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The New Lion King Monopoly Game is the True Circle of Life

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You and your kids just can’t wait to be the Monopoly king in this new Lion King Monopoly board game from Disney!

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It seems like there are so many different versions of Monopoly these days.  There’s Fortnite-inspired, LOL Surprise-inspired, and now there’s The Lion King version.  We have to be honest, we’re pretty pumped about this one.  With the new Lion King remake hitting theaters on July 19, 2024 it only makes sense that there will be a new board game to go with it.

How Do You Play?

Similar to the original, the goal of this is to move your character around the board and buy up as many pride-land properties that you can.  Some of these include things like:  The Tree of Life, Pride Lands, The King Returns, and more!  The player with the most amount of money (each player has to pay you when they land on a property you own) wins!  And, don’t worry, there’s still the classic “Collect $200” when you pass go, Go to Directly to Jail, Free Parking, and more.

What Comes With the Game?

  • 6 Character Tokens to Choose From
    • Simba
    • Timon
    • Pumbaa
    • Nala
    • Mufassa
    • Scar
  • 32 Destiny Cards (these replace the classic Chance and Community Chest cards)
  • Dice
  • Money
  • Property Title Cards
  • 32 Plastic Grubs
  • 12 Plastic Beetles
  • 1 Pride Rock Music Unit
  • 2 AAA Batteries

When is the Actual Release Date?

We know, we’re excited as you to get our hands on this one!  It’ll officially be released on June 15, 2019.  The good news is that, yes, there is a pre-order date and you can actually pre order the game right now!

What Will This Cost Us?

This one is currently a little more expensive than some of the other versions.  The suggested retail price is currently $39.99.

The New Lion King Monopoly Game – Buy It Here

Pre Order Disney Hasbro The Lion King Monopoly Board Game 2024

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