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My Favorite Teen Gift Ideas That’ll Make Them Think You Know What You’re Doing

Guaranteed to be a huge hit (in an alternate universe where teens actually show enthusiasm).

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Gifts For Teens 2024 - Teen Girl Gift Ideas


Tropical Manifestation Daily Journal

The Daily Manifestation Journal For Teens

A daily prompt-based journal your teenager can fill out to help manifest their dreams and goals.


You Are Loved T-Shirt For Teen

The "You Are Loved" T-Shirt

Always remind them in these really important years that they are truly loved. Choose from 10 different colors.


New Apple Air Pods

The New Apple Air Pods (3rd Generation)

The latest noise-cancelling, sweat and water-resistant Air Pods from Apple that has an amazing 30-hour battery life.

Step right on into the intriguing realm of gift-giving for teenage girls, where the art of deciphering their ever-evolving preferences and trends rivals the complexity of making a puzzle with your eyes shut and both hands tied behind your back.

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In this guide, I’ll help you unravel the secrets behind their ever-changing interests, fashion whims, and technological fascinations. I’ve explored the horrifying world influenced by social media, uncover the hidden depths of their hearts and minds, and unearthed some truly fun gift ideas that will leave them beaming with joy. 

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Let’s be completely honest, whatever you end up having to gift your teen will most likely be returned and with a chronic eye-roll because, well, you are the absolute worst and you know it!

On a real note, these days most already have everything they want and pretty much spend the majority of their time on their iPhone anyway so best of luck getting them something they’ll actually use.

If they’re a tween, they’re in that awkward stage because they officially stopped playing with toys and are ready for something more mature.  It can be tough!

Either way, I’ve researched, tested, read reviews and scoured the InterWebs to find some of the coolest and most unique teenage girl gifts that make almost any of them happy.  If you’re looking specifically for gifts for teenage boys I’ve got that too.  And if they’re not quite teenagers yet, it means they’re in their tween years (9 – 12 years old) I have gift ideas for them too!

From the early teen years of 13 years old all the way up to the late teens (hello 19!) I’ve got something for every age and stage (eye-rolls need not apply).

And while I don’t love having to label gifts “for girls” or “for boys” these are some of the best ideas for teenage girls (as approved by the teenager in my life) but are 100% appropriate for anyone who’s into them.  Leave your labels at the door.

I’ve covered a lot of additional gift guides, too, like ones for your kids (ages 4 – 11), your total tried-and-true besties, and even your loving (yet overbearing) parents.  Feel free to take a look at those if you’re stuck on what to get them!

Happy shopping…and save your receipts!


The 3-in-1 Apple Charging Station

3 in 1 Apple Charger

A Present For the Apple Obsessed

The Elago 3-in-1 Apple Charging Station is the charging dock that can charge their iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch all at the same time! It is made of aluminum and has a sleek, minimalist design. The charging station has three USB ports, one for each device, and comes with an AC adapter.

One of the great things about this charging station is that it keeps all of your devices organized in one place. You don’t have to worry about losing cords or having them tangled up. The charging station also looks very sleek and stylish and comes in a variety of different colors to choose from.

I love that it charges all three devices very quickly. If you’re in a hurry, you can just plug everything in and know that it will be fully charged in no time (and your teen will have a harder time losing them if they’re all in one place!).

Pros & Cons


  • Keeps all of your devices organized in one place.
  • It charges everything pretty quickly, which is great when they’re in a rush.
  • It has a pretty sleek and stylish design, which will look great on their night stand or at their desk.


  • Your original wires/cables are required as this charging station doesn’t come with them.


The Manifestation Daily Journal For Teens

Teen Manifestation Journal

A Present For the Goal-Oriented Teen

With more than 50 billion (yes, billion) video views on TikTok about how to manifest your goals and things you want in life, it only makes sense to help your teen work on this each and every day with this trendy hardcover 179 page daily prompt-based journal.

They’ll fill out this journal in the morning and before they go to bed (it take less than 8 minutes in total for the day) and answer the daily prompts about setting their daily intention, specifically what they want to manifest, what they’re grateful for, what they would “do over” if they could, and more.  

Pros & Cons


  • It’s prompt-based to you can quickly fill out all the things that are needed to help manifest your goals, wants, and needs.
  • There’s an explainer at the beginning of the journal that explains each prompt, what it means, why it matters, and how to do it.
  • It can take less than 8 minutes each day to fill out.
  • It’s a glossy hardcover journal that’ll look great on their nightstand or on their book shelf.


