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OMG! Fingerlings Narwhals Actually Exist and We’re Obsessed!

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Out of all of the Fingerlings that are currently available, the new Narwhal is clearly the best one yet.

Where to Buy Purple Fingerlings Narwhal 2024 - Nelly

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There are so many new Fingerlings out there! We thought the Fingerlings Sloth was the cutest little interactive toy we’ve ever seen (and we’ve seen a lot), but all that changed when the geniuses at WowWee came out with their latest and, in our opinion, greatest toy yet.  Yes, we’re talking about the Narwhal.  In case you didn’t know what a Narwhal is, it’s basically like a magical unicorn and whale mixed together and lives in the great big sea.  And, yes, they’re real.  How cute is their little horn!

This cutie is already one of the most anticipated toys of the year.  Here’s everything we know about him/her right now!

What Does the Narwhal Actually Do?

First off, they fit perfectly around your little finger and, well, they prefer to live there!  They have a super cool horn that actually lights up different colors when you interact with them in a variety of ways.  You can tell their mood by how they light up.  Watch what happens when you shake them, rock them, blow them kisses, and more!  In fact, when you lovingly pet them they’ll actually flap their tail and then blink their eyes so you know exactly how they’re feeling.  Even better?  They’ll even give you kisses!  That’s right, when you press them against your cheek they’ll give you a kiss.  Press them harder against your cheek and they’ll give you an even bigger kiss!  We’re obsessed.

When is the Release Date?

On Amazon, this one will officially be released on March 15, 2024.  It’s like a pre-spring surprise! Even better news?  Yes, you can pre-order them right now, here!

What’s the Price?

Currently, we’re seeing the suggested retail price at $14.99, which matches up with what other Fingerlings have cost in the past.

How Many Narwhals Can You Collect?

We’ve seen 4 different ones with our own eyes.  Unfortunately, we don’t know all their names yet, except Nelly.  She’s the purple one with a green horn (and so cute).  We’re also seeing pink with a blue horn, mint green with a blue horn, and baby blue with a pink horn.

Nikki the Turquoise Narwhal – Buy It Here

Nikki the Turquoise Fingerlings Narwhal 2024

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Nori the Blue Narwhal – Buy It Here

Fingerlings Narwhal Nori Blue 2024

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The Purple Narwhal Fingerling Named Nelly – Buy It Here

Where to Find Narwhal Fingerling by WowWee

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