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6 of the Best Men’s Shaving Kits Perfect For Home or Travel

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Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for the bearded bro in your life or are simply looking for something to totally up your shaving game, I’ve come up with some of the coolest shaving kits perfect for just about any guy at at budget.

Best Shaving Kits for Men 2024 - Men's Beard Gift Sets

You know what I hate the most in life?  Shaving.  There, I said it.  However, we all have to do it so you might as well do it right. One of the most popular gift ideas, especially for dad’s, is the classic shaving kit.  I’ve even thrown them into a stocking or two around the holidays too.  The point is, you typically can’t go wrong with any kind of beard kit, but not every beard is the same.

If you have the kind of beard that won’t really ‘take’ to an electric razor you may want to go old-school.  There’s something about a traditional shaving kit that makes me feel like we’re our dad back in the barber shop chair.  So why not bring the classic barber shave to your own home?

Most of the kits come with the coolest shaving brushes I’ve ever experienced, super-important beard oils and pre/post shaving balms for my sensitive skin, and some even in travel sizes.  When it comes to some of the top brands, you definitely can’t go wrong with The Art of Shaving, Jack Black, and Billy Jealously.  I’ve listed out some of my favorites from them below, but also be on the lookout for some other brands that are going gaining traction and you may not have heard of them before.

Shop our picks for the best shaving kits for men in 2024 that also make the perfect gift idea too!


1.  The Art of Shaving ”Unscented” Shaving Kit

The Art of Shaving Kit

$95 | Nordstrom

The Kit Comes With:

  • Full Size Pre-Shave Oil
  • Full Size Shaving Cream
  • Full Size After-Shave Balm
  • Full Size Fine Badger Shaving Brush

You can never go wrong with just about anything from The Art of Shaving.  They’ve been around for so many years and really are the authority when it comes to high quality shaving equipment at a pretty affordable price.  I chose the unscented version because I usually spray on a bit of cologne once I’m done and don’t love the competing scents.


2.  Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit

Jack Black Beard Shaving Kit

$35 | Ulta

The Kit Comes With:

  • All-Over Face Wash
  • Beard Lube Conditioning Shave
  • Beard Oil
  • Handcrafted Beard Comb

Jack Black is another top-notch brand that really focuses on quality ingredients that won’t harm your skin.  This gift set comes with everything you need for a complete face/maintenance program.  Plus, I personally love everything is formulated without parabens, sulfates, fragrances, or colorants.


3.  Beard Envy Kit by Billy Jealousy

Billy Jealousy Beard Kit

$25 | Amazon

The Kit Comes With:

  • Gentle Beard Wash
  • Beard Control Styling Product
  • Board Bristle Brush

Some of us want to actually keep our beard, but just don’t want to look like we live in the woods.  Billy Jealously is one of the coolest brands I shop from and they make me feel cool too (even though I’m not).  This entire set will help to soften and hydrate your beard and the skin beneath your beard, as well as strengthening and conditioning so that you really do look your best.


4.  The Dollar Shave Club Ultimate Trial Kit

Dollar Shave Club Shaving Kit

$18 | Dollar Shave

The Kit Comes With:

  • 6 Blade Trial Set
  • Prep Scrub
  • Shave Butter
  • Post Shave Dew
  • Metal Handle With Rubber Grip

One of the best for your buck options, Dollar Shave Club has so many different options for just about any budget – but their prices are always pretty great.  This is a great way to try something new without having to commit to giant full-size bottles and products.


5.  Bevel Shaving Set

Bevel Shaving Kit for Men

$106 | Amazon

The Kit Comes With:

  • Bevel Luxury Safety Razor
  • Shave Brush
  • Pre-Shave Oil
  • Shave Cream
  • Post-Shave Balm
  • 20 Blades

This one from Bevel is definitely more of a splurge pick.  It’s a total shaving luxury brand, but comes with everything you need to get your face in great shape and keep it that way.  Plus, it even comes with the premium shave stand – which most others don’t provide.  The perfect gift!


6.  Billy Jealousy ‘The Shave Kit’ For Guys

Billy Jealousy Shaving Gift

$40 | Amazon

The Shaving Kit Comes With:

  • Heating Pre-Shave Treatment
  • Super-Slick Shave Cream
  • Cooling After Shave

Billy Jealousy made my list twice since my other pick from them was more of a beard maintenance set.   This one if more for the guys that are looking to get a great shave.

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