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The LOL Surprise Biggie Pet Will Be the Best Trained Animal in Your Home!

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Now you can finally give your kiddos the puppy they’ve been asking about, well, LOL-style of course! Introducing the new LOL Surprise Biggie Pets.  Keeping reading!

Where to Buy LOL Surprise Biggie Pets 2024 - Series 2

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Dare we say even we are kind of obsessed with the LOL Biggie Pets?  First off, they’re actually kind of big (go figure) since most of what we’re used to with LOL is how small they are.  Plus, there are actually some really cool ones to choose from if your kids aren’t actually into dogs (hey, there are a few!).  Here’s everything we know about them so far!

What Comes in the LOL Biggie Pets?

First off there are five different pets you can get:

  1. The Dog – DJ K9
  2. The Hamster – MC Hammy
  3. The Kitten – Spicy Kitty
  4. The Bunny – Cottontail QT
  5. The Rabbit – Hop Hop

Each will come with unique pieces just for them, but using our favorite DJ K9 as an example, here’s what he/she comes with:

  • There are 15 different surprises in total!
  • You’ll get 2 pet babies and 1 baby charm or pet food (surprise!)
  • Accessories they can actually wear like mysterious spy glasses, a necklace for the pet/a bracelet for your kiddo, etc.
  • 1 wishbone
  • 1 funny-bone
  • 1 rose-gold carrying case

LOL Biggie Surprise DJ K9 Puppy Dog

You get the point.  Each pet will have their own version of the above and you can see below for where you can get each of them and learn more.  Our favorite part is that this one actually isn’t a mystery.  You get to pick, choose, and buy the exact one you want.  More importantly, it’ll be the exact one your kid wants.  Drama free (for once)!

What’s the Price of These Biggie Pets?

The suggested retail price is $23.99.  We’ve seen then for slightly less (like, $22.99) and slightly more (like, $24.99) but that just depends on which in-demand pet you’re looking for.

What's Inside LOL Biggie Surprise 2024

Where Can You Find Them Online, Like, Now!?

The LOL Surprise Biggie Pet Dog, DJ K9 – Buy It Here

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MC Hammy the Hamster – Buy It Here

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Spicy Kitty the Kitty Cat – Buy It Here

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Cottontail QT the Bunny – Buy It Here

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Hop Hop the Rabbit – Buy It Here

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