The “You’re Not Drinking Alone’ Cat Box Sign – Buy It Here
Buy Now

We could say the same thing about dogs too!  The funniest and most perfect gift for that cat lover who also loves a little bit of wine every now and then (or all the time). We don’t judge. This cute sign can either easily hang on the wall or stand up on its own, making it perfect to place on an end-table, coffee table, night stand and more. Learn more here!

The Helpful Choice

The Wagz Smart Dog Feeder – Buy It Here
Top Cool Tech Gifts 2018: Wagz Smart Dog Feeder

Buy Now

Not only does this piece of technology mastery feed your dog automatically it also has built-in Dash options so it’ll simply replenish you dog food and treats for you without ever having to really order it again. Plus, it has two way video and two way audio so you can see and hear your pup while you’re away at work and even schedule feedings based on his or her appetite. Learn more here!

The Personalized Choice

The Faux Fur Personalized Pet Blanket – Buy It Here

Not only can you customize this luxury faux fur blanket, but it’s also waterproof, spill-proof, and wind-proof!  It comes in a great color selection of white, black, brown, silver, navy, pink, light blue and more.  See more color options here!

The Kitchen Choice

The ‘Pugs & Kisses’ Cotton Apron – Buy It Here
Buy Now

The Spoiled Choice

The YiCat Princess Cat Bed – Buy It Here
Buy Now

Because they really are the princess of your house so why not relax like it! This cozy little bed comes with the bed itself, a pillow, and a blanket.  The best part is that the whole thing is detachable and can be cleaned in your washing machine! Learn more here!

The Funny Choice

The Bag of Dog Farts (Cotton Candy) – Buy It Here
Buy Now

Perfect for that dog lover who has a great sense of humor.  Don’t worry, they’re not real dog farts.  It’s just delicious cotton candy. Was that not clear?  There’s also ‘cat farts’ too!  Check out all the additional options here.

The Carrier Choice

The Giantex Astronaut Dog & Cat Carrier in Rose Gold – Buy It Here

Buy Now

The absolute cutest way to carry around your pretty kitty or your precious puppy!  They’ll have a blast looking out the little astronaut window and everyone will love looking right back at them!  There are also a bunch of other colors to choose from like pink, black, green, blue, leopard, and more.  See all the colors here.

The Sentimental Choice

The Personalized Custom Painted Pet Portrait – Buy It Here

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Pet Portraits

Buy Now

Because this is such a cool way to show your love and pride for your special furry mate.  Learn more here!

The Tech Choice

The PetChatz Pawcall 2-Way Video Pet Treat Camera & Dispenser – Buy It Here
Top Cool Tech Gifts 2018: Pet Chatz Pawl Call Pet Treat Camera 2024
Buy Now

We can’t say enough good things about this one!  It does so many things! It’s basically a digital daycare that allows you to check in on your favorite pets via 2-day video (and audio), dispense treats to them, play games, and more!  Plus, it even has calming aromatherapy options where you can add helpful essential oils to it and then dispense them during trying times like bad weather or loud noises.  Oh, and did we mention they can use their paw to step on the call button when they want to see and hear from you too?  Pretty amazing.  This one has also been seen on The Today Show!  Learn more here!

The Wine Lovers Choice

The Cute Pet Magnetic Wine Charms – Buy It Here

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Pet Wine Charms

Buy Now

Because drinking wine is just plain old fun and so are these dog and cat wine charms.  You’ll always know which glass is yours at the party.  I call the yellow lab!  Learn more here!

The Safety Choice

The Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker (for Dogs or Cats) – Buy It Here

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Pet Tracker

Buy Now

Because it’s important you always know where your little fury friends are (and you can spy on them).  It can pinpoint your pets location anywhere in the US.  Safety first!  Learn more here!

The Funny Choice

The Laptop Cat Scratchpad  – Buy It Here

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Cat Scratchpad Laptop

Buy Now

Because your cat always sees you on your laptop so it’s only fair they get to check Facebook and email on their own too!  They’ll love scratching away at all hours of the day.  Learn more here!

The Breakfast Choice

The Cute Dog Egg Mold – Buy It Here

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Dog Egg Mold

Buy Now

Because doggy eggs are the cutest thing we’ve seen all year.  It makes the perfect gift for any obsessive dog lover in your life.  They have some cat ones too!  Learn more here!

The Smart Choice

GoBone Interactive App-Enabled Smart Bone for Dogs – Buy It Here

Buy Now

GoBone is the world’s first smart bone for your dog. It automatically keeps your dog active while you’re busy and opens up a whole new world of play when you’re together.  Get the app and get your pup playing!  Oh, and did we mention this one of Oprah’s Favorite Things?  Learn more here!

The Real Choice

The ‘I Prefer Dogs Over People’ Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Dog Coffee Mug

Buy Now

Because the truth is on the coffee mug.  Learn more here!

The Nostalgic Choice

The ‘Bad Dog’ Drinking Tumbler Glasses – Buy It Here

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Dog Drinking Glasses

Buy Now

Because your dog can be such a jerk, but you love them anyway.  Enjoy some beers and whatnot in these cool glasses!  Learn more here!

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