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Linda from Intervention: The Case of the Runaway Intervention

One of my favorite episodes of Intervention EVER!

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Linda Li Intervention Today - Funny Recap of Her Episode

Update Today:  15 years from when Linda’s Intervention episode aired, she’s still alive and kicking, active on Facebook (follow her here), single, and supporting many people – including celebrities – with mental health issues.  On a personal note, years ago after my recap when viral, Linda reached out to me to tell me how funny she thought it was and wasn’t mad at me at all for poking some fun at it.  Good people.

Original Recap

As always I’d like to preface this by saying that I know I’m going to burn in the fiery pits of hell for finding some comedy in certain episodes of Intervention.  I know I’m a bad person.  I know I don’t have a heart.  I know.  I try to not find the entertainment watching this, but I fail.  I fail every time.  I’ve especially failed in the season premiere of Intervention that was on last night.

Just when I was beginning to yawn over another alcoholic or another meth addict or someone with a fancy gambling problem mixed with heroin addiction, Intervention really started to freshen things up.  Enter Linda.  Linda is addicted to Fentanyl lollipops, which is 100 times more potent than morphine.  She eats  7 of these lollipops per day like she’s seeing how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop due to the fact that she has a disease where her joints constantly become disjointed.  Yeah, I was a little confused too.

Linda Intervention Funny Recap

You see, it all started when Linda moved away from her Chinese family when she was 26 due to the fact that they made her work at their laundromat from 8am – 9pm, 7 days a week, when she was a little kid.  Hey, it beats sewing Nike tags into shirts, but I digress. 

Linda packed it up and headed to Los Angeles to try her hand in acting.  She claims she was in over 200 movies and television shows.  She prides herself on living in the same apartment complex that Kelly Clarkson lived in when she moved to LA and also playing basketball with Brooke Shields on the set of Alley McBeal.  Seriously, what?  Linda was leaving the set one day when she realized she was constantly dislocating her body.  I, of course, picture a Gumby type situation.

So even if this is true, the crazy-train takes a sharp left turn when we discover that Linda’s brother Sam has been taking care of her for the past 8 years (paid by her parents) because Linda cannot be around people who are covered with electricity, come too close to her, etc. She can’t walk on the grass because she claims it hurts.  She can’t walk by the flowers her mother planted in her front yard because she screams in pain when she does that.  She’s can’t take left turns outside of her bedroom because that hurts too.  You know what doesn’t seem to hurt?  When Linda puts on music and makes up crazy dance moves.  That seems to feel just fine. 

However, boys and girls, the BEST part for me is when Linda lays on her front lawn and does spread-eagle thrusts into the air in order to make her hips feel better.  Literally, she opens and closes he legs like scissors on her front lawn.  Oh, and she’s missing a ton of teeth too…in case that helps paint the pictures a little more clear for you. Oh, and one year at Christmas she made her entire family wear maroon colored clothing because it “hurt less.”

Linda’s parents have spent over $500,000 to help Linda….but not with medical treatment, etc.  They’ve spent that on things she convinces them makes her feel better.  This includes a jacuzzi, a state of the art bed, a house, and my personal favorite, a $5,000 dentist chair.  No typos here, ladies and gentlemen.  It does say “dentist chair.”  Ironic, since she is missing half of her teeth.

Linda’s dad lets the cat out of the bag and lets her know that he and her mom are in California and staying at a hotel.  Even though he tells her this over the phone, Linda screams because she can feel his electricity.  She ends up going to the hotel and banging on the “ballroom” door that her mother is being interviewed in for the show.  As a sidenote, they have her sitting in front of  a tiny blue background that has been duct-taped to the wall like when you would get your school pictures taken in 5th grade.  I sorta wished she was sitting in front of the laser background, but enough of my hopes and dreams.  On to the Intervention!

Oh kids.  Just when you think the good old intervention, itself, is getting predictable….not this time!  Linda loses her sh*t like nobodies business.  She doesn’t want to enter the room because of all the electricity and when she almost bumps into her brother she starts screaming and running down the hall of the hotel whilst continuing the screaming. 

