You’ve Got Harriet Mail!

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Similar to Tyra Mail, there’s also Harriet Mail. Like any good fan of the Harriet Carter catalog I make sure to subscribe to her email list. No joke, I login to my email account and I have Harriet mail with the subject line stating, “A Valentine’s Day to Remember!” I am trembling with anticipation because I can’t wait to see what Harriet thinks will really make this a Valentine’s Day to remember. And the winner is……The Cap Light! Really? A Cap Light? Romantic. Imagine the look of delight on your special Valentine’s face when they open up this sweet gift. “Honey, you know how I typically chase you though the woods with an ax when dinner is late? Well, now I’m giving you a bit of a head start because you’ll get to see where your running and I’ll be running blindly with my axe…chopping at almost anything. You’re welcome.”

This wonderful promotion also says, “Time is running out, so order now and show your Valentine how much you care.” No really, it says that. Yes, show them how much you care. Nothing says, “I care” quite like battery operated lights that clip onto your baseball hat. You know, because that all makes sense. Love is blind.