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Mackenzie, Gigi, and Gemma, are the Most Magical Fingerling Unicorns This Side of the Rainbow

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Where to Buy Fingerlings Unicorn Gigi Toy By Wowwee Online 2018 On Sale Amazon Toys R US Review

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[ U P D A T E ] Just in time for Amazon Prime Day (yaaas!) you can get the newest Fingerling Unicorn named ‘Mackenzie.’  And, better yet, she actually lights up!  You need to join (here) if you’re not already a Prime Member, but it’s totally worth it because you’ll get exclusive access to this little cutie!

Pre-Order Mackenzie the Light Up Fingerlings Unicorn in White or Pink – Buy It Here

Light Up Mackenzie New Fingerlings Unicorn for Amazon Prime Day Members 2018

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Is there anything cuter than this little toy unicorn?  I mean, really.  Meet the latest hot toy by Wowwee, Gigi the Fingerlings Unicorn!  She’s the newest edition to the Fingerings Monkey toy that everyone has been going crazy over. And did we mention she has some sister-friends too?  That’s right, we’re talking about Gemma and Alika, the pink and purple Fingerlings unicorns!

New Rainbow Wowwee Fingerlings Unicorns 2018

So what’s so cool about the Fingerlings Unicorn?  First off, they’re cute as all hell.  Second, they can hang from your finger all the live-long-day, you can pet them, interact with them, and even rock them to magical unicorn-like sleep right in the palm of your hand.  What’s better than that? Sure it’s kids that are loving these little interactive gals, but even some adults are getting in on the action (guilty as charged).

If you ever wanted to really know what a unicorn sounded like, well, now here’s your chance.  Gigi, Gemma, and Alika have over 20 of the cutest Unicorn babble words you’ve ever heard.  And if you’re actually sick of hearing them you can easily flip the little switch on the back of their unicorn head and shut them off.  But don’t worry, if you turn them back on they’ll pick right up where they left off. Plus, did you know that these unicorns can fart and burp too?  I mean, sure, why not!  We imagine her burps to be magical rainbow burps, but that’s just us.

Now that the dust as settled a bit, post Christmas, there are a variety of unicorn Fingerlings colors available like white, pink, and purple.  Like regular Fingerlings, each unicorn as their own name.  Check out the details below.

1.  Fingerlings Gigi the White Unicorn – Buy Now

Wowwee Fingerlings Unicorn Gigi 2017 on sale on Amazon 2018 Christmas

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2.  Baby Pink Unicorn ‘Gemma’ – Buy Now

Gemma Fingerlings Pink Baby Unicorn 2018

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3.  Purple Unicorn Fingerling ‘Alika’ – Buy Now

Alika the Purple Fingerling Unicorn 2018

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