The chase ensues.  Everyone is running after the crazy screaming chick with cameras and boom mics while she heads to the parking lot like we’re watching an episode of COPS.  She climbs into her minivan and then out the sunroof, down the windshield, on the hood…and then the chase continues.  At this point I’m waiting to see Wile. E. Coyote have an anvil dropped on his head whilst all this is taking place.  One brother tries to get her to stop, but they all just keep running after her….that is until the other brother, Sam, actually tackles her to the ground.  I love an Intervention on the go!

In the end, the Intervention takes place outside on the lawn while Linda is literally doing her spread-eagle-thrusts again in front of her family.  The mother is of no use and they send her away because, for the first time ever I believe, she is ruining the intervention.  The father reads a letter to Linda and it speaks of birds and flying, etc.  I have no idea.

Linda kinda just says “yes” to go seek treatment and they toss her in the van.  Here’s where I get more confused.  Linda goes to a detox place so she can get off the drugs and then she is diagnosed with a delusional disorder and sent to a resident treatment facility.  Her brother Sam moved home with his parents.  That’s it.  Really.  It is.  I was like, what?!  I backed up my Tivo to read it again, but I read it right the first time.  This is how they ended it. 

So is Linda legit crazy and in a home now or what?  If they don’t have an update on what Linda is up to now I’m going to be pissed.  I was totally let down by this.  Usually at the end they show the person in their second month of rehab and how they’re doing.  They usually dye their hair a horrible blonde, but that’s besides the point.  What is Linda up to now?  Someone help me.  I feel empty not knowing.

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51 Responses

  1. Well i thank Jesus Claus everyday that i am not the only one burning in the fiery pits of hell for laughing my way thru intervention. Awesome! We’ll make smores while we burn!

  2. Haha thanks! Yeah, the show is great. Most are not funny, but everyone one in a while (Christy, Gloria, Janet, Allison, Tom from Southie, and now Linda) I laugh throughout.

    Oh and I forgot to write about the part where her brother had to duct-tape a Maxi-pad to her. Seriously, what!?!


  3. Yeah what is happening now? I can’t believe a family would go along with the b.s. I saw last night! Thanks for the re-cap it was quite an episode.

  4. My favorite was when Linda said she couldnt make left turns and Sam told that lollipop lickin toothless skank “well make three rights”…I just he woulda added a BIATCH to the end and then put some antennas on his head and chased her. Waste 8 years of my life..I DARE YOU!

  5. Michelle, That part was awesome! I’m dying to know also what happened. Is she still in the loony bin? Will she be there forever? Is she still trippin on electricity? Dammit. Worst ending ever.

  6. This was a train wreck, I was calling her batshit crazy the entire episode and sure enough…

    I want to know what all she’s been on. IMDB is no help, and I’m assuming “Linda” is a made up name. Does anyone have any idea who she really is?

  7. I was just about to go to bed before that show came on… glad I didn’t! That was the greatest shit I have ever seen! Thanks Linda! I will be laughing at your expense for a long time.

  8. I love how everyone loves this episode as much as me. I also love how I did refer to it as “meth attic.” Yes, that is the place I store my meth. Meth does well in humidity. Where do you store yours? Fine, I’m actually an idiot and type faster than my little mind works.

    Anyway, if people find any follow up info on Linda fill me in. Email me here (view contact at the top) or Facebook request me and shoot over an email.

    Linda Bless,

  9. seriously? linda’s street size crotch shots made my evening – i laughed out loud. best comedy since rainman.

    i, too, going to hell.

  10. What I didn’t get is how she could dance, out run every one of those mo fo’s up stairs and around the parking lot, climb out the roof of her mini van and slide down the hood and not discloate one single, little tiny joint. What’s up with that? And I LOVED her
    “on the back scissor kicks” where she exposed her ladies parts to her whole family….nice, Linda, real nice!

