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9 of the Best Pool Noodles That’ll Make Your Neighbors Jealous

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Tired of the old standard foam pool noodles?  Looking for something with a little more fun to it?  Right this way!

Funny Cheap Pool Noodles 2024 - Best New Swim Noodle Ideas

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Pool noodles have come a long way in recent years.  What started out as orange, red, and yellow foam are now morphing into some of the best and funniest products we’ve seen in a while.  Why choose a red foam noodle when you can get one that looks like a giant cherry Chapstick, or a pickle, or a red Sharpie?  It’s way more fun this way and, let’s face it, they’ll totally complement the other cool pool rafts floating around your pool.

People have been obsessing over these new swim noodles and they’ve been popping up all over Instagram lately, so get them while you can.  They’re all priced relatively cheap (anywhere from $5.00 – $10.00 depending on stock status at the time this article was written) and are just as much for adults as they are for kids.  Just remember, none of these are life-saving devices.  They’re simply there to hang on to and, you know, take selfies with.

Check out some of the coolest and newest pool noodles (so far) in 2024.

The Red Sharpie Pool Noodle – Buy It Here

Funny Pool Noodles 2018: Large Sharpie Swim Noodle

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Because who wouldn’t want a giant Sharpie floating around their pool all summer long?  Great for adults, but also for kids who are looking to get back at their teachers!  We don’t recommend bringing it to school, but you do you. Learn more here!

The Popular Pickle Swim Noodle – Buy It Here

Funny Pool Noodles 2018: Pickle Swim Noodle

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Everyone is obsessed with pickle everything.  Look how smiley and happy this cute little pickle noodle is! Well, he’s not so little as he measures in at 5-feet long! Learn more here!

The Candy Obsessed ‘Smarties’ Inflatable Pool Noodle – Buy It Here

Funny Pool Noodles 2018: Smarties Candy Swimming Noodle

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We can’t get enough or Smarties candy any time of year so we’re psyched to see it in swimming noodle form this summer.  Don’t try and take a bite out of it.  Trust us. Learn more here!

The Dentist’s Favorite ‘Toothbrush’ Swimming Pool Noodle – Buy It Here

Funny Pool Noodles 2018: Large Toothbrush Swim Noodle

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This is pretty much the only time your kids are going to be fighting over who gets to use the toothbrush.  Plus, it’s 5-feet long and fade resistant to it’s durable and can withstand the summer sun all season long. Learn more here!

The Cherry Chapstick Lip Balm Noodle – Buy It Here

Funny Pool Noodles 2018: Chapstick Lip Balm Swim Noodle

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Anyone else carry their Chapstick with them everywhere they go?  Same.  Now you can have it in your pool too thanks to this 5′ inflatable lip balm noodle.  And the cherry flavor?  Mmmm.  We just wish it smelled like that! Learn more here!

The Giant Straw Pool Noodle – Buy It Here

Funny Pool Noodles 2018: Large Straw Swim Noodle

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Think of all the fun you’ll have pretending you can actually drink the entire pool out of this straw noodle?  The joke will land about 1 out of 5 times, but still well worth it.  Plus, it just looks fun AF when in the pool all by itself.  You know the birds flying over it are going to be super confused. Learn more here!

The Skinny Yellow Banana Swim Noodle – Buy It Here

Funny Pool Noodles 2018: Banana Swim Noodle

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We love the banana mainly because it has a friendly face and, well, bananas typically don’t have faces right?  Right?  Good, we thought so. Learn more here!

The Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Man Pool Noodle – Buy It Here

Funny Pool Noodles 2018: Wacky Waving Swim Noodle

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We’re excited we can have this swim noodle in our pool instead of always having to crack up at it when we drive by the car wash.  You know the one.  This guy is extra large at 6′ tall! Learn more here!

The Traditional Foam Pool Noodles in Bulk Pack of 35 Muti Colors – Buy It Here

Funny Pool Noodles 2018: Cheap Bulk Swim Noodles

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If you’re just looking for the plain old (faceless) foam pool noodles, this set is your best bet.  It’s priced right and comes in a bulk pack of 35 assorted colors.  We love these as the old standby, but still prefer the ones above! Learn more here!

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