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YETI Cooler Recalls to Know About This Month

YETI recently issued a yours on their list?

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YETI Recall List July 2024


Attention, outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers! We bring you important updates on the latest YETI recalls that demand your immediate attention.

As we navigate the rugged terrain of product safety, it’s essential to stay informed about any recalls affecting our beloved YETI gear. From coolers that keep our beverages frosty to rugged outdoor accessories, YETI has become synonymous with top-notch quality.

Join us as we delve into the details of the recent recalls, ensuring that your next outdoor escapade remains not only thrilling but, more importantly, safe and sound. Adventure awaits, but not at the cost of compromise – let’s gear up with knowledge and make sure our YETI essentials stand up to every adventure!


This month, YETI is voluntarily  recalling a few different products in a variety of colors.  Basically, select items can have magnet failure issues which, if ingested could potentially risk injury or death.  Below are all the specific details, including colors and SKUs.

  • Hopper M20 Backpack Charcoal (18050125001)
  • Hopper M20 Backpack Navy (18050125002)
  • Hopper M20 Backpack Bimini Pink (18060131041)
  • Hopper M20 Backpack Alpine Yellow (18060131040)
  • Hopper M20 Backpack Nordic Blue (18060131120)
  • Hopper M20 Backpack Nordic Purple (18060131101)
  • Hopper M30 Charcoal (18025160000)
  • Hopper M30 River Green (18025170000)
  • Hopper M30 Navy (18025180000)
  • Hopper M30 Coral (18060130030)
  • Hopper M30 Sagebrush Green (18025190000)
  • Hopper M30 Aquifer Blue (18025200000)
  • Hopper M30 King Crab Orange (18060130055)
  • SideKick Dry Fog Gray (18060130003)
  • SideKick Dry Field Tan (18060130004)
  • SideKick Dry Charcoal (18060130018)
  • SideKick Dry Navy (18050125050)
  • SideKick Dry Coral (18060130031)
  • SideKick Dry River Green (18050130001)
  • SideKick Dry Sagebrush Green (18060130041)
  • SideKick Dry Harvest Red (26010000171)
  • SideKick Dry Highlands Olive (26010000191)
  • SideKick Dry Alpine Yellow (18060131059)
  • SideKick Dry Bimini Pink (18060131060)
  • SideKick Dry Nordic Blue (18060131123)
  • SideKick Dry Nordic Purple (18060131114)


Ok, so don’t freak.  YETI told us this was a voluntary recall.  And they’re happy to make it right for you with a few different options.  

All you have to do is fill out the form on the official YETI website (get the form here) and they’ll provide you with a replacement product of equal value or even greater value in some cases.  You could also get a full refund via a YETI gift card.  

While you’re here, if you’re looking for a YETI cooler deal or want to find out about the official YETI coupon policy, we’ve covered all of that.  We’ve also stayed on top of their upcoming colors for next season, different ways to clean your YETI, how to figure out the best YETI cooler to bring to the beach – you name it.  Clearly, we are still YETI obsessed.