  11. just watched this. i love the part when her dad goes, “she thinks we carry a lot of electricity…. from connecticut.” wtf?

  12. With the made up dance routines.. and the spread eagles in the middle of her yard and family! This was my favorite intervention ever!

  13. Everything IBBB said. Co-signed! I wanna know what happens to Sam and Linda too!!! I did the exact same thing at the end. Stop, rewind, read the blurb again…sigh. Imagine taking care of your sister for 8 years knowing she’s mental but not being able to go beyond a family/traditional code steeped in denial and ignorance? NIGHTMARE!

  14. There is another episode scheduled for 12/19 at 5pm….stay tuned. How I know, she is a relatives friend’s daughter…..

  15. Sam looked like he was trying to get some of his frustation out when he practically put her head in the pavement when he took her down. I thought it was interesting that it didn’t even phase her – doesn’t look like she had any phyiscal issues…

  16. At the end Linda says “my pain was so bad if God had asked me would I rather have my family die, like my mom, dad, my brothers die so I could be cured.. I would have said yes”

    They should show this part of the show to her mom – to the whole family, really. I doubt anyone would go to hell for laughing at Linda… she is such an evil person. :/

  17. i saw this episode and thought it was the biggest hoax of bs i ever saw…laughed sooooooooo hard i cried. the little scissor cut on the lawn…unbelievable! best shit since “Richard Pryor” and you guys on here blogging this subject are as hilarious as “Linda was….keep laughing man it’s good for the soul!

  18. THANK YOU for writing this. Got a great laugh out of it. I just watched this episode tonight, and I couldn’t believe the crap this lady was spewing from that toothless hole in her face. It wasn’t even like I was watching an addict; it was more like a person who just really sucked at acting. And really, who’s gonna believe that electricity makes your joints dislocate? We already have electricity in our bodies. I mean, come on. If she’s gonna lie, she should at least read up on it.

    Honestly, if I was her brother, I would have shoved a plugged-in TV in her bedroom closet without telling her, leave it there for a few days, and see how she fared then. Call her out on her bullshit, because she’s clearly swimming in it.

    And I agree with Michelle’s comment. I was dying at that part when her brother told her to turn right three times to get to her beloved Wienerschnitzel, because she can’t turn left. Apparently she’s channeling Zoolander…

  19. I can’t believe you’d make light of such a disease. You obviously have no understanding of how mental disorders and addiction work. I hope your mother gets raped to death so I can stick my dick in her dead, bleeding hole.

  20. Dear Patricia/Justin/Mary Duncan – you are clearly suffering from multiple personality disorder as you are the same person making three different comments under three different names. You are as sad as Linda’s spread eagle kicks on the front lawn of her neighborhood.

    Now get the hell out of here before I call the cops and enjoy the rest of your time at MSSU.


  21. OMG this was the funniest episode ever. I’m so glad you blogged about it. I actually read that Linda made all of this up to try her hand at acting again. It’s sad some of these people thought it was real.

  22. “Ew! The azalea energy got on the camera lens!” is probably the hardest I’ve laughed since Seinfeld aired on “Must See TV.”

    Anyway, I thought it was kind of disingenuous when they said “fentanyl is 100 times stronger than morphine.” Um, yeah, but fentanyl’s measured in *micro*grams. Dosages, people.

  23. Hey you guys have nothing better to do than to talk about ME! I am talking from rehab and it is disturbing to me that you will talk about me!

  24. I’m curious to see what happens to her as well.

    The episode in question is not as funny as it initially appeared. We often overlook the fact that our perceptions define our realities. Delusional disorders directly affect one’s perceptions. In Linda’s case, it appears that certain stimuli are processed by her perceptions in such a way that they cause her pain. Just because the pain is in her brain and has no rational external explanations does not mean that the pain itself is not real.