  • If they fill this out every day, it should last them about 6-months.  You would need to buy another one if they want to continue on.


Apple Air Pods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro For Teens

A Present For When They Want to Tune You Out

The latest Apple AirPods Pro have been met with a lot of excitement, especially since they bring a few key upgrades that many of us have been waiting for. Active noise cancellation, better sound quality, and an improved design are all part of the reasons why I feel like these are finally worth the price (and it’s priced a bit high).

Ok fine, they totally do deserve to be spoiled every now and then!  Grab a pair for yourself so you can tune out your teens!

Pros & Cons


  • Noise canceling helps tune out background noise.
  • I found the sound quality is better than the original.
  • Different ear tips come with this to help fit your ears the best.


  • The price is definitely higher than previous versions.

  • Battery life can be shorter than the original especially when using noise cancellation or transparency mode.


The Feminist Journal + Daily Planner

The Feminist Agenda + Journal For Teen Girl

A Present For the Organized Teenager

The totally on-trend gift with a message that’s so important right on the cover.  This top-selling notebook from Minted can double as a journal or planner depending on which your teen chooses.  You can even personalize it by adding their name (or team number) right on the cover. 

Choose from amazing color options like yellow, rose, peony, candy, and more.  Help them get totally organized this year (better late than never!)

Pros & Cons


  • Comes with 80 interior pages, which you can choose from lined options or plain.

  • Choose from 4 different eye-catching color options.

  • Personalize it with their name, address, or anything you really want.


  • The more you add to your order (customization-wise) will continue to increase the price.


The Smartphone Sanitizer From PhoneSoap

Phonesoap Phone Sanitizer For Teenager

A Gift For the Germ Freak

This is one of the best things you can get your phone-obsessed teenager, especially with all the nasty germs and bacteria floating around out there! 

Yes, now they can actually clean their gross phones thanks to this phone sanitizer case that uses UV rays to beam away all the nasty germs. It’ll actually get rid of 99.9% of germs.  It’s basically the miracle tech gift that’ll give you a little piece of mind.

Pros & Cons


  • UV rays help to sanitize 99% of all germs on your phone.

  • You can sanitize other items too like keys, your license, etc.

  • It’ll charge your phone at the same time it cleans it!


  • It’s a bit bulky.

  • You have to make sure you purchase the right size based on your own phone size (make sure it’ll fit!)


The Viral Friendship Bracelet

Pura Vida Friendship Teen Bracelet

A Gift to Share With Their BFF

These are the bracelets that everyone has been talking about, mainly because of how much they do to help employ those less fortunate in other countries, but also because they’ve been all over television lately. Plus, it’s been one of our most popular gifts last Christmas (and so far this year too!)  

This friendship set of 10 can be worn all at once, divided up, or even split between them and their friend(s).


The Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers

Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers (GIRLS)

A Gift For the Sneakerhead

If there is only one thing your teen this year it’s got to be the latest Air Force 1 sneakers from Nike.  They are obsessed.  For real.  These are specifically for girls, but they have pretty much the same ones for boys too. 

Unlike us growing up, who used to scuff up white sneakers so they didn’t look so new – teenagers these days are keeping them as white and pristine as possible.  

Pros & Cons


  • These Nike sneakers are pretty lightweight and provide all-day comfort.

  • The padded collar is super soft and comfy.

  • You can never go wrong with white on white on white sneaker this season.


  • At $110 they’re a bit on the pricier side.


The 16-Color Moon Lamp

16 Color Moon Lamp For Teenagers

A Gift For the Night Owl

As you know with teens, lights in their bedroom is where it’s at this year.  This little moon is super cute, can be totally calming when you choose certain light colors and can be programmed to shut off after a little while.

This amazing moon lamp ball can change 16 different colors via remote control or touch and is a total mood stabilizer.  It currently has over 21000 reviews and ratings on Amazon right now!

Add in the pretty low price and I think this is a must-have for their bedroom.

Pros & Cons


  • Use this 3D-printed/created moon lamp as a fun night-light or a way to help them sleep.

  • It’ll change up to 16 different colors and varying level of brightness.

