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7 Styles of Jeans That’ll Work For You All Year Round

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Looking for the coolest jeans that totally fit your body the right way? Shop our favorite jeans for guys this season.

Best Jeans For Men 2024 - Review

Word on the street is that baggy jeans are back.  I’m not going to lie.  They’re not for me.  No judgement, but I did it in the 90’s and refuse to go back to those days.  Call me what you’d like but, for now, I won’t budge.  So, when I rounded up some of my favorite jeans this season I wanted to hit a few key areas to help you make your own decision:

  •  Price Point:  Ranging From $26 – $178
  •  Styles:  Ranging From Slim, Straight, and Straight-Slim
  •  Comfort Level:  Including Stretch/Flex Fit

There are a ton of denim options out there for guys and, to be honest, it’s hard to know exactly where to begin.  One thing is for sure, you need your jeans to fit your body-type correctly.  It doesn’t really matter if you’re into skinny, relaxed, straight – whatever.  Each actually can fit you if you go with the right brand and read the reviews (I’ve done that already for you!)

Skinny jeans aren’t for everyone (and hopefully they won’t be for anyone soon enough).  Regular-fit jeans sometimes can leave you looking boxy and like your dad (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  Sometimes the slim-to-straight jeans give you the best of both worlds. Click here to jump to our explainer on just exactly what slim fit even means!?

I’ve rounded up some of the best-fitting denim jean options in the latest on-trend colors and styles.  From dark selvedge to slightly torn ‘rock-star’ options, shop my picks for some of the best-of-the-best for guys in 2024.


1.  Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Stretch Jeans

LEVI's on Amazon

$26.52 | Amazon


 Fit:  True to Size 

These are some of the most popular jeans of the year (year-after-year) from the tried-and-true Levi’s brand.  They give you that slim look, but with some stretch in it so you can actually breathe and move around in them.  They’re actually 99% cotton with 1% elastane that help give it that stretchy movement we all need!  These Levi’s come in a ton of different color options too and they really are perfectly priced right now.


2.  The J. Crew Classic Light Wash

J Crew

$69.50 | J. Crew


 Fit:  True to Size 

You could wear these, literally, every day and they’d feel like you were wearing your favorite pair of lounge pants.  Ok, not exactly, but they are so comfortable. J. Crew is known for their fit, based on your size and style you’re into and these are no exception.  They fit great (almost perfectly, to be honest) and are our go-to each and every weekend no matter what time of year it is.  They work really well if you like to cuff the bottoms without looking like you’re stuck back in the 90’s.

A recent buyer said,

These jeans are my new favorite!  I got them in two shades of denim. So comfortable they also have a little flex to them so after a big meal, you don’t have to worry!”


3.  The Everlane Slim Fit Indigo Rinse


$98 | Everlane


 Fit:  True to Size (Multi Fits Available) 

One of our go-to’s when it comes to the latest (and amazingly priced) denim is always Everlane.  They fit great, come in a bunch of different fits based on your body type, and there are usually different washes/colors to choose from too.  Our favorite part is that you won’t see everyone wearing these so you’ll feel unique! The one pictured above is “indigo rinse” and even comes in odd sizes like the famous 31×32 which we can typically never find anywhere.

A recent buyer said,

Fit me true to size so it was super easy to just choose my style in the right size. Super comfortable, slight stretch, and have the feel of a more durable brand without being rough!”


4.  AG Graduate Slim Straight Leg

$178 | Nordstrom


 Fit:  True to Size 

This pick has more of a casual, yet clean and tailored look along with vintage detailing.  Sure you can wear these to the office on Friday, but save them for your weekend plans where you can pair them with a blazer or sweater in the cooler months.  You can get these at Nordstrom and even enjoy their free shipping offer (they have free returns too).

A recent buyer said,

My husband loves these jeans! Finally a narrow leg but not skinny! He says the fabric is really soft too!”


5.  Bonobos ‘Extra Stretch’ Travel Jeans in Black

Bonobos Black Jeans

$99 | Bonobos


 Fit:  True to Size (with a little stretch) 

I’ve always loved the fit on just about all the pants that Bonobos carries, but especially their jeans.  And, black jeans are where it’s at this season – but I’m also seeing them all year round (yes, including the summer). I love these because they have a nice stretch to them, making them extra comfortable – and I don’t have to unbutton them when I’m out having dinner.  If you don’t think you’re ready for the black trend, they also come in other cool colors too like tan, dark navy, charcoal, olive, walnut, and more.

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6.  Gap ‘Everyday’ Flex Jeans in Resin Rinse

Gap Jeans for Guys

$39 | Gap


 Fit:  True to Size 

I get tee’d off on sometimes for still shopping at The Gap but, truth be told, you really can’t go wrong with their denim options and their prices.  I’m not going to say they’re cheap – but I will say they’re totally budget friendly.  Their ‘Everyday’ options are the perfect color that you can rock all year round but, more importantly, they’re made with GapFlex which gives extra flexibility and stretch without ever making them look too baggy or boxy.  You can even choose regular sizes or tall sizes if you’re that kind of amazing giant.


7.  AG Slim Fit in Dark ‘Alpha’ Denim

AG Dark

$178 | AG Jeans


 Fit:  True to Size 

These are one of the best sellers, again, this season.  You really can’t go wrong with AG.  They’re a slim fit but, don’t worry, they’re not that tight-fitting look you’ve been afraid of.  Plus, the dark denim is perfect to wear to work (when you’re allowed) and out for drinks after work. Sizes start on the smaller end – 28 – and go up to a size 40.  You can also choose your own inseam – either 32 or 34.

A recent buyer said,

This is my second pair of these jeans and I absolutely love them!”

 So What’s the Deal With Slim Fit Jeans? 

It’s a question I get asked a lot.  Guys usually get nervous when trying to buy a pair of jeans that are labeled “Slim Fit” because they think they’re going to be way too tight.  Relax (pun sort of intended), your favorite denim brands have come a long way since that horrific skinny fit phase and, well, even worse the super-skinny fit phase.

If you’re going the slim route, fear not, because all it typically means is that your jeans will be slightly more fitted around your butt (which isn’t the worse thing if you’re trying to steal a look or two) and your thigh area. Yes, guys have thighs.  It then begins to taper around your knee and leg leaving a slightly narrower opening.

Basically, this is the kind of fit when you’re in semi-decent shape and don’t want to look like you’re rocking the baggy look circa 2001 (you remember the time).  While each brand will have variations based on their version of slim fit, you usually can’t go wrong.

Now, I don’t want to blow your mind, but there’s also ‘Slim Straight Fit.’  You still with me?  Good.  This fit is usually tapered around the knee and narrower on the leg, but leaves a bit more room around the butt and thigh giving you a little more wiggle room than a classic slim fit.  When most guys are looking for a better fit and are a little nervous, they’ll usually start with the slim straight fit and then eventually graduate to just ‘slim fit.’  I say roll the dice, take some risks, and finally get a pair of jeans that fit perfectly for you.

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