    I think that the biggest mistake in the episode in question was in not making a distinction between the “electrical pains” she perceived and the “joint dislocation disorder” she claimed to be diagnosed with. The two wouldn’t be related although both would be serious. The fentanyl would be a strong enough painkiller to offset any real pain caused by the dislocations. As far as I understand (and I am definitely NOT a doctor or medical practitioner of any sort), it would not treat pains that were the result of delusional perceptions. It would only treat direct physical pain. In other words, she would most likely be perceiving the pain due to her delusional disorder even while on such a powerful drug.

    The delusions could have any number of explanations, the most likely of which being that they were caused by the overuse of the fentanyl itself. I’d imagine that it’s sort of like House’s problem with the Vicodin at the end of that show’s last season. It is important to remember, though, that simply because something is borne out of a delusion does not mean that it isn’t very much real to the person in question – it’s likely that her brain was processing external stimuli in such a way that they really were activating the pain centers of her brain.

    I don’t say any of this to judge the commentators here. My first instinct was to laugh until I really mulled the situation over. That woman is in a sad and terrible situation and it’s not necessarily really completely her fault. “Delusional” simply means that the physical explanations for the pain aren’t real… it does not mean that the pain itself is unreal.

  25. matt, so so true. after all was said and done, though i was laughing at most of it, in the end it actually just left me really sad. for her and everyone in the family.

  26. Crazy Linda has posted her own irrational views on how she came across on tv. She claims the producers wanted her to focus on this electricity nonsense. What i want to know is, does shereally have the joint disease or just the delusional disorder

  27. I sure didn’t get this episode. I tried to keep an open mind throughout because I’d never heard of Linda’s malady. However, after reading here I see my suspicions were right.

    I wish you well, Linda. Also, your family, especially the brother who devoted eight long non-productive years to you. Hope you will one day sincerely thank him.

  28. For some medical explanation (but I’m only a student, so I claim no doctor expertise):
    They did tell you everything that happened….she was diagnosed with delusional disorder and sent to a facility. Delusional disorder is characterized by bizarre and sometimes frankly psychotic delusions (sort of like in paranoid schizophrenia), but unlike schizophrenics a patient with delusional disorder (a) has no response to therapy at all and (b) doesn’t normally have self-awareness of their disease, as in they don’t ever realize their delusions aren’t real. After interviewing patients with this disorder, I can attest–I almost cracked up while talking to my patient because what he was saying was so overwhelmingly bizarre, but they have no awareness that what they are saying isn’t true, and deny completely that they have any sort of mental disturbance.

    That said, there’s nothing really to do for her but institutionalize her….hence the lack of positive follow up by the show, I’m sure.

    Sad, sad story. With hilarious hip exercises.

  29. I would suggest that there was one other Mom who tried to ruin an intervention, the one with the erstwhile DJ, who kept bantering back and forth with the guy even after Jeff told her not to get into any debates. But this is for sure the only Mom who refused to see an addiction problem and who shamed her family into enabling this nutter.

  30. I saw the episode but definitelyl loved your recap, thankyou so much. I just saw her (Linda) on an advertisement for Chuck Norris’s exersizer thingy saying she lost “almost 100lbs”. Cannot tell if it is before or after though.

  31. first look for what happened and i am crying (with laughter)
    The only thing keeping crazy bitch normal enuf to talk were the drugs.
    Thank you all i needed this 8-2-2010

  32. great post! loved this episode, it the best/craziest since Allison. these girls oughtta be proud. Cristy of season 1 meth fame too, they are like the 3 intervention queens.
    BUT i agree, the end was a total letdown! I re-wound too. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was exactly like ending an hour long soap opera/drama with “And then she woke up. (The whole thing was a dream). The End.”
    It just ended – “She was diagnosed as delusional.” I mean, sometimes the addicts end up being bipolar but who isn’t? Couldn’t they have explained how that means the whole hour of addiction (although the dancing, hip thrusting was funny) was actually just a DELUSIONAL chick on high doses of fentanyl? WTFFFFFF thats not intervention its just crazy + deus ex machina! but im not complaining, i think it was the best episode ever.
    Also, damn i want those lollipops

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