  • It has a timer option where you can program to keep it on for anywhere from as little as 15 minutes all the way up to one full hour.


  • Some buyers felt like the moon was a bit smaller than they thought (it has a 7-inch diameter).

  • While you can charge it, on a full charge it’ll only last up to 10 hours so if you use it nightly you may need to just keep it plugged in.


A Colorful Fjallraven Backpack

Colorful Fjallraven Backpack For Teen Girls

A Gift For the Trendy Student

VSCO Girl-approved, this is the most popular backpack of the year – and at a great price at Nordstrom. It’s totally water-resistant, is big enough to hold a standard laptop or Chromebook, can be held as a bag or has the straps to use as a standard backpack, and comes in a ton of really cool colors!


The "You Are Loved" or "You Are Enough" Tee

You Are Loved & You Are Enough T-Shirts For Teenagers

A Present For the Teen That Has Everything

I always love a gift (especially for a teenager) that reminds them of exactly who they are, that they’re loved, and that they’re enough.  In a world with so much negativity, it’s a such a positive and friendly reminder for them. 

Each t-shirt is actually really comfy and comes ion a bunch of different colors so you can choose the one that you like best for your teen (girl or boy!).

Pros & Cons


  • These T-Shirts have positive and important messages for your teens to remember and live by.

  • They come in more than 10 different colors to choose from.

  • You can’t beat the price of a $20 tee!


  • These are a bit more fitted than super loose, so you may want to go a size up.


The Trendy Felt Letter Board in Pink

Felt Letter Board

Everything old is new again (again)!  I’m seeing these felt letter boards everywhere these days and love how it comes in this calming pink color (don’t worry, it also comes in other colors like blue, grey, black, green, orange, purple, and more!). 

This specific board comes with 300 letter pieces so your teen can change up their messaging depending on their mood for the day (good luck with that).  Get inspired!


The Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Hydroflask Water Bottle

It’s a great way for them to get more water into their system all throughout the day!  This double-insulated leak proof bottle from Hydro Flask will keep their drinks cold up to 24-hours (!!) and their hot drinks hot for up to 6-hours.  Score! 

A lot of teens are adding stickers all over their Hydro Flasks, so even it may be time for an official upgrade.  And while there are a ton of colors to choose from, some of my personal favorites that are also top sellers include:  Cactus, Dew, Laguna, Seagrass, Pacific, and Starfish.  

Pros & Cons


  •  Besides being on-trend, it’s a great way to increase their daily water intake.

  • There are so many colors to choose from.

  • They can keep their water (or other drinks) cold for up to 24-hours.


  • HydroFlask can get a bit pricey, but typically it’s still more affordable than most YETI water bottles.

  • If you add ice cubes some reviewers didn’t love hearing the ice cubes clanking on the metal when they carried it around.

Related:  If you are going to go with a YETI instead, snag a 20% YETI discount code here.


The ‘Unstable Unicorns’ Game

Unstable Unicorns Game For Teenagers

This is one of the best-selling games so far this year.  In fact, it’s one of Kickstarter’s 50 most backed projects of all time.  Pretty impressive. 

The goal is to build your own unicorn army (mainly by betraying your friends).  Be the first to to build the army of 7 unicorns and win this strategic card game! This one is perfect for teens 14 and older! Ok, and maybe a little younger too!


The ‘Choose Kindness’ Tee

Choose Kindness T-Shirt

Because in a world that seems like bullies are everywhere, they can be a rainbow in the clouds.  What a great positive message! Check it out in a bunch of different colors too.

Pros & Cons


  • A super positive message for your teen (and anyone, really) to remind themselves and others who see it.

  • Plenty of color combos to choose from.


  • A little pricy coming in at just under $30.


The Cinema LED Light Box

LED Light-Up Box

Now they can basically have their name in lights!  Just like the Kardashian’s.  Ugh.  This LED light-up box comes with 90 different letter, numbers, and symbols and operates via AA batteries.  From funny quotes to inspiring messages, sky is the limit.


The Bedside Essential Organization Pocket

The Essential Organization Bed Pocket

Because how many more times are they going to lose their phone, tablet, earbuds, books and the like in their bed overnight?! 

This is a great way for them to keep things organized and, hopefully, out of their bed!

Pros & Cons


  • Finally a way for your teen to keep all their electronics, books, etc organized and out of their bed.

