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So, What Does the Fingerlings Fox Say?

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Insert all the “What does the fox say” jokes here!  Fingerlings just unveiled one of their latest toys, the interactive baby foxes.  Here’s everything we know right now.

New Fingerlings Fox 2024 - Where to Pre Order Kayla and Sarah Foxes

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Just when you thought you escaped the last of Fingerlings, we’d like to introduce you to Kayla and Sarah, the pink and purple foxes!  Each baby fox is way too cute and they have a new feature that makes playing with them (and taking care of them) even more fun than ever before.

Each fox has over 40 cute little sounds but, even better, they’ll repeat back to you what you say.  All you have to do is press the button, say whatever you’d like, and then they’ll repeat back what you just said, but in a funny and foxy way.  Your kids will become obsessed and, well, so will you!

We love how they both respond to different sounds and motion by turn and moving their head, blinking their precious little eyes, and will even talk in a must-hear fox voice.  Oh, and did we mention that if you blow them kisses they’ll even kiss you back.  Your kiddos can pet them, rock them back and forth until they fall asleep, hold them upside down by their tail, or even make some fun loud noises (fun for them, not for you) and watch them react and interact.

So when will these foxy foxes be officially released?  Well Kayla, the hot pink one, has an official release date of March 15, 2024.  The good news?  You can pre-order her right now.  Might as well get her while you still can.  Oh, and the suggested retail price is $14.99.  Not bad!

Kayla the Hot Pink Fox – Buy It Here

Kayla the Pink Fingerlings Fox 2024 - Where to Buy

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Sarah the Purple & Blue Fox – Buy It Here

Sarah the Purple & Blue Fingerlings Fox 2024 - Where to Find

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