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7 of the Best Men’s Watches That are All Under $200

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Are you a total watch nerd, but still need to stick to a bit of a budget?  I hear that!  I’ve come up with some of the best watches for guys that are all $200 and under.  Don’t worry, there are still some great designers and watch brands included.  Let’s roll!

Best Designer Watches For Men Under $200 in 2024

If you’re like me, you have as many watches as you do sneakers.  Ok, well maybe not that many, but I still have a decent variety based on what we’re wearing.  There are plenty of super dressy bracelet-type watches that can actually be super expensive.  It’s not to say they’re not worth it, but if you’re trying to stick to a budget you may be surprised to find out you can actually get a really decent designer watch for $200 and under – amazing!

I’ve done all the leg-work to find some of the best options (just like I did with my cologne list you love) based on a variety of different styles, colors, designers, prices – you name it.  All you have to do is decide the size you’re looking for.  So what’s the deal with each one having the “mm” after each name?  That’s the size.  Here’s a quick breakdown:

What the 'MM' on Your Watch Means

This is one of the most common questions people have when trying to buy a watch online.  It can get super confusing because, well, you’re not able to try it on until you get it.  For men’s watches, you’ll typically see size ranges anywhere from 37mm all the way up past 45mm.

The “mm” is the millimeters of the diameter of the watch or of the ‘case size’ as it’s also commonly referred to.

  •  37mm – 39mm:  The average size for a mans watch.  In comparison this can be viewed as a watch that’s on the smaller size, so to speak.
  •  40mm – 44mm:  More of a sport-sized watch for guys.  It’s not overly ‘in your face’ big, but it definitely stands out more than the average watch.
  •  45mm – 55mm+ The diameter of an oversized/larger watch.  Toss this into the more XL category.

Now that we’re all on the same page when it comes to size, check out some of my picks for the best men’s watches that are all currently priced (in 2024) at $200 and going down from there.  I’ll also let you know when when you can take a little more off the price and how to do that.


1.  Michael Kors Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

Michael Kors Men's Watch Under $200

$137 | Amazon

Size: 44mm Case
Band:  Stainless Steel
Water Resistant:  Yes

Not only do I own this watch, but it’s currently one of the best sellers on Amazon as we speak.  From designer Michael Kors, this striking gunmetal and blue option is scratch resistant, water resistant, and you can actually still wear it in the pool (up to 50m). It also comes in about 10 different color options and styles, but this totally my everyday watch whether I’m going out or not.

Savings:  Currently it’s on sale for 30% off and if you have Prime, you can get free 2-day shipping too.


2.  Timex “Weekender” Casual Watch

Timex Weekender Watch (Casual)

$40 | Amazon

Size: 38mm Case
Band:  Nylon
Water Resistant:  Yes (100 Feet)

A total budget-buy, you can never go wrong with anything from Timex.  In fact, Timex made my list twice (more on that below).  Coming in at just under $40, it’s made in the America, has an adjustable strap that also comes in a variety of different colors and patterns, and has an Indiglo light that helps it light up so you can see what time it is even when its super dark out.

Definitely a good choice if you’re looking for something really casual, but that doesn’t skimp on quality. And, regardless of the time of year, you can usually find this one on sale.  Please note, that while it is water resistant, I definitely don’t recommend swimming with this one, even though it says it’s water resistant up to 100 feet.  It’s more about it staying safe if it’s accidentally splashed, dropped in the water, etc.

Savings:  Currently it’s on sale for 18% off and if you have Prime, you can get free 2-day shipping too.


3.  Tissot “Classic” Leather Strap Wristwatch

$200 | Nordstrom

Size: 42mm Case
Band:  Leather Strap
Water Resistant:  No

Tissot has been around since 1853 and founded in Switzerland.  They’re a total luxury watch-maker and while there are options that are super expensive, I was able to find this top seller for $200 online at Nordstrom.  It has a croc-embossed leather strap (in black), its crystal face is both scratch resistant and anti-glare, and it even has a little date window so you always know what the date is.

Personally, I really like how it’s a classic white and black design that can easily transition from a business suit down to your comfiest pair of denim jeans while you’re just bumming around.

Savings:  You can actually take an extra $40 off when you use your Nordies card.  Plus, they’re offering free shipping and free returns.


4.  J. Crew Collaboration “General Purpose”

Marathon Watch Company with J Crew

$200 | J Crew

Size: 34mm Case
Band:  Composite
Water Resistant:  Yes (100 Feet)

By now you know my love of just about every collaboration J. Crew has.  This time they’ve teamed up with the Marathon Watch Company, which has been around 1939 and based out of Switzerland.  This desert tan option is super accurate and built to strict military standards.

It’s a modern twist on a tried-and-true brand that comes in trendy color options too.  This is one where it’s water resistant up to 100 feet.  Again, I wouldn’t go diving with it on, but if it happens to get wet you should be good to go.

Savings: Typically you can take an extra 10% – 15% off one item when you sign up for J Crew’s newsletter.


5.  Todd Snyder + Timex “Q”

Timex Ted Baker of London Watch

$129 | Todd Snyder

Size: 38mm Case
Band:  Stainless Steel
Water Resistant:  No

Another great collaboration.  This time designer Todd Snyder has teamed up with award-winning Timex to bring back their “Q” watch that first gained popularity in the 1970’s.  This stainless steel wonder has a rotating bezel, day and date box, and hands that illuminate – which helps you be able to see it even when it starts to get darker.

If you dig a modern twist on a retro throwback, The Q just may be the best choice for you.

Savings:  Currently it’s on sale for $50 off and they currently have a free shipping offer.


6.  S.C. Johnson + Frank Lloyd Wright

Bulova S.C Johnson

$200 | Bulova

Size: 40mm Case
Band:  Black Leather
Water Resistant:  No

If you’re looking for a high-end luxury brand the folks at Bulova hit it out of the park each and every time.  The face of the watch was designed and inspired by the skylight in the S.C Johnson Building.  You can totally see it the more you look at it.  It’s impact and shatter resistant (within reason), but don’t get this one wet because it’s definitely not waterproof.

Savings:  Get an extra 10% off when you sign up for their emails.  Get another 10% off if you’re a first responder, teacher, student, in the military, or a healthcare worker.  Enjoy free shipping and free returns too.


6.  Fossil Touchscreen Smartwatch

Fossil Smartwatch Under 200

$159 | Amazon

Size: 44mm Case
Band:  Stainless Steel
Water Resistant:  Yes (100 Feet)

You know I had to add a smartwatch into the mix.  Of course, everyone wants their Apple Watch – even when it can be so over-expensive.  But this top seller from Fossil comes in under $150, has an easy to use (and see) touchscreen, allows you to answer calls on your wrist, track your sleep (or lack thereof), controls your music, tracks your heart-rate, gives you your smartphone notifications, is swim-proof, and so much more.

I really like that it has everything you need to be a great activity tracker, but doesn’t really look like your standard smartwatch.  It’s sharp and sleek enough to be paired with your favorite suit or “adult clothes” when you have to rock those as well.

Savings:  Currently, this one is on sale for 36% off and, with Prime, you can get free 2-day shipping.