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Can’t Find an Intex Pool In-Stock? We May Have Just Hit the ‘Above Ground’ Goldmine!

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But we’re not going to lie.  It’s like the Wild West out there trying to find a backyard pool for your family this summer.  We’re all in this together.  Read on!

Cheap Intex Pools in Stock 2024 - Where to Buy Above the Ground Pool

Look.  At no point did we ever think we’d be covering the availability of above-the-ground pools.  Sure we tackled the super fun and super cute inflatable pools for the kiddos, but something that you actually have to install yourself?  We’re stunned.

The problem is, similar to the toilet paper scandal, meat scandal, exercise equipment scandal and, of course, the Lysol scandal…there really isn’t a cheap pool to be found anywhere.  Home Depot lists about 25 different Intex pools and, at last look, most aren’t in stock or even available for shipping.  Score!

So here’s the thing.  We’re going to let you know (at the time we wrote this splendid article) any (somewhat affordable) above the ground pools (Intex and similar) that just may be available to buy online.  The good news is that ones we’ve currently found in stock are actually highly reviewed and rated, in stock, and many are even on sale.

Speaking of sales – here are a few options we found on sale right now as well:

Where to Find Intex Pools In-Stock

 Get Up to 33% Off + Free Delivery at Amazon Preview on Amazon

• Take an Extra $100 Off at Home Depot – Preview on Home Depot

• Up to 20% Off + Free Delivery at Walmart – Preview on Walmart

 Get Up to $200 Off at Lowe’s + Free Delivery Preview on Lowe’s

Now don’t yell at us if you click through and notice that the pool you want it now out of stock.  We’re trying our best, damn it!

We wish you lots of luck on finding the perfect pool (and hopefully on sale and in stock) for you and your family this summer.  Shop our picks for some of the best pools (sort of?) for June 2024!


Intex Easy Set-Up Soft Side Pool
Amazon Ratings: +11,000

$94.99 (41% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

For the DIY’er

Currently one of the best sellers online (and at last check, in stock!) it’s actually pretty easy to set up without any tools required. Most people can set it up in around 15 minutes so set that timer and see if you can beat it.  Currently you can choose from two different sizes:  6′ x 20″ or 10′ x 30″.  Have at it! Learn more here!


Metal Framed With Filter Pump
Amazon Ratings: +3,200

$269.99 (13% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

For the Whole Fam

If you’re looking for something a bit studier, this one is not only a best seller on Amazon, but it’s metal framed and even has a filter pump so you no longer have to cool off in nasty unfiltered water.  Hooray!  This one is their popular 12′ x 30″ but it comes in a few different size options to choose from too! Learn more here!


The Cadillac of Above Ground Options
Amazon Ratings: +1,140


Buy at Amazon

For the Best of the Best

A popular pick when you have a little extra money to spend…or you’re desperate enough to just splurge and get it delivered! This one comes in a few different really recent sizes – the one pictured above is 24 ft x 12 ft x 52 inches!  And it comes with all the bells and whistles like the sand pump filter, the ladder, the ground cloth and even the cover for when the season is over and you want to keep it up!  The best part?  It can be ready for water in just 1-hour.  We’re sure for us it would take longer, but still. Learn more here!


Rectangular Framed Above Ground
Amazon Ratings: +18,900

$149.99 (25% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

For the Kiddos

Tired of all the round options (or don’t have the space)?  Check out this popular rectangular setup that’s perfect for the kiddos (usually 6+) Most people were able to get this set up and filled in about 30 minutes.  Brag much? Learn more here!


The Deep Easy Inflatable


Buy at Home Depot

For the No Frills + Totally Over It

When your kids won’t stop whining and begging, just go with this quick and easy inflatable from Bestway. It’s 10′ round by 30″ deep and requires no tools for setting it up.  Amazing.  It’s surprisingly durable and strong so, hopefully, they don’t pop it.  Again. Learn more here!


The Ultra XTR Above Ground
Amazon Ratings: +1,800

$149.99 (25% Off!)

Buy at Amazon

For the Legit Swimmers

Out of all the options, this is our favorite one.  Mainly because it’s more of a legit above ground pool, has a strong rust-proof frame, and even includes the removable ladder and sand filter pump.  There are a bunch of different size options you can choose from too.  So, find something that fits your yard! Learn more here!

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