  • Decreases the chances of them losing their prized possessions.

  • At just $15 you can’t beat the price.


  • While it’ll help keep them organized it still allows their devices to be so close to their bed.

  • It won’t work if you don’t have a bed frame/side rail on the bed.


The Comfort Zone Candle

The Comfort Zone Candle Gift

Perfect for those teenagers that, like many of us adults, have zero FOMO and actually enjoy missing out – and staying home!

This candle from the Anecdote Candle company is “Comfort Zone” which smells like “the joy of missing out” and, well, coffee and cedarwood too.

It has some calming notes of orange blossom and jasmine too. If you go with the standard candle (as opposed to their travel tin) it you’ll get an almost 8 ounce candle that can burn for up to 50 hours, which is pretty decent.

Pros & Cons


  • I actually own this candle and it totally smells amazing (a mix of orange blossom, jasmine, and coffee).

  • Their standard jar can burn for up to 50 hours.

  • The candles are hand-poured and contain all natural ingredients.

  • Some of their candle names actually made me laugh out loud – it’s like they totally get me.


  • The price isn’t too bad, but for $34 I was hoping for a larger candle.


The Comfy Cloud Slippers/Slides

Cloud Slippers in Yellow

Walking on a cloud is now officially possible!  These are the pillow slippers that have gone viral on TikTok, bringing in more than 20 million video views. 

They’re so comfortable, mainly due to their thick ultra-rebound soles and really lightweight materials they’re made from.  People are wearing them everywhere – from just hanging around the house, to the beach, their official “shower shoes” and more.  I dig the buttery yellow color but you can choose from more than 12 other eye-catching colors like avocado green, watermelon red, pink, baby blue, pure white, and more.

Pros & Cons


  •  These slippers/slides really are one of the most comfortable I’ve ever worn – truly like walking on a pillow or cloud (we assume).

  • They’re really light-weight and pretty form fitting from the top of my toe to the back of my heel.

  • You can wear them around the house, in the shower, to the beach – you name it.

  • With more than 20 million video views on TikTok – these viral slippers really are a hit.


  • There are a lot of little grooves in them, so if you go with a lighter color they may be a bit more difficult to clean and “get in there.”

  • They don’t really “break in” so be sure to get the size that feels best for you. If you wear them right away and they hurt a bit, you should go up a size because they won’t “get better.”


The Positive Messaging Art Print

this is a good day to have a good day print

As you can tell by now, I love just about anything with a positive message – especially when it comes to important messages that girls need to keep in mind (top of mind) each and every day. 

This pretty art print reminds everyone that “This is a Good Day to Have a Good Day” and I couldn’t agree more.

You can choose this print in a variety of sizes like:

  • Extra Small:  8″ x 9″
  • Small:  13″ x 16″
  • Medium: 17″ x 20″
  • Large: 20″ x 26″
  • Extra Large: 28″ x 34″


Of course, the larger you go the more expensive the print gets.  The only thing I don’t love is that there isn’t a frame option so if you want to frame it, you’ll have to pick that up yourself.  Typically, if I order prints without a frame, Michaels craft store has a wide variety of affordable frames and many even have a frame department where someone there can help you frame it.


The Herschel Fanny Pack/Sling Bag

Herschel Fanny Pack SLing Bag For Teens

Everything old is new again and, as I predicted years ago, the 90s are back!  I used to get made fun of for sporting a fanny pack, but now they’ve been rebranded as a “Hip Pack” or “Sling Bag” and most teens are wearing them over across their chest like a cross-body bag.

This one comes from the Herschel Supply Co (you know, the place they get most of the school backpacks from) and comes in 9 different colors and patterns.  They can still wear it around their waist, of course, but many will toss it over their shoulder, across their chest, etc.  Time to get creative!


The Frigidaire Portable Pink Refrigerator

Makeup Refrigerator

So many girls are now using mini refrigerators in their room to store their makeup, skincare products, or even some waters or sodas inside.  It’s like turning their bedroom into a mini apartment. 

This cute little pink fridge also comes in other fun colors like blue, black, and yellow – and can hold up to 6 cans or 6 mini water bottles.  It even has a bluetooth speaker (some say it can get a bit too loud) that can be paired from their smartphone or other smart devices. 

While it does have a handle so they can bring it around with them, honestly, I’m not sure where they would be carrying it too, but still cool nonetheless.

