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Why Is It So Impossible to Find Fortnite Monopoly Anywhere Online?!

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Obsessed with Fortnite?  How about Monopoly?  Combine these two forces and get your kiddos away from their screens for at least an hour or so!

Where to Buy New Fortnite Monopoly Board Game by Hasbro 2024

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it seems like life itself revolves around Fortnite these days.  According to a recent report, it’s made over $2.5 Billion in the last year alone.  Yes, that’s billion.  This probably explains why it’s been nearly impossible to find the new Fortnite Monopoly game pretty much anywhere online.  We found some online retailers where you can find it online (see below), but first here’s everything we know about it.

What Does the Game Come With?

  • The official Fortnite Monopoly game board
  • 27 different cardboard outfits to choose from
  • 15 different Storm Cards
  • 16 different Location Cards
  • 16 Loot Chest Cards
  • 8 Wall Cards
  • 1 numbered die
  • 1 action die
  • 110 Health Point chips

What’s the Point?

While this is similar to the original Monopoly, it’s not a total carbon copy.  The goal is to battle your opponents, claim locations and basically just avoid the Storm in order to keep on playing.  You also want to earn as many Health Point chips as you can.  It’s also super fun to battle your opponents.  This is where the loot chest cards and action die come into play.  Whoever can last the longest wins!  Just be sure not to unleash the storm!

You can watch how to play it here:

What Age is Appropriate?

Hasbro recommends that the game is suitable kids 13 years old and up.  Personally, we felt like 10 years old would be ok.  You just may need to help them out a bit.

Where Can I Find It In-Stock Online?

New Fortnite Monopoly Board Game – Buy It Here

Where to Find Fortnite Monopoly Game 2024

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If you can’t find it above on Amazon, check the current stock at:

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