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Stay Cool (and at Home) With These Really Cool Inflatable Kiddie Pools This Summer!

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It wouldn’t officially be summer without having to replace your kiddie pool a couple of times.  Well, now you have an excuse to buy a few of them thanks to these new inflatable pools that come as a cheeseburger, a watermelon, a donut, rainbow, and more!  Splash this way!

Best Kiddie Pool 2024 - Inflatable Blow Up Plastic Pools for Kids

Who’s ready to kick off summer the right way this year?  Last year it was all about the giant swan and unicorn pool floats and this year, well, it’s about the cutest inflatable kiddie pools that you’ll almost want to eat.  But don’t.  One of the most popular ones that’s already blowing up online (pun kind of intended) is the giant cheeseburger.  Having your kids swim in anything else but a cheeseburger this summer is kinda pointless.

This season, due to the horrific pandemic and so many of us stuck at home, a lot of these are tough to come by.  We’re doing out best to update where things are in stock and when they’re out of stock we’re trying to find new places to buy them.  Believe it or not, if you’re in a bind we’ve had the most luck with finding decent options on eBay.  Here’s a list of the most popular and in-stock choices on eBay.

We’ve round up some of the best-of-the-best inflatable pools for the kiddos, including some that can fit the family (go in if you must) an even one that comes with a filter pump.  It’s really the first step before you put in that actual pool. Here are some of our favorites (so far) in 2024.

1.  The Inflatable Cheeseburger Kiddie Pool – Buy It Here

Best Kiddie Pool 2024: Inflatable Cheeseburger

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They’re officially calling it a hamburger, but we’re totally seeing cheese in there so it’s a cheeseburger to us.  Either way, it’s cute, inflatable, and over 5-feet wide!  This one is also pretty easy to clean, deflate, and store away when it’s time to put it away after the summer is over or, you know, when you’re all just ready for a break. Learn more here!

2.  The Watermelon (With Seeds) from Big Mouth – Buy It Here

Best Kiddie Pool 2024: Inflatable Watermelon

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They’ll have a blast splashing around in this watermelon pool (yes, with seeds) all summer long.  It’s five feet wide so it’s pretty perfect for toddlers and the littler ones starting around 12-months old and older.  Hey, you can even sit in there with them.  Suns out, guns out? Learn more here!

3.  The Yummy Strawberry Frosted Donut – Buy It Here

Best Kiddie Pool 2024: Inflatable Donut (Strawberry)

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Ok so this one definitely looks good enough to eat.  Don’t be surprised when you see the kiddos trying to lick the frosting, especially as you start blowing it up.  Who doesn’t love a strawberry frosted donut?  We’re keeping our fingers crossed that they’ll come out with the chocolate frosted options because, chocolate. Learn more here!

4.  The Happy Rainbow Kiddie Pool – Buy It Here

Best Kiddie Pool 2024: Inflatable Rainbow

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Sadly this rainbow option doesn’t come with a pot of gold at the end of it.  Hey, we say just add one yourself.  Like most others, this one is over 5-feet wide so can easily fit a couple of kiddos or, like, 2 adults.  Whatever happens, happens right? Grab this one while you can because it keeps selling out.  What can we say, people love rainbows. Learn more here!

5.  The Mini Glitter Pool – Buy It Here
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This is the perfect little mini option for the mini sparkly princess (or prince) in your life who loves a little extra glitter in their life!  Learn more here!

6.  The Family Sized Option – Buy It Here
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Now there’s room for the whole fam, pretty much!  It even holds up to almost 200 gallons of water.  Learn more here!

7.  The Inflatable Magical Unicorn – Buy It Here

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You can never have to many unicorns around your house and, well, now your backyard can share the love too!  Learn more here!

8.  The Intex Paradise Family Pool – Buy It Here

Best Kiddie Pool 2024: Inflatable Family Swim Center

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Ok so now they’re starting to get a big bigger, which is great because you can fit a family in there!  This one is for ages 3 and older, holds 169 gallons of water (12-inches), and inflates with 2 different air chambers so you can get the job done faster. Learn more here!

9.  The ‘Amazon Choice’ Mandarin Family Swim Center – Buy It Here

Best Kiddie Pool 2024: Intex Family Size

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This one is currently the ‘Amazon Choice’ for inflatable pools this summer.  We love the orange color that really stands out in a sea of blue.  It can hold 137 gallons of water (13-inches), and is pretty easy to inflate.  This one if for the older kiddos, with the recommended age of 6+.  It’s also big enough to fit the whole family unless, you know, you have a family of like 10. Learn more here!

10.  The Intex 6-Foot Swimming Pool – Buy It Here

Best Kiddie Pool 2024: Intex Pool with Filter Pump

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If you’re ready to graduate from your standard kiddie pool, give this one a while.  The one pictures above is 6-feet wide, but also has a version that’s 10-feet wide for larger families or those of us who just want more room to splash around.  It’s super quick setup and even has a drain plug that helps make it easy (and fast) to get rid of the water when you’re done with it. Learn more here!

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