Pros & Cons


  • This mini-fridge can hold up to 6 regular size cansor their favorite makeup and skincare products.

  • It has a bluetooth speaker directly on the front door so they can beam their favorite tunes directly to it from their smartphone.

  • It’s really lightweight (only 3 lbs) and easily portable (has a handle and is only 10-inches tall).


  • While it is a great size, some wanted it to hold more than only 6 cans or 6 mini bottles of water.

  • Some reviewers felt like the bluetooth speaker could get a bit too loud.


The Olive & June The At-Home Mani System

Olive & June At Home Manicure System

Getting a salon-worthy manicure from the comfort of your own home has never been easier or more fun! 

From the super popular Beverly Hills brand, Olive & June, this kit comes with everything you need to have the best nails ever.  And you can even customize it based on color preferences and more.  There are a bunch of options to choose from, but this kit comes with:

  • The Nail Clipper
  • The Nail File
  • The Nail Buffer
  • The Polish Remover (Acetone Free)
  • The Clean-up Brush
  • The Cuticle Serum
  • The Super Glossy Top Coat
  • A Bonus Latte Mug
  • 7 Free Nail Polishes of Your Choice


If you’re a bit new to this, Olive & June also offers free bootcamp videos that will show you exactly how to give yourself the best manicure ever – and even how to use the tools and more.

Pros & Cons


  • The manicure kit comes with 9 must-have tools and accessories to give yourself a salon-quality mani.

  • You can choose 7free nail polish colors of your choice.

  • The bootcamp videos can help you perfect your at-home manicure.


  •  Depending on your options, it can be a bit pricey.

  • Some reviewers claimed getting some of the polish off was tricky (but eventually got it).


The Hanging Disco Ball Planter

Hanging Disco Ball Planter

Add a little fun flair to their room with this chic and trendy disco ball plant hanger.  Not only is it funky and fun, teens taking care of plants may help with their overall psychological well-being and helping to foster responsibility.  Adding a plant into this disco ball hanger makes taking care of a plant easy and it looks great at the same time.

It’s pretty small in size (5-inches tall and about 5.5-inches in diameter) so it won’t be overwhelming and will fit just about any space. Typical spider plants and even some philodendrons will work in this hanger and look great.


The Tufted Flower Throw Pillow

Tufted Flower Pillows for Teenage Decor

Speaking of trends this year, tufted pillows is where it’s at and while a lot of the trend focuses around mushrooms, I’m digging these tufted flower pillows that have a tight shag on the front of flower (pillow) and a nice silky smooth and soft cotton on the back. 

These throw pillows are relatively small (16-inches x 16-inches), but pack the flower power vibe to add a little something extra and comfy to their room. 

Currently there are three different colors to choose from, which include crab apple (a light red with purple dot in the middle of the flower), shadow lime (a lime-ish green with blue dot in the middle) and lavender fog (a light purple with dark black – almost dark blue – dot in the middle).


The OHOM Ui Coffee Mug Warmer

UI Coffee Mug Warmer

We could all use a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate) that actually stays nice and warm for as long as we want.  This coffee/beverage warmer from OHOM will heat things up by using magnetic induction energy.  Simply place the mug (the one that comes with it) on the warming plate and it’ll keep your beverage at the perfect 135-degree temperature.

What’s even cooler is that you can use the warming plate as a charging pad for your smartphone when not in use.  Just made sure you don’t go right from warming your beverage to charging your phone because the plate will be way too hot.  Check it out in navy blue, terracotta, and classic white.

Pros & Cons


  • The warming pad will keep your beverage warm for up to 135-degrees.

  • The warming pad (when not placing your mug on) actually doubles as a phone charging pad.

  • The mug itself is dishwasher safe.

  • When comparing to the popular Ember mug, this one is more than half the price!


  • You can’t control the temperature like with some other mug warmers.

  • The mug itself hold 12 ounces of liquid and some felt like they wished the mug itself was a bit larger.

  • You can’t immediately switch from mug warming to phone charging because the warming plate will be way too hot.


The PopBabies Mini Portable Blender

PopBabies Mini Portable Blender

Getting them to do anything that incorporates health into their lives can be a complete game-changer and this portable mini blender can help with just that. 

They’ve already seen it on TikTok, so why not gift them with a blender that can make a mean protein shake, fruit smoothie – you name it – and they can take it with them (and drink out of it) just about anywhere they need to go. 

When it’s fully charged they’ll get about 20 uses out of it before they need to charge it again.  I love that they can drink right out of it and that it’s dishwasher safe.  The mini ice cube tray that comes with it is super cute and really comes in handy.

Pros & Cons


  • You can blend and drink directly from the mini blender.

  • It’s strong enough to blend up/crush ice and frozen fruit.

  • When fully charged, the blender will last for about 20 blends/uses (before you need to charge it again).


  • What you add needs to be temperature-appropriate (not too hot = no hot coffee drinks).

  • Some thought the tiny ice cube tray that comes with it is too tiny.

  • Some had a tougher time cleaning it out when making protein shakes (it took a bit longer to get powder out of it).


The SLIP Pure Silk Hair Wrap

Pure Silk Hair Wrap

Keep your hair healthy, protected from frizz, damage, breakage – you name it – at night when you’re sleeping with the must-have pure silk double-lined hair wrap. 

While just about anyone can use it, these silk hair wraps are really geared for those who have thick and/or curly hair.  Those with fine or thin hair may have a tougher time keeping it on at night but, overall, it can fit just about anyone.  You can pick this one up in black silk, soft pink, or even a funky leopard print.  Say goodbye to bedhead!  IYKYK!


The Motivational Water Bottle

Motivation Water Bottle

I always heard that we should drink 8 glasses of water per day.  Each glass should be 8 ounces so, quick math shows me that we should be drinking 64 ounces of water each and every day. If I’m not doing it you know your teen isn’t either.

This motivational water bottle can get them on track to do just that with positive motivational messages like:  Remember Your Goal, Keep Chugging, Don’t Give Up, and more. 

The bottle is also time marked so they know when they should start and finish.  Getting their 64 ounces has never been easier or more fun.

Pros & Cons


The “Arizona Essentials” Birkenstocks

Arizona Essentials Birkenstocks For Teens

If they’re not sporting Crocs everyday (ugh) they’re most likely begging you for another pair of Birkenstocks.  One of my personal favorite pair is my Arizona Essentials EVA – which are totally waterproof, super lightweight, helps to prevent nasty foot odor, and are completely washable. 

Some think these are just for the summer, but I actually wear mine around the house all year round (and running errands).

Typically much cheaper than any of the suede or leather Birk options, these come in a variety of trendy colors like coral peach, active red, popcorn yellow, black, and even a cool metallic color. 

Overall, these typically fit true to size so you don’t have to worry about sizing up or down if you normally don’t have to.


The Ice Cream Scoop Bath Bomb Gift Set

Ice Cream Scoop Bath Bomb Gift Set

They almost look good enough to eat – but don’t!  These cute ice cream scoops are actually bath bombs and this gift-set of 4 makes the perfect present for the teen that really needs to chill the heck out!   

Not only do they help moisturize while in the tub, but they smell amazing too – just like ice cream.  And speaking of scents and “flavors” this bath bomb set includes classic vanilla bean, raspberry cream, strawberry, and tropical mango pineapple.   

Made of cocoa and shea butter, it’ll leave their skin feeling silky smooth and totally hydrated.


The Official Birthdate Candle

The Birthdate Candle For Your Teens Birthday Gift

Looking for something unique for them – especially for their birthday?  Check out the popular birth date candle where, you guessed it, it has the day they were born directly on the jar of the candle itself. 

Each candle is actually made to order here in the US and the company used an all natural soy and coconut wax blend, along with amazing fragrances that are unique to the month they’re born in.  This brand has actually been covered by Oprah, Buzzfeed, InStyle, Teen Vogue and other major publishers.

Outside of how cool each candle is, the glass itself is reusable and they even use a cotton wick.  Each one is 13.5 ounces and has a burn time ranging from 60 – 80 hours.  They smell great without being too overpowering.


The Monogram Letter Necklace From Anthropologie

Anthropologie Monogram Letter Necklace

They may have seen Alexis sporting her “A” necklace on Schitt’s Creek, so now they can get their own with their own initial! 

Anthropologie has created a really affordable (under $40) and pretty brass letter pendant that actually sells out pretty regularly. 

The chain runs 16-inches long and the pendant itself runs 1.75-inches long.  More reviewers say that this is their everyday necklace and haven’t even taken their off in years!