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Here’s Why Blume Dolls are Still a Great Surprise Toy This Year

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Yes, it’s still one of the hottest toy of the year.  Yes, we’re talking about Blume Dolls…the surprise doll that actually blooms!

New Blume Dolls 2024 - Serie 2 & 3 Blume Doll Review 2024

  • Blume Dolls are the surprise doll that, literally, bloom from its flower pot with just a few drops of water.
  • Series 2 includes 22 different dolls (some are rare and others are ultra rare).
  • Currently priced at $9.99.
  • Here’s where you can buy one!

What Actually Is a Blume Doll?

If it’s one thing we learned from the past few, especially during the holiday season, is that the kiddos are obsessed with any form of a surprise doll.  Match that with an unboxing and hatching and, well,  you’ve got yourself a must-have.

Another top seller still this year is the surprise Blume Doll that lives in a little flower pot and once you water it, you’ll watch your doll grow.  The end result is the cutest surprise doll (all with different types of hair) that you’ve ever seen!  They’ll typically “grow” out of their flowerpot in around 10 quick seconds.

What Comes Inside Each Blume Flower Pot?

Inside the magical flower pot comes 1 surprise doll.  There are currently 22 different ones to collect in this latest series.  We have a feeling there just may be a Series 3 released before the end of the year.  Here’s what else we know:

  • 1 surprise doll with different really funky foam-like hair (rainbow, flowers, crystals, wedding cakes, and more).
  • The hair is wild, soft, squishy, and foamy that can actually be taken off and traded with other dolls (we love a mix-and-match).  This goes for their clothes too.  When not sporting her foam hair, each doll has a cute little bun on top of their head!
  • There are 10 different surprises in each pot!  What you’ll get is part of the fun!
  • Each doll also comes with their very own accessories.  We’ve seen cute little things like a purse, a pet, a watering can, stickers to decorate the pot and more!
  • Every doll will also come with a little mini friend too that’s basically a cute accessory with eyes.
  • Once their doll blooms, they can use the flower pot as their official play-set and a great way to stash and carry their doll and accessories.

Series 2 Blume is the Latest!

It seems like we waited an entire year, but the good news is that the latest release of Blume Dolls is here.  Introducing “Blume Dolls Series 2: Flower Pot Girls / Fun in the Sun!”  This time around these dolls that actually grow out of their flowerpot with a little water (you know the drill) have a super fun color-changing surprise.  That’s right, when in the sunlight their squishy and funky hair will actually change into a variety of really pretty colors!

Inside their magical little flowerpot, there are 10 different surprises to discover (including some fun mix-and-match outfits).  Right now in Series 2 there are 22 different dolls to collect (including 1 rare and 1 ultra-rare).

Here’s Where You Can Find Them Online

Right now you can have some luck at the following retailers online.  Click through to check their availability:

✔︎  Amazon – Check Status Here
✔︎  Justice – Check Status Here
✔︎  eBay – Check Status Here (note the price may be crazy)

Series 2 Flower Pot Girls

$7.88 (21% Off!)

View on Amazon

In the meantime, check out